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  1. So, here’s what ended up happening; I was not able to even fight it. The reason I wanted to was in order to get the Skeletal Carno skin. Of course, I needed to have Fear Evolved activated, but it wasnt working for me, so I decided I’d just wait and get some more tames. But then, the worst possible thing happened. My whole game was deleted for an unexplainable reason. Every last bit. This keeps happening to me over and over, it’s like a curse. I get so far, get so many good tames, and then all my hard work is just, poof, gone. Also, I decided to take a break from ark after a little while of taming to work on a ‘hyper-realisitic’ costume, modeled after the demogorgon. The hands bend with my joints perfectly, but everthing else just fits a little weird. It’s mainly made of cardboard and saran wrap. So while I’m building my game up again for the 5th time, what do you think of it? Even though it’s out of my control what my game does sometimes, I feel like I let you guys down. I’m sorry
  2. So, I’ve been working on this for about a month. Inspired by the Demogorgon, I tried making a hyper-realisitc costume with just 4 materials; saran-wrap, cardboard/paper, markers, and tape. I know the head’s a little weird, and a bit too big. But other than that, how did I do? If I made myself between 6-7 feet tall with this on, and you saw it in the dark, alone, not knowing what it was, would you run?
  3. I’ll probably use the pillars along with my crossbow, but I’m also at the advantage of it being by the water, and having a Bary and my Sarcos, I think I could get away before running out of stamina. But I’ll probably use the spamming tactic.
  4. So there is a level 3 alpha carno I’m thinking of taking down. The problem is, I’ve never done it before. So I’m curious, will 4 Carnos, the lowest level 15, and the highest being 29 be enough to take it down? Or should I also use my Baryonyx, who is level 15, and my crossbow? The photo shows everything I have, so if you can point out which ones I should use, that’d be great! Also, if there are more than one, probably call them by their names vs. their level so I can differentiate them easier, if it’s clear enough to read. Also, the Pteranodon I’m riding is level 102.
  5. I dont know what happened, there’s a chance I couldve accidentally deleted the file, but I dont know for sure. All of a sudden, I logged in and my base was gone, my stuff was gone, and all my dinos were gone. Everything but my levels. I feel like it’s cheating spawning in stuff like what I had, because I dont know exactly what I had, but I dont feel like starting over, either. If there’s any possible way to retrieve my stuff, how? If not, what should I do, spawn stuff in, or start over?
  6. There are actually a couple more, and one more that I can't put on this reply, so I'm going to need to reply a third time.. sorry
  7. So, recently, I have had scattered ideas about creating my own series about ark. The basis of the story is about a sort of afterlife in ark called the Aether, and how some people were accidentally sent there. In the Aether is the Phantom Overseer, which as the name implies, is the phantom of the overseer on the island. The Overseer is now powerful enough to rival rockwell and everything on every ark, so it has to be stopped before breaking free from the Aether and destroying the universe. Animation, however, has been slow, since I useaclip, and this is how it came out. Flipaclip, which I just use because it's pretty easy. However, I challenged myself to make concept art only using Flipaclip, and here's how it turned out-(please note because of the fact I can only attach files that are less than a megabyte, they are not the best quality.)
  8. When you said the creature vote ended on the 23rd, did you mean the END of the 23rd or the START? I only just found about this yesterday, because I haven’t really been caught up on all of this.
  9. Alright, so I know this is sort of last minute. For some reason I can’t post on the creature submission page (maybe it’s closed, I only found about this yesterday, I don’t know) so I decided I would just post here. Here is the dossier I made for it. I think ark needs more big theropods, and I really liked the old design of the Carnotaurus. (R.I.P Del Toro, the first Carno I ever tamed, who took months. She died yesterday.) Here it is. This took me all day, and I am SUPER excited about this.
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