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  1. CRYODRAKON One of the largest flyers ever discovered. Disclaimer: This was meant to be a Quetzal TLC. Sadly, it's never going to get one, so the only option is to add a new creature. DOSSIER Dossier transcription, in case you want to translate it: WILD Your first encounter with this creature is like witnessing a giant plane for the first time when you are a child. Simply breathtaking. The Northern Lights trace left by the Cryodrakon while flying also makes a magical vibe, like a norse deity passing by. You don’t want to enter its territory. That’d unleash its rage. Believe it or not, it can carry literally any creature with its beak or its talons, even other flyiers. That’s how huge and strong this bird is. The largest I’ve ever seen. DOMESTICATED These literal planes are your best friends when it comes down to carry and gather resources. Their insane strenght allows them to ignore the weight of anything you put in their inventory and its platform. They also ignore the weight of any creatures they carry around, and anything those creatures have in its own inventory. Despite their size, they are surprinsgly as fast as a Wyvern. As crazy as it sounds, Cryodrakon also has a set of devastating ice abilities! From freezing enemies around to death to protecting all nearby allies from any kind of weather. If you bring a Snowl Owl it can expand and speed up its healing ability. It can also buff your nearby Managarmrs and Ice Wyverns! ABILITIES As the largest flyer discovered in the world and as a creature that lived in frozen zones, I think it brings a lot to play around so set the skills it could have. I also had in mind the Ragnarok map and some interactions with other creatures already in the game. Also, I know it wasn't that big in real life, though let's take some freedom to make it epic! Weight Nullification Cryodrakon doesn't have a Weight Stat as it ignores the weight of anything in its inventory, but It's still limited to 300 inventory slots. It also ignores the weight of any creature, player or structure it carries or it has in its back or platform. This makes it perfect for farming, specially with a Rhyniognatha carrying vaults and creatures around. This makes it a good and non-temporary alternative for the Desert Titan, with less life and damage than a Titan, though. Ultimate Carrier It can carry any creature, including flyers, Alphas and Tek Skiffs (these ones would get turned off when carried). It doesn't matter the drag weight or size. This could exclude, bosses, Titanousaurs, Death Worms, Astrocetus and aquatic creatures. Also, Cryodrakon is the only creature with a platform where other creatures with platforms can be on. While on the ground, it can carry creatures with its huge beak. While flying, it would carry them with its huge talons. If flying, it can attack any creature it grabbed with its beack, inflicting serious damage. Managarms and Rhyniognathas are the only exceptions it can't carry. Ice Powers I know this is reaching a fantasy design, though we already have real world creatures with elemental powers in the game such as the Amargasaurus and Liopleurodon. Not to mention fantasy creatures as Wyverns, Managarms, Snow Owls and the Ice Titan. I think it's okay to give Cryodrakon some ice abilities that also fit the creature and the map! These would be two area abilities that can be activated both while on the ground or while flying. The first one freezes all enemies around a certain area as long as you keep the abilitie active, similar to a Snow Owl. This requires energy. While frozen, enemies take a great amount of damage because of the low temperature. Wild Cryodrakons tend to use this one to trap their preys before grabbing them and eating them. The second one passively protects all allied players in a big area from weather and temperature. This includes both ice and heat. This works even near to Magmasaurs, lava and inside metal structures in desert biomes and maps, such as Ragnarok and Scorched Earth. Cryodrakon also has passive buffs for nearby ice-related creatures such as Managarms and Ice Wyverns. They get a damage buff, incoming damage reduction, and their range of ice attacks is increased. Ice Wyvern breath also can finally freeze enemies. Amargasaurus can only use ice spikes, but they explode and reload pretty faster. Ice Golems get even more damage reduction. The cherry of the cake is the passive buff for nearby Snow Owls. Their healing skill greatly increases its range and speed in order to heal large groups, faster. Cryodrakon can move while frozen. As it could be expected, nearby fire-related creatures such as Fire Wyverns, Phoenixes and Magmasaurs get more incoming damage than normal and their own damage is