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  1. Never been a fan of kibble in either system.  Couldn't justify the effort vs. reward, and I almost exclusively tame carnivores so mutton works well enough.  I do make superior kibble now but just for trade.

    That said, I wouldn't be playing still if not for the classic fliers mod, so hopefully you're able to find a way to get your preferred method back.

  2. I'd like to see things fixed that have existed forever and affects 100% of the playerbase, instead of stuff that only affects a portion of it.

    WHY do the command wheel options move position depending on how you're facing the dino?  WHY do we always jump off the right side of the dino (horse riders know what I'm talking about)?  WHY does light from a forge/grill penetrate solid metal/stone walls? WHY can you not drop all spoiled meat straight out of a container with the drop all button?

    If I had to pick between fixing meshing or fixing those 4 things, I'd take the latter in a heartbeat.

  3. 1 hour ago, Heavyxsmasher said:

    Meks have broken ark more than I thought possible

    Meks need to be taken out. They are overpowered and have flooded everywhere. Guy on my server just bought like 70 for like 5 bucks. Yes 70 meks 5 dollars. Got Mek ran in underwater base by 5 meks couldn't defend against it. 180,000 health squid with 120+ saddle was killed before I could take 1 out. There's ppl who go around just destroying low pop / developed servers keeping them from building up. One of my old servers ppl went around every night with a giga and Mek with Tek helmets destroying everything on server. It's to the point new players get destroyed before they can really grasp an understanding or an enjoyable experience. From what I see they get to wood base maybe a ptera  then wiped Everytime. If you don't know someone in a big tribe you can't get anywhere. Ark has become too pvp do be able to play and enjoy yourself . And wildcard keeps producing stuff that further breeds PvP

    They can take out a specific type of dino every time you get wiped, and someday you'll get wiped by a lystro army. 

    We want your stuff, and we're going to figure out how to get it one way or the other.

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  4. Wolves/raptors/sabers/whatever set to follow a daed set to passive and passive heal.  Collect the meat from the pack and give it to the daed and the trough.  No replacing bullets, and you're leveling up creatures that can help you defend your base later.  You'll also get a steady supply of other resources depending on what's spawning.  I set up a pack near the swamp for a few days to collect boa venom and sarco skin.

    I build overhead cover for my base defense packs, very hard to snipe them if they aren't out chasing something.

  5. 9 minutes ago, Garet said:

    I would have a very hard time enjoying unofficial because it's more or less cheating, they just drew a line somewhere.

    Fair enough.  Be honest though, would the moving of that line really be more of a negative experience than what you're dealing with?  You want to have fun, right? 

    My admins aren't trying to meet a budget or run out the clock to go home to their family. They want to provide a fun experience and are more than willing to sacrifice their own time and money to do so (mine takes donations but no way does that cover all of the servers in the cluster).  The worst problem with them I've had in the last 5-6 months was a 4 hour delay in getting a mod upgraded one time, and that was just because they weren't playing and didn't know.  Once I sent them a Steam message, it was fixed in 10 minutes. 

    Granted we still deal with the goofy mechanics like the troughs, but it's just a virtual raptor you swat away and forget about.  Definitely take a break if needed, but for the hours you have in, I suspect you might be willing to give it another shot at some point.


  6. 13 minutes ago, Garet said:

    The people in ark are the most toxic people I've ever met in my life.  They act friendly to your face while quietly lagging the server down with 200 tames apiece, building 5 bases apiece, etc.  The devs are poop.  They send down broken update after broken update.  It's to the point where you can't use certain dinos on certain maps because you'll just disconnect during the server save... name one other game that pauses for 15-90 seconds every time the server saves?

    The people on the forums complain about the bugs, but then blame players when poop happens.  Dino stopped eating from the trough.  Known bug.  but they say "you shgould have been watching it"  "You shouldnt' have had so many out"

    HOD gaming got banned and the youtube community got him reinstated in like what?  A week?  Bad things happen in the ark community and their response is "go play unofficial"

    I had 2600 hours in this game.  I know that isn't a lot to some, but it was only since Nov... that's an average of over 7 hours a day.  7 hours a day invested in a game that has become nothing more than a chore at this point.   8x event and I couldn't tame anything because the breeders tame capped the servers a half hour before the event started.

