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  1. Just another gamer back at it again on the grind to bring you quality gameplay. After a two year hiatus from this game/community I have the itch to dive back into it. That being said I have not really played this game since managarmr were introduced. I'm out-of-sync with the meta and which maps (official/unofficial) are even worth playing. Any insight you veteran's can provide to help me get started would be much appreciated. I also don't have anyone interested in game to play with anymore so I'll be looking for new friends. If you want to link up my discord is Warmup#5291.


    About Me:
    > 29
    > USA
    > Eastern Standard Timezone
    > Available between 8PM-2AM weekdays
    > PC
    > All DLC except Gen 1/2 but open to purchasing

    Feel free to reach out to me on discord anytime.

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