decreased. This would also apply to every cold-blooded creature in the game such as reptiles, though I don't know if it's possible to add a whole system or a new creature temperature property in order to make it work. Natural Fridge Eggs can't incubate with a nearby Cryodrakon but their health doesn't decrease. Ice Wyvern and Cryodrakon eggs are the exception for this. Spoil timers for items in its inventory and its rider's inventory are multiplied x200. This works even with items that can't be put in a fridge. In the case of Organic Polymer, Cryodakon's inventory slowly turns it into Frozen Organic Polymer, which never spoils and can be stored in a Tek Dedicated Storage. It freezes water from Canteens and similar items like a fridge. Cryopods timers in its inventory and its rider's inventory simply stop. Penguin's Nightmare It's also a great organic polymer farmer, and Kairukus are (lore-wise) its favorite food. Northern Lights Not properly a set of abilities, but visual effects. Cryodrakon has an animated norhtern lights pattern in its wings, and it leaves a literal northern lights trace while flying. I think seeing this magnificent creature passing with that effect would fit the viking/nordic theme from Ragnarok in a beautiful way. In adition, it could splash snow and ice particles when taking off and when landing, leaving the zone as if it was snowing for a few seconds. If possible, it can visually freeze water if it flies close enough to it (though it will dismount you if you touch water.) Stats In order to make it worth it, its speed is 75% the speed of a Wyvern. It can inflict serious amounts of damage with its meelee attacks and its freezing ability. As huge as this creature is, its health pool would also be very large. As mentioned before, it doesn't have a weight stat. BEHAVIOUR Taming Taming a Cryodrakon is not an easy task and it requires to domain the sky and its creatures. Wild ones are always flying at insanely high heights, so they must be tamed in the air. This will require for you to bring your best flyer creatures as an offering in a dangerous passive taming. You must be cautious as it will get angry if you get close, though you must do it. It will ask for different air (and bird-themed) creatures you must bring to it. The Cryodrakon will grabb them and then it will attack it until it kills it to eat it. The tamming effectiveness and progress will depend entirely in the level, being any wild max level or above breed creature the best option. It can grab them even if you are mounted on them, though it's recommended to dismount them before offering them. Some of the creatures it will ask for are: - Wyvern (Fire, Ice, Poison, Lightning) - Quetzal - Lymantria - Tapejara - Argentavis - Kairuku - Pelagornis - Ichthyornis - Hesperornis - Pteranodon - Griffin - Onyc - Mantis - Vulture - Archaeopteryx - Dimorphodon It would most likely ask for rideable creatures and Kairukus. Once the taming process has started, there must be at least one player in the air close to the Cryodrakon or the taming progress and effectiveness will drop to 0. This can be achieved by mounting aerial creatures, with a Tek Chesplate, shoulder creatures such as Archaeopteryx or Sinomacrops, Parachutes, Glider Suit Skins, and any method that keeps you in the air the whole process. It doesn't matter if a player returns to the ground as long as there is at least a player from their same tribe still in the air, so it could be a good idea to tame this mighty beast with a friend that can bring the required creature. For map reasons, it wouldn't ask for creatures nor present in Ragnarok, or at least creatures not present in ARK: Survival Ascended a its time of release. Once more maps are released, it could ask for them. For the mental health of every player of this game, it won't ask for Phoenixes or Rhyniognathas and it won't ask for the same creature twice. Once you fulfilled the required list of creatures, it will allow you and your tribe to mount get on its back (not mounting it, just to be on its back). This place will be insanely cold. Even much worse than the Murder Murder Snow biome from Ragnarok itself. If you survive a determined amount of time without dying because of the cold, it will respect you and the Cryodrakon will be yours. You can recur to Fur Armor, an Otter, Soups, etc. in order to achieve this. Breeding Cryodrakon can be bred, though it will require a set of conditions. The first one is to be in an extremely cold place, such as the Murder Murder Snow biome from Ragnarok. Once there, both Cryodrakons must be frozen while mating. This can be achieved with Snow Owls, Managarms, Amargasaurus and Ice Wyverns (the former one, can freeze thanks to the Cryodrakon's passive buff). As most of these creatures are from maps