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  1. Friendly reminder that Ragnarok is a viking/norse themed map and we have a dessert, swamp, among other biomes with all kind of non-viking themed creatures. Just saying.
  2. I added some changes based on your feedback guys! Now it has weaknesses and the taming and breeding methods are way simpler! You can check it in the new "2.0" pages.
  3. Welcome to my post! I hope you enjoy my concept and ideas, based on the oldest insect known, the Rhyniognatha! It's meant to add an original style of creature by using a type almost fogotten in ARK, the insects! It's also a way to make the sky more dangerous even if you already tamed a flying mount! Also, once tamed, it turns into an end-game mount! I'll elaborate with these images about its design, skills, motorcycle saddle, among other stuff! Please feel free to share your thoughts, or suggest any change or feature in the comments! Even if several features are removed,
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