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  1. ARK DEVs read this please and thank you.I didn't vote for the dinopithecus because a youtuber made it.I voted for it because of how unique and cool this idea was.also i think ark definitly needs this because of how bland our monkey roster is.thank you for reading this.
  2. i think another underground dlc would be cool because we only have aberration thats a cave but its not that safe when first spawn in.the hollow earth dlc would make a good dlc because lots ppl love caves and this kinda of map would have no sky it would have more land like when jumped 40ft of the ground you will be pulled to the roof and while take no fall damage. NEW DINOs *gorgonops that has a bleed attack that ignores armor right click bite left click roar c or x bleed attack *scutosaurus that has 3 different saddles and does increased damage to buildings
  3. i think this idea is SUPERR cool because of the monkey holding guns and throwing grenades.Its like a mantis but so much betterI love this idea so much.im going to tame every single dinopitheicus in the lost island if it does get added into the game.
  4. the scutosaurus was a prehistoric creature that lived in australia.They are about the size of a modern day hippo.scutosaurus live in herds and when a player or carnivore gets near the herd one of them will start grunting and the herd well run if its bigger than a t-rex.The alpha male well fight off any size of creature. Taming to tame a scutosaurus you'll need ghillie armor and honey.Approach it quietly and feed it but beware of the alpha male in the herd it will aggro on you when you feed the other scutosaurus.to tame the alpha male kill all the other scutosaurus and f
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