not yet available on ARK: Survival Ascended, Ice Wyvern seems to be the only option, giving them a new good reason to tame them! Cryodrakon eggs can only be incubated with a nearby Cryodrakon. Egg Incubators, Air Conditioners and temperature creatures such as Otters and Dimetrodons couldn't be cold enough. Saddle I know most saddles from the game are most primitive-themed, specially the most reent ones. Though we have some tech saddles such as those seen with the Tapejara, Andrewsuchus, Magmasaur and even the Snow Owl. So I think in order to make you the king of the sky with a plane-sized bird, you must make it with style. This is why I thought about a saddle inspired by a B-2 Spirit Bomber. This would be similar to a Tapejara Saddle, and it would require a largue amount of Gasoline in order to work. It would increase the Cryodrakon's speed to transport resources or to fight. It would be as fast as a Wyvern thanks to the pair of jet engines attached to it. To fulfill the B-2 Spirit Bomber theme, the saddle would allow the ice ability to be aimed at a long range. This means you could freeze enemies in the zone you aim instead of around you while the saddle is equiped. This would mean your Cryodrakon turns into an ice bomber! The effect would apply even if the enemies are inside a wall, forcing them to move if they don't want to die beause of the ice. It would algo be cool to add a pair of machine guns on each wing of the saddle, which obviously need ammo. It would have the damage a Heavy Turret has. It also has a platform to allow Vaults to be built on the Cryodrakon, making farming easier along with a Rhyniognatha. Even if the Cryodrakon is much larger than a Quetzal, the platform would be around the same size of the Quetzal's one and it could only allow storage structures to be built on it. Though I know the weapons and the jet engines couldn't make it into the game, I hope the B-2 Spirit Bomber saddle and the ranged ice bombing skill make it into the game! D; FINAL THOUGHTS And this is my submission for the new community voting, I hope you liked it! I tried to get the perfect creature to fit in this awesome and epic map. I also loved the interaction it could have with ice creatures and the recently added Rhyniognatha! If you liked it, please vote up! And if you have some idea or suggestion, don't doubt in comment it!
  2. Prototaxites The Neurological Aberration There are reports of a strange behavior from some creatures in the underground… [Tags: Mutations, Blueprints, Leveling, Mindwipe, Mind Control] Disclaimer: This was an Aberration submision and it was totally designed to fit the map in all ways. As The Center features huge underground sections, this creature can be readapted to fit this map, though it was meant, designed and crafted with my heart focused on Aberration. Enjoy! It’s like if something else controlled their minds and bodies… Dossier Mushrooms/Fungi can do amazing stuff in real life. Most of these proposals are based in modern species with special focus on cordyceps, the mind controlling parasite! It can turn insects into literal zombies! Though a prehistoric mushroom won’t be limited to only bugs and mind control, right? It a has a wide arsenal of neurological abilities! Modern-day cordyceps can control its victims’ brains and them kill them once they server their purpose. Abilities Each Prototaxites comes with a single, yet random type of spore that is defined once it’s tamed. Each spore has a different ability. The ability is determined by the Aberration zone you got your mushroom from. All of them are useful, though the best ones are in the most dangerous places. Active and Passive Spores Passive spores work when something enters in a Prototaxites or a Neural Network range (we will explain Networks later). The Spore Range and its spores work even through walls, and it can be increased by leveling a Prototaxites exclusive stat. All Prototaxites have a spore range even if they have no passive spore effects. Their range can be increased by leveling their Range stat. Spore Range This is image is only to show how the spore range works. Both Prototaxites and their Spore Range are huge in comparison with a survivor. Active spores are produced from time to time and must be gathered from your Prototaxites inventory to be used later. The better the type of spore, the longer the production time. Each time you use an active spore, it will cast a Spore Cloud. Depending on the spore, the cloud could apply the same effects it produces if consumed. Consumption and Spore Cloud Active spores never spoil, as real-life ones can survive thousands of years, and if frozen they can survive millions of years. For cosmetic purposes, the Spore Cloud makes a gas grenade sound. Some types of Prototaxites produce