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  1. Hello All ive seen it around on a few servers and remembr previously someone said it was an ini setting basically i am trying to find the command line that would allow resources to be a set number or be calculated once rather than counting up when farming alot of resources at once
  2. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART DANGER IS EVERYWHERE, DEATH WILL HAPPEN OFTEN but u can recover your items with the teleporters Ark Ancestry PVE New Servers No wipe (New Cluster) Ark Ancestry Building a Strong Community Day by Day PVE Focused Community paving our way to ARK 2 Discord with mod Collection list! For All your information and communication needs While it's highly encouraged to stay informed and connected, voice chat is never required. Join us! https://discord.com/invite/sgMCJehfhR Plenty of Space available! FEATURES In game Currency In game
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