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  1. Yeah I wasnt really expecting to beat alpha but ı will be prepared for the beta.I cant find theri saddles from drops.So my plan is to breed some more theri that has around 40k health and 600dmg with full imprint.I was kinda lazy but now ı kinda need to do it.ı will breed the megatheriums too.I will prob go for 6 megatheruim and 9 theris.ı wont add the low lvl theris tho.Thanks for the reply.Have a good day man.I wont forget Daedons and yutys too.Maybe 2 or three daedons.And one more question should ı go for gamma dragon or gamma megapithecus first
  2. me and my friend beat gamma broodmother with: 8 Therizinosaurus Most of them had around 13-20k hp One had 45k hp Other 2 had 10k hp They all have around 400%-600% dmg some of them were fully impirnted and some of them were tamed we had 1 yuty around 13 k health 400% dmg 1 daedon had 9k hp and 300%dmg 4 megatheriums had 13k hp and 500-600%dmg and ı tought it wasnt enough so ı bring 1 rex and 1 allo.Rex had 13k hp and 400% dmg.Allo had 8k hp 400% dmg So there do ı stand a chance against beta or alpha.Or should ı breed some more therizinosau
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