passive spores, other ones produce active ones. Some of them produce both. Green Zone Fertilization (Passive) Fungi can connect their mycelium with plant roots to allow them to transmit nutrients in real life. This keeps alive huge forests. Fertilization Prototaxites produce spores that continuously fertilizes and irrigates any crop. It will also increase the shooting cadency, damage and range of any Plant Species X in their Spore Range. In addition, it produces rare mushrooms, rare flowers and random Aberration mushrooms in its inventory. Works on: [Passive] Allied crops in the Prototaxites Spore Range. Bactericide (Active/Passive) Fungi are capable to kill bacteria and other dangerous organisms in real life. That’s how penicillin works and saves millions of human lives. Bactericide Prototaxites produce spores that remove any negative status effect such as Diseases and kill small organisms such as Reaper and Rhyniognatha larvae, Meganeuras, Leechs, Bog Insect Swarms, among others. Works on: [Active] Creatures and survivors that consumed the active spore. [Active] Allied creatures and survivors in the Spore Cloud. [Passive] Allied creatures and survivors in the Prototaxites Spore Range. Nutrition (Active/Passive) Fungi can produce their food from almost anything, including metal and plastics. They also can help to feed several plants, animals and even humans. Nutrition Prototaxites produce spores that any entity will love to eat. This spore can be used instead of any taming food, working as an Extraordinary Kibble. It can also replace any imprinting food and Rhyniognatha cravings. This will work only once per creature. It will also feed all allied creatures and survivors in its passive Spore Range. Works on: [Active] Creatures being tamed, baby creatures asking for imprinting, Rhyniognatha cravings (it works only once per creature and must be consumed.) [Passive] Allied creatures and survivors in the Prototaxites Spore Range (fills the Food stat only.) Blue Zone Levelizer (Active) Levelizer Prototaxites produce spores that can help wild creatures to reach their full potential by modifying their brains and bodies to get better, faster and stronger. You can consume this spore near to any wild creature. If the creature was in the Spore Cloud, its base level will be increased by 40%. This can only be used once per creature and it’s capped up to the server’s maximum level (usually 150, and 190 for Wyverns and Deinonychus). Works on: [Active] Wild creatures in the Spore Cloud. Mindwipe (Active/Passive) Fungi can directly affect the nervous system and disable vital functions, and add some hallucination in the process to defend themselves. Mindwipe Prototaxites produce spores that wipe the victim’s brain and memories, resetting all they have learn until now to zero. The infested target will keep their gained experience and levels to be spent again, but if this is applied to an enemy, they will have to wait around a minute to regain their experience and unspent levels. In both cases, this comes with an acid-like visual hallucination. If used on a bred creature, they will forget their imprint and they will believe it was you, gaining that imprinting instead of the original survivor. Works on: [Active] Creatures and survivors that consumed the active spore. [Passive] Enemy creatures and survivors in the Prototaxites Spore Range. Instead of applying this in the entire passive Spore Range, this will be shot just like a Plant-X turret would do it, if it has Mindwipe Spores in its inventory to use as ammo. It can be adjusted to attack specific targets like an Auto Turret would do it. Somniferous (Active/Passive) Somniferous Prototaxites produce spores that make anything sleep, almost instantly. For balance reasons, creatures put to sleep this way can’t be tamed. As a neuronal effect, Fortitude won’t help to resist it, but a Gas Mask or a Tek Helmet can protect from this. Its active spores can’t be consumed, but they can be planted as a Plant Species Y Trap. Works on: [Active] Enemy creatures and survivors affected by the planted trap. [Passive] Enemy creatures and survivors in the Prototaxites Spore Range. It works on Tek creatures, as they also have a Torpor stat. Neurotoxin (Active/Passive) There are poisonous Fungi in real life. The symptoms can reach liver failure and death and there is no antidote. Neurotoxin Prototaxites produce spores that decrease the target’s health. The spores can’t be consumed, but they can be thrown like a Plant Species Z Fruit. For balance purposes, it decreases only 10% of the targets’ health and It can’t be stacked with itself. The damage percentage and its speed can be increased by leveling the Neurotoxin Prototaxites Toxin stat. The percentage on survivors is always 100%, but Gas