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  1. That's exactly what I was thinking! Sa players would need to choice between air or land! And I think this could help some land creatures to return as travel mounts outside Genesis and Aberration!
  2. That could work! Though my intention was to make only possible to get a max level one only by using high level, powerful creatures, as players can just respawn...
  3. Hmm... I'm not sure what else could we add, maybe more artwork? I think I could make something but it could take some days... 😅
  4. I saw you added the images, thank you! I already removed the duplicates from my comment!
  5. Lol I didn't notice rhynio was already posted! Thank you! Would you mind adding the images to the main post and changing the title for "Rhyniognatha - The Sky Giga & Tuso / Flying-Water War Mount" please? I think that way it will be more attractive and it'd get more votes!
  6. Thanks to DreadFrames for posting Rhyniognatha! A friendly user from reddit told me there was another creature submission, and he says the third time's the charm. Let's give Rhyniognatha a third try to make in into the game. We were so close the last time! It's meant to add an original style of creature by using a type almost fogotten in ARK, insects! It's also a way to make the sky more dangerous even if you already tamed a flying mount! Even if several features are removed, I'd be happy if Wildcard keeps the air-water versatility and the motorcycle saddle. The main purpose of this creature is to make ARK's skies dangerous and to get an stylish all-terrain mount!
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