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  1. Sauroposeidon was better, but Dreadnoughtus is cool. The only people who are upset about the winner have no taste to decide which creatures are worthy.
  2. 1. TEK Stryder 2. Carcharodonto 3. Therizino 4. Managarmr 5. Yutyrannus Reasoning: TEK Stryder is the best at farming by a huge margin. Charcharodonto has insane DPS and health regen so its the best for OSDs Therizino is the best boss arena tame overall, better than a Rex or Shadowmane Managarmr is my favorite travel mount, it is one of the fastest and has good dps when mutated Yutyrannus is another must because it gives a huge buff in boss fights There are so many good creatures in the game and this is a PVE list. I disagree with Rock Drakes, they are mediocre at best. Also it matters which wyvern you are refering to because Fire sucks but Tropical and Lightning are really useful
  3. Still nothing about Ark Ascended and it is less than 2 months until release. It makes me very concerned the game will be half baked.
  4. Maewing, Pteranodon or Crystal Wyvern. Or a Trike if I don't want to start with flyers.
  5. You are blatantly lying here. The Yi Qi is a Deinonychus-tier creature. You also ignore arachnophobes and people who prefer dinosaurs over insects and other nasty stuff.
  6. Sounds like you are the problem and you are just salty your favorite creature didn't win. The most liked creature won. Most of the Owl votes went to Yi Qi because they are both birds. This voting system gives a more accurate representation what the community likes the most.
  7. I'm starting to like this creature, but not for Aberration. I wish they added it to TheIsland since the map doesn't have any fast tames. It indeed looks similar to a Managarmr which is cool because we could consider it as Mana's ancestor, like Deinonychus-Rock Drake.
  8. Megaraptor has a confusing name. It is not a Raptor. Neither is Gigantoraptor. Megaraptor is the most underrepresented theropod in media and it is time to change that. If this creature wins I hope the devs narrow the species down and name it Maip.
  9. Gigantoraptor is a stronger animal than a Dire Otter which is utterly useless based on its suggested abilities.
  10. Hopefully older creatures also get this treatment because some look really ugly. I really like how ASA structures look.
  11. It won by a huge margin because 9-year-olds voted for it: "OMG IT LOOKS SO BLOODTHRISTY AND COOL" Overall I am quite happy becuase I like this creature, it was my 4th. I just wish WildCard would make it Rex-tier creature, like the Deinosuchus in Ark Additions, not a fodder crap like Sarco. I also hope that the ingame model will look more realistic.
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