Masks and Tek Helmets protect from this effect. The damage ignores any kind of armor or natural armor, except for Gas Masks and Tek Helmets. Works on: [Active] Enemy creatures and survivors hit by a thrown spore (percentage damage.) [Passive] Enemy creatures and survivors in the Prototaxites Spore Range (passive damage until they leave the Spore Range.) Purple Zone Corrosive (Active) Fungi can erode, rot and decay even metal and they are a huge risk for real-life buildings. Corrosive Prototaxites produce spores that can be planted anywhere, even structures. This works by throwing it like a Plant Species Z Fruit. Once planted, they will infest the hit structure and the adjacent ones and quickly decrease their health until they are destroyed. This process can’t be stopped. Works on: [Active] Structures where the active spore was thrown. It works on Tek structures. Experience (Active) Fungi can communicate an entire forest and their life forms as a unique organism. They share information like brain cells to help each other. Experience Prototaxites produce spores that contain all the knowledge of the organisms that have lived and died in these lands. This way your creatures can gain that knowledge in the form of levels. Normally, a consumed spore increases a creature’s level by 1. This can be increased by leveling the Experience Prototaxites Experience stat. Survivors can’t consume this each 24 hours, and it will always increase their level by only 1. Works on: [Active] Creatures and survivors that consumed the active spore. Crafting Illumination (Active) Experience Prototaxites produce spores that enhance and illuminate your mind in order to achieve mastery in the art of crafting. You can drag the spore to any weapon, tool, armor, gear or saddle. This will destroy the item, but in the process your survivor will learn all of its secrets, learning how to craft it again, and producing an exact blueprint of the lost item. This never includes crafting bonus, but it works on Tek stuff. Works on: [Active] You on a craftable item. Surface Mutation (Active) Experience Prototaxites produce spores that interact with your creatures’ neural systems at a point that it temporary reprogram their AND in order to achieve new levels in their offspring. If one parents consumed this spore, their next newborn is guaranteed to have a random mutation. They can only get 1 mutation even if both parents consumed the spore. Also, if you fed the Experience Prototaxites Element, they will produce enhanced spores, which guarantee a random mutation, and also that the offspring get the best stats from both parents. It works even if the creature already reached 20/20 in the mutation counter. Works on: [Active] Creatures that consumed the active spore and their next offspring. Mastermind (Passive Spores) Real life cordyceps can literally control minds. Mastermind Prototaxites are the only ones that allow you to apply this on your opponents. It’s not as effective as a Noglin, though. Once the spores were breathed by an enemy creature or survivor because they entered the Mastermind Prototaxites passive Spore Range, mushrooms will start to grow from its insides, slowly. Once they are visible from the outside, the infected target will obey your orders. They can control all Tek or mechanical creatures a Noglin can control. This state is not reversible, and controlled creatures’ health will slowly decrease until they die. Infected creatures also spread spores when they are killed into nearby creatures. Mastermind Prototaxites are also very special as they can start a Neural Network. This means they can connect the ranges of any adjacent Prototaxites, no matter the type. Their ranges must be adjacent between them to become a part of the Neural Network. They can be connected between themselves and not necessarily directly connected with the Mastermind Prototaxites. All Prototaxites have a range, even if they don’t have passive spores or effects. The entire Network gains the passive effects of any Prototaxites connected to it. E. G.: if you have a Nutrition Prototaxites connected to a Network, the passive food effect will work on the entire Network. The same for any other Prototaxites; if you have a Somniferous Prototaxites connected to the Network, the entire Network will gain the somniferous passive effect. BUT passive effects can only be applied once per Network, even if there are 2 or more Prototaxites of the same time connected. Each Network requires a Mastermind Prototaxites. Neural Network and how it works. The passive effects of all Prototaxites connected will work in the entire Neural Network. This is inspired by real life mycelium (a mushroom’s actual, underground body). They connect each other to form huge “neural systems” in huge areas of