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  1. Well theris are my main boss fighter and this bug causes them to just die. Just tested in some bosses and same bug occurs there. They just stop using the cakes and die. After Alpha megapithicus, I checked a few bloody theris and they just do the 500hp without any regen bug again. Because of this, they just waste full stacks without healing significantly which kills my runs. Are devs just completely ignoring this issue? Its so obviously broken.
  2. I haven't figured it out. It's sad because it prevents the Theri from being viable in the snow cave. It may have to do with the water maybe (getting knocked into it often) or just the sheer frequency of knockback. I hope the devs get a chance to take a look.
  3. I've done some more testing and Thyme is right. Once a fresh server load or released from a cryopod, it works once or twice then stops and becomes broken on the therizinosaurus. Able to reproduce this over and over. It never stops working on the beaver for some reason. I'm testing in the snow cave where there is a lot of knock back. I'm not sure if that is related. Wizard that is sorta what I'm noticing. Its not supposed to be just 500hp. They are funny about when they use it some times but I've not been paying as much attention to that. Simply testing on my castoroides side by side shows t
  4. I've seen a few very old threads on Reddit talking about Sweet Veggie Cakes being broke. On these threads, there is basically no resolution or answer besides people quoting patch notes regarding turtle and doedicurus. On testing, it is still as these old posts have said. My therizinosaurus receives 500 initial health then NO regen buff or icon. When used on a beaver, it pops up with an icon (same as the healing brew) and heals the intended amount. I haven't seen much in these forums with people noticing this either. Can any one help me with this? Is this is a known and ignored issue? is
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