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  1. I dont get why it targets people who wear chitin armor when no one is going to wear it anyway because of how easy it is to level up nowadays, also megatherium doesnt do and that also goes crazy over chitin the glider part seems fun though but I hope its better than the wingsuit as that doesnt require you to carry a dino on you but idk
  2. They made it so that you can only do it on gen 1 i think since thats the only map without obelisks to craft one at
  3. why would there be no mod though, a good few wildcard employers started as modders for the game and they still hold mod sponsership contests to entice people to keep making them, wildcard is probably one of the most mod friendly game studios that there is
  4. you mean troodons aren't scary enough. but seriously I think having creatures change their behaviour based on time of day maybe having them migrate to somewhere during the day to return to a nesting area at night would be cool, there is a lot of room for cool timed based behavior and if examining the behavior of a creature could help with taming by finding out information about its habits could be really cool, if it was required for taming though I could see it being annoying but idk
  5. I actually think that what stats you put in affecting how your character looks is a really cool idea
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