nature to “sense” and “overwatch” entire forests. Mastermind Prototaxites also grant special effects for your creatures if they are in its spore range. Noglin: Your Noglin can remotely control any enemy creature or survivor in the Neural Network (but only one at a given time). This is via an RTS-ish screen available from your Noglin if it is in a Mastermind Prototaxites spore range. This allows your Noglin to control enemies without exposing itself to the danger. Parasaur: Your Parasaur’s alarm mode will detect any enemy that enters in your Neural Network and each alert will have a different color for enemy survivors, tamed creatures and wild creatures. Rhyniognatha/Yutyrannus: If they taunt or roar (both to scare and to buff) while in the Mastermind Prototaxites range, any enemy creature in the Neural Network will suffer/gain the effects. This works on tamed creatures and those with a rider. General Real life fungi can grow almost anywhere, even metal and plastic (IN SPACE!). Prototaxites would be able to be “planted” anywhere, including metal and Tek structures. Fungi can eat almost everything. Plants, animals and even stone, plastic and metal. Prototaxites would be being able to be fed by anything and. Some rumors say Element has special effects on them. Some mushrooms can produce light. All Prototaxites emit light to defend against Reapers and Nameless. They also can charge Tek Stryders in their range, as they can transmit electricity. As a cosmetic detail, Prototaxites and their zombified creatures would occasionally make “clicker” sounds, obviously inspired by The Last of Us infected. Prototaxites would also make unintelligible and scary whispers, inspired by Gravemind’s whispers from the Halo saga. You can hear some examples here: Clickers (00:15, 00:55): https://youtu.be/jzDMlxV7Y9k?t=11 Whispers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JOEKMiHJn0 Wild Wild Prototaxites can only have one the following abilities (the ability is defined randomly): 1) Quickly sleep anyone who gets into their range. 2) Turn into zombies anyone who gets into their range and make the zombies to attack you. 3) Gradually kill anyone who gets into their range. Their tamed abilities (listed before in the post) are defined randomly once they are tamed, and they will get it randomly based on the Aberration zone they were found from. Each Prototaxites has only one ability. Green Zone (Tier 1): Fertilization, Bactericide, Nutrition. Blue Zone (Tier 2): Levelizer, Mindwipe, Somniferous, Neurotoxin Purple Zone (Tier 3): Corrosive, Experience, Crafting Illumination Surface (Tier 4): Mutation, Mastermind In order to make it more interesting and a total gamble, each tier can include any ability from the lower tiers, making more difficult to get the one you want. Taming Did you imagine you’d have to tame a “plant”? Let’s go! Prototaxites have awesome abilities, so they are meant to be hard to tame. It doesn’t matter what type of wild ability they have (sleep, zombify or kill), all of them are tamed almost the same. You’ll have to sacrifice creatures in order to do it. The Prototaxites’ level and your creatures’ level will define the number of creatures you’ll need. You must send your creatures into the Prototaxites’ range for them to start to apply their effects on them until one of your creatures falls asleep, death or they get turned into a zombie. After that, the taming process will start. You must repeat the process with several creatures until the Prototaxites decides you are worthy. Then, it will require a proper additional creature in order to parasite it with a spore. The original Prototaxites will “explode” into spores to be breathed by your creature. It must be close to the Prototaxites during the explosion and it will turn into a carrier. Don’t worry about the Prototaxites, it didn’t die. It just fulfilled its labor. Its actual body is in the underground, under the whole map. That part will grow again at some point. At the beginning, your creature won’t have any noticeable changes. The spore need time to mature, and this could take a long time. Once it matured, a preliminary fungus will emerge from within your creature. This won’t be pretty as your creature will die. Its health will remain, but its brain is already death. Now the preliminary Prototaxites controls its body, which will be still standing an able to do everything your creature was able to do while alive. It will follow your orders, though the taming process is not done yet. The body won’t last long as it will start to decay (its health will slowly drop to 0). The taming process will stop if the creature dies before that. Cryopoding the creature won’t kill the Prototaxites. Real life fungus spores can’t be killed even with extreme temperatures, that