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  1. Tanker751


    that should work too... i mean... focus group whistle DON'T LOOK AT ME!!!
  2. Tanker751


  3. Tanker751


    so if u want to interact with them like to be looked by a rex it's fine... it's fine in the measure where YOU activate the option in the rex menu and don't force everyone else to be annoyed by a silly and unnecessary function
  4. Tanker751


    is it possible to make it DISABLED BY DEFAULT pls? is rly annoying wasting time to set every dino to not look at you... maybe made it an option to apply if u want to be looked by them... pls WC switch this 2 options..
  5. Tanker751

    Only green zone playable

    sadly, no. it crasehd anyway...
  6. Tanker751

    Only green zone playable

    so i add it with tab menu in game?
  7. Tanker751

    Only green zone playable

    i was using this before but seems worst than only "-lowmemory" yes just aberration in every zone exepct green zone
  8. Tanker751

    Only green zone playable

    i'm pretty desperate...
  9. Tanker751

    Only green zone playable

    doesn't fix the problem...
  10. Tanker751

    Only green zone playable

    Dear Devs, I rly love ur game... BUT since Aberration comes out u removed the "low memory 4gb" launch option wich was the only way for me that I have a Radeon R9 270 to play. I can stay only in green zone wich is the 20% of the map... did I payed for nothing? I mean... optimize it for AMD users aswell pls. Sincerly, Tanker751
  11. Tanker751

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Will we ever see a deeper farming and cooking system? Like more crops to grown (wheat, tomatoes, strawberry, grapes, bananas ecc) and maybe more recipies with more food types like bread, a some sort of cow that produce milk (not the wyvern one) and so on? I knew that phiomia was meant to be dropping fat and ribs but I never saw that implemented
  12. Tanker751

    ARK crashes on PC after enabling Primitive+

    i have the same issue... how did u do a clean install?