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  1. yea i dont really like that we are getting the carchar but I'd rather this than a bison that has no pvp purposes
  2. im sorry if this was hurtful comment but i really enjoy new creatures i just feel like im the only person that appreciates the fourth creature
  3. i love new creatures so do many of you. then why do you hate that we are getting a fourth creature like come on they wanted you guys to be happy and now you are all fussy and whiny about getting a fourth creature
  4. jeez you do know they could have just left it as the giant vampire bat and not a second creature but they were nice and included the carchar so count yourelf lucky that this happened
  5. Oh yeah almost forgot to say that wyvern eggs and artifacts won't spawn either so i don't know if i broke my World or i just did something with the setting
  6. I just started a scorched earth survival and now drops wont spawn at all and i dont have disable loot crates checked. If anyone knows how to fix this please say I really want to know how.
  7. wild the cave bear's size really sets it apart from its smaller cousin the dire bear it is 11.5 feet tall when standing on its hind legs and has the strength to take on a rex. mammoths and other creatures will run in for their life when they see this bear coming. Gigas get a debuff when fighting this beast they will lose extra health and will do significantly less damage to the cave bear. Its fur is so thick it provides hypothermal insulation. thylacoleos, kaprosuchus and purlovias can't knock you off your when you are riding the cave bear. Cave bears have three different variations summer variant has darker fur and lives on the warmer forests on fjordur, the winter variant has lighter fur and can be found on the freezing mountains of fjordur, then last is the rarest variant it is the albino which can only be found in sub zero tempatures and in caves. To tame one you must find a mother with her cubs and pick one up and put it on your shoulder, then run like a mad man because the mother is insanely protective, Then feed it prime meat it hates regular meat. domesticated once you have raised yourself one of these you will feel like a king. it takes reduced damage when fighting large creatures and does increased damage to smaller creatures. the cave bear can destroy metal and vaults (not one hit of course). its roar is so loud it will shatter grenades and thatch huts. these things are very protective and will throw you once you are below 30 health and will sacrifice itself for your life. abilitie 1 (L2 or LT) it can stand up on its legs and will scare away small creatures abilitie 2 (R2 or RT) bite and swipe ablitie 3 (space or A) fear roar ablitie 4 (RB or C) pick up players or small dinos Its saddle can hold two people and you have to either mount crossbows or flamethrowers (flamethrowers are for end game) the rider and passenger ride on the sides of the bear. you can also put helmets on the bear and you can attach chitin armor or ghillie armor the ghillie armor prevents wild dinos from seeing you so you can sneak around them.
  8. i didn't vote for the carchar because it is literally a giga just easier to tame like it looks almost the exact same and it's propabably going to do the same damage as a giga.I know its a cool idea but we have a crap ton of theropods in the game.
  9. no it shouldn't iv'e watched all of upfromthedepths videos about the dinopithecus and he said to vote for what you think is cool.and i DID NOT VOTE FOR THE MONKEY BECAUSE A YOUTUBER MADE IT!
  10. yes like why the hell is wild card not adding both their both cool and the community gets what they want by adding in both of them.
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