just deactivates them. They will return to activity once the temperature returns to normal. This can be used to transport the infected creature, but it will pause the process. Once your creature’s health reaches 0, your creature will “die” a second time and it will spawn a matured, floating spore to be picked by any survivor. This moment is when the tamed Prototaxites ability is defined, so it will be a surprise until you pick it. This spore works similar to a plant seed, but it can be planted anywhere, just like real life fungi. Think where you want to place it as it can’t be moved. At this moment, you will have to make your gardening skills to shine. The growing Prototaxites will ask for different things in order to grow. Failing this would kill it in order force players to take responsibility. This could include something similar to imprinting foods or Rhyniognatha cravings, but it would mostly ask for specific tamed creatures to slowly kill them and gain its nutrients. The Prototaxites should ask for creatures from the map it is growing, to avoid problems with previous and subsequent maps. The better the type of Prototaxites, the better things it will ask for. E.G.: A green zone Prototaxites would ask for a Stegosaur and Aberration mushrooms while a purple zone one would ask for a Reaper and Element. For obvious reasons, Food Prototaxites active spores can’t replace whatever the growing Prototaxites is asking for. Once it fully grows, it will activate its passive range and to produce active spores to be used (if its ability produces them). Also, once grown, its range will connect with Neural Networks. Breeding To make it interesting, I wouldn’t make them “breedable.” What’d also give players a reason to go to Aberration. Though you can “re-tame” them to transport them or move them. You just have to use their menu and use the “Liberate Spore” option while one or your creatures is close enough. This will infect your creature just like when you tame a wild one. The challenge is to make the spore grow again, but it will keep its ability and you will be able to plant it somewhere or in other maps. Saddle This time, there’s no saddle! That’s all folks! I hope you like my creature! If you do, please vote to bring Prototaxites to this awesome game! I know some abilities couldn't make it into the final version, but I just hope de Mutation, Blueprint and Experience features are kept! Sincerely, Zichfried.
  3. Hey KFspino! Do you want to try these tags and title? I think they could work! [mutations & blueprints] Prototaxites - The Neurological Aberration [blueprints] [mutations] [rebalance] [leveling] [zombies] [creature mindwipe] [base defense] [fungi] [glow] [imprinting override] [pvp] [pve] [neural networks]
  4. I hope KFSpino adds more tags! We need to spread the idea on social media too!
  5. I think the font size looks kind of huge on mobile devices! By the way, I think adding the tags mutations and blueprints would help! KFSpino, we can do it!!
  6. Hey KFSpino! Thank you so much for adding my dossier and mentioning to check my post, that was awesome! You can surpass the post size limits by using URLs to add more images! You just have to click on "Other Media" and then on "Insert Image from URL". That way you can add unlimited images in HD! You could add both posts complete! Though it would be enough if you add the HD version of the dossier because the current image is hard to read! There link is here: https://i.imgur.com/zmTCUfp.png You can find the links for all the images I made here: https://imgur.com/a/utkCyzq Also to get more attention you could add a blue tag to the title! Something like "quality of life" for the blue tag, and mutations, blueprints, leveling, balance and zombies for the white tags! I know that will make the post to stand out! Thank you again! Let's try to get Prototaxites to win!
  7. Hi! I was kind of sad because I thought the 9 votes my post got lost, but it seems they merged the votes from both posts! I know my version has several abilities, though Wildcard will decide what is kept into the final version and what not, so you don't need to worry! Also, who doesn't want mutations and blueprints? Also a creature mindwipe is something several people wants and the network is just how real life mycelium works! I made an extensive fungal research in order to portrayal them properly! Thanks for your answer and please consider the post merging!
  8. Hi KFspino! It seems we had the same idea! And that's awesome! Would you mind adding my post to yours please? It doens't matter if its below, I just want this awesome fungus and some of the ideas I suggested to make it into the game! I also think Aberration needs these and not an animal!
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