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  1. Looks great and all but really not a word on PlayStation? I know it would have a later release date but come on seriously? I feel like you're hiding some bad news
  2. A good crunch thank you! Though I would be lying if I wasn't scared of the release date being April 1st
  3. "Community Corner and More!" I think that the "More" is exaggerated
  4. Finally! A good post with actual information. Fairly happy with the charchar situation, even if it didn't win a vote I'm glad it's being added, the meta is getting a bit stale. Also massive hype for demon bat. A flying, grabbing and potentially tranquilizing bat mount will be really cool!
  5. I understand that, I actually don't really play online anymore. I'm just saying that if they have literally nothing to announce besides a community corner, that they shouldn't make a post. (Unless there was an evo event planned to take place, cause that actually makes sense to announce)
  6. Honest to god if you don't have anything ready for a crunch then either don't bother or put an evo event! There is no point in this besides being an advertisement, waste of a 300th CC milestone
  7. Look I know you guys need to keep posting for the games sake but honestly if you are just going to make a community post and add nothing else you rather aswell just do an evoevent or not post at all. I don't even play online much anymore but come on this is literally just an advertisement... Rly cool art tho ngl
  8. Sorry mate but they gave up on primitive plus a LONG time ago. No new updates or patches are expected for anything regarding primitive plus
  9. This is a setting you can change on either host/local, or this can also be modified on some unofficial servers.
  10. I love going on these every weekend or so, just to see people complain about rates. Be grateful you are even getting rates in the first place, most games get barely anything if at all. Do keep in mind you are not losing / gaining any competitive advantage after the rates are revealed, everyone else has the same... I would say stop complaining but I'm enjoying this too much
  11. Sad the char didn't make it, I'm guessing that they never planned on adding it considering that if they were going to add a second dino from the vote it would've DEFINITELY been the char no competition, instead of this gimmicky new dimorphodon Not very happy :[
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