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  1. Where did you find your Therizino saddle BP? I've been to every cave and haven't found a single theri saddle.
  2. Depends on the pacing. If you start again with an old character you can skip a bunch of tames. I like Moschops, Trike, Pteranodon, Baryonyx and Equus if we talk about super early game and slow pacing.
  3. Ragnarok because of base spots. My tribe and I just love living in caves. (PVE) Although the map is a getting a little outdated, hopefully devs will add some DLC creatures there later on. We travel to other maps to tame DLC creatures.
  4. S+ mod maker is already working with the devs making ARK's building system better. They promoted Ark Additions in a Crunch so I guess it is a sponsored mod.
  5. Genesis boss and missions will need heavy rebalancing if they get rid off movement speed levels
  6. Just breed Rexes or Theriz and lure the Dinopithecus to the cave
  7. Since we barely know anything about the game, I have to say new creatures.
  8. Game got easier so I can understand the movement speed cap, but you also need to balance other things if you remove speed leveling. Some bosses will be much harder, I can't imagine Gen1 boss or some missions such as Survive the ARK also Ankys and other slow creatures might need buffs.
  9. Sauroposeidon was better, but Dreadnoughtus is cool. The only people who are upset about the winner have no taste to decide which creatures are worthy.
  10. 1. TEK Stryder 2. Carcharodonto 3. Therizino 4. Managarmr 5. Yutyrannus Reasoning: TEK Stryder is the best at farming by a huge margin. Charcharodonto has insane DPS and health regen so its the best for OSDs Therizino is the best boss arena tame overall, better than a Rex or Shadowmane Managarmr is my favorite travel mount, it is one of the fastest and has good dps when mutated Yutyrannus is another must because it gives a huge buff in boss fights There are so many good creatures in the game and this is a PVE list. I disagree with Rock Drakes, they are mediocre at best. Also it matters which wyvern you are refering to because Fire sucks but Tropical and Lightning are really useful
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