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  1. very easy to do if you just fight the boss with the right creatures, shotguns and amour. I used 2 R reapers, 16 shadowmanes, a Yutiranus, ascendent shotgun and ascendent flack amour.
  2. Use snow owl to heal babies and they won't need that much food.
  3. Use a Giga or T-rex they are good for farming meat. Don't feed them seperately make a food troth because some meat eaters are actually omnivores.
  4. It is very useful for some of the missions on Gen 2 but other than that it has no use.
  5. One of the key things in progressing quickly is getting tek grams and good BPs. This is true single player, PVP and PVE. If you play on a cluster I highly recommend taking on Abb's Rockwell first and then the Desert Titan on Ext. If you aren't good at the game don't try to run this with less than 10 tames. For those of you who have decent aim and around 2000 hours of experience run it with as little as a reaper and a bulldog. Shotguns are very important for Rockwell fight.
  6. You have to trick shot it by running back and then shooting it. I did it but only on my 5th attempt. Take at least 5 bulldogs and one on your shoulder to keep them distracted. Netting is not reqiured
  7. Use shotgun to kill animals and use a wolf with a good flak helmet BP. Using a shield can also help. Set your wolf on attack your target. Grapplers is very important!!!
  8. How many hours of Ark have you played? I just reached 8K. How many hours a day do you play? I play around 14-16. How many DLC's have you defeated? I have done them all. When did you first start playing? March 2014. What's your go to tame for PVP? Wyvern.
  9. I reached 8K hours played and tamed a max level (300) Giga on Gen 2. On my other server I tamed up and bred some turtles. I mainly play unofficial but I have 2 official servers.
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