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  1. Yes is the answer, you can be dev wiped for looting duped loot, whether you realise it or not (or able to realise it). It's a low chance, sure, but scary enough that you can kill some bob trying to blow up your spam, loot their kit, and then get dev wiped for having 'duped loot'. It is really scary playing this game. You would think there would be some procedures in place to prevent it from happening, but no. They don't have the time or manpower to do multi step investigations. It's like if in IRL, a hair flew off your head in the wind, landed at a crime scene, and then you are arrested - except in Ark you get dev wiped/global banned.
  2. It is a mess right now. Although caging has been a thing since like forever, recent changes in Genesis 2 just made it absurdly easier to do. Wildcard does not play own game which makes it difficult for them to get any perspective. My bandaid fix would probably to make it so you can only 'mathematically' kidnap someone for a certain period of time. Something like this can be achieved by implementing a force-feed debuff - perhaps when someone outside of your tribe feeds you anything, you get some sort of debuff. If fed too many narcotics/narcoberries etc over a period of time could cause death. Which would mean someone might be able to kidnap you for say an hour or two, but if they tried for any longer would result in your death. Would fix the scripters as well from auto feeding prisoners.
  3. Yeah. 6 Years of Ark and it still remains the only game on the market, more or less, where you can lose your character / entire progress randomly when transferring servers. Could you imagine a game like Runescape where you can lose your account anytime you change worlds? Or World of Warcraft where you can lose your account anytime you enter a dungeon/raid/instance? Especially since Genesis 1 and 2, where you now have missions and ascensions directly linked to your player, it's a big deal when you lose your character more than ever. My suggestion is to allow players to copy or clone their character permanently to the cloud, which can be downloaded at any time. The character should have 0 inventory items and 0 HLNA Hexagon Exchange points, but otherwise should allow the player to have all the things that really matter ie: Imprints, Boss completions, Genesis missions. The only issue really with this is similar to the current problem with 'duped' characters, which should have been fixed in the first place. Why reward players who have duped their character 100's of times and punish those who never did? It would require a change to how characters are downloaded when a clone is already on that server - an issue that should have been fixed 6 years ago already if it was such a big deal to game integrity. Although Ark 2 is coming out relatively soon (and I hope that character loss is already being accounted for in the development of that), Ark 1 still has a good year or more where it is the primary game of Wildcard. Especially with the new map coming out soon - I can see hundreds of people looking forward to trying it out, transferring their character, only to lose all their progress once again. I hope you are able to implement SOMETHING which can give players peace of mind about playing your game. It doesn't have to be a permanent character in the 'download survivor' section, but just something so players don't feel like they have to quit the game whenever the Ark servers smite them. It should have always been a #1 priority issue to fix.
  4. Wildcard. After every xpac there is something which can be abused to basically full on turret bypass. Extinction was the worst so far - Desert Titan on release should have been called Dev-Wipe Titan, because it could foundation wipe a 500+ turret, slotcapped ammo base in about 2 minutes. Getting dev wiped/global banned because a raft visually glitched after an update. Don't ever place a raft in the underwater caves to loot artifacts, because after an update it might visually glitch and trick enforcement into deleting all your progress. Unannounced changes to terminals on Genesis2 also caused us to lose a teleporter/vaults of loot out of the blue too. Just deleted from thin air after an update. Then lastly, character loss. What good is playing the game when all your progress can be randomly deleted upon transferring server? I would be blessed to ever get raided by anything other than Wildcard, I really would.
  5. I restarted Ark after a 1.5 year break, and I have lost 2 characters in under a month. The first time was after completing the Genesis 1 boss, but it magically came back into the cloud after 2 hours. The 2nd time was when I completed the Genesis 2 boss, and this time it was gone forever. This is the 6th character I have lost in the few years I have been playing, I do not wish to play this game anymore as it is clear they do care to fix the issue. There is no point to anything. The assistance they provide if you write a ticket is beyond useless as well. It is, and always has been, easier to just start all over again than go through the process of 'help' they provide. I can't vote in the poll though for some reason, perhaps because I have a new forums account. I really hope that in Ark 2 they have a better system in place to prevent this from happening.
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