    I'm proud of the fact that I ascended twice, got to level 127, on my own, solo without every buying a dinosaur or breeding on official.

    But nothing will ever work properly.  The people will never stop being the way they are, looking at me like i'm the problem because I don't want to sit there and shove meat in a virtual baby all day.   Official rates are horrible and unofficial is like giving yourself 4 points for a shot in basketball.

    I will never play this game again.

    Inevitably someone will ask why I bothered to respond to this thread.  Because I'm human and because Rio actually plays on a lot of the same servers I do, and I was curious about the responses.

    You know the answer, you just haven't embraced it yet.  Go unofficial when you come back.  I wouldn't even know about 75% of the problems with Ark if I didn't read Official players posts complaining about them.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Garet said:

    I don't play PVP and lose poop all the time.  I played PVE.  I'm not rebuilding all that again.  I gave everything away except my ab base.  As soon as someone gets online I'm passing him the torch. If he don't want it I'll find someone else and then i'm done.  I didn't buy Genesis because these devs are poop.  I know nobody cares that I quit and the devs don't care that I quit, so it's not a big deal.  I'll never play ark again.

    I fondly remember my rants from the first 2-3 times I quit lol

    Ark is rough, I get it.  Between the dinos, the other players, the devs, and the people designing all the other hardware/software we use, the odds are stacked against us.  But when you go play something else and can't do all the stuff you could do in Ark, you start to miss it like that old girlfriend who drove you crazy.

    Don't bother uninstalling, it'll just slow you down when you decide to come back.

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  8. Tried to tame a titanosaur with a stolen Mek, but I think I need the cannon attachment thing.  Sword didn't seem to be doing much.

    Culled some more newborn wolf cubs.  Down to the last attempted combo of stats and color, and RNG has not been on my side.  Once I get the final line going, I can upgrade the guard dogs at all of my bases.

    Just made a bunch of mannequins and am currently going through my stockpile of flak armor from my gachas.  I'm going to pay homage to the terra cotta soldiers.

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  9. 6 hours ago, LEDminer said:

    Jerboa and Saberteeth.

    I should start up my sabers again.  Most of my line was killed in a forest titan attack and the last remaining member of my line has been wandering around in one of the caves for the last two months (no death notice in log so I assume it's still alive somewhere lol)

  10. Direwolf line is doing OK, but slow because of the... infant mortality rate (I have a short attention span).

    Argy line is doing awesome.  Best stats on the server, the green/black and purple/black lines are a few months old but just added a red/black hen this week.

    I keep breeding boss rexes despite having 2 full crews and rarely running bosses.  I stole some rexes from someone who had put a ridiculous amount of time into their stats so I feel obligated to keep the breeders working.

    I quit breeding gigas, I have some good genetics but there's just no need for more when I already have 6-7 in stasis.

  11. Enable/Disable Breeding Issue

    Certain dinos are reverting back to breeding enabled when I'm logged out.  Not a big deal with the egg-layers since I have hatcheries, but it's seriously slowing down the direwolf line (and I'm tired of walking into the building to a bunch of dead pups in the colors I wanted). 

    Testing last night ruled out both latency when disabling (thought maybe I was rubberbanding) and user error (I checked a breeding-disabled argy pair every hour last night, log in today to find they're enabled again).  Primarily affecting dinos which have their breeding status changed frequently.  Suggestions?

  12. 3 hours ago, Spiral3 said:

    Some admins like to set up special events and challenges for their players.  Buried Purlovias would be a great addition to such an event.  Tamed Purlovias would work on a PvP server but not a PvE one

    Ah, I get it now.  I forgot PvE was a thing for a minute.

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  13. Logged on, bred new black/orange argy with my line, culled the baby.

    Watched Netflix all night, hopping over to Ark every 15 minutes to run in a circle and open a door to keep from being booted for inactivity. 

    Ran a few loads of advanced bullets before bed.  Not sure why, my server is pretty much deserted.

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  14. Sounds incredibly frustrating.  I'm so glad I've never had to deal with any kind of pillar BS. 

    Actually, I take that back:  Once I said "Admin, come remove this pillar" and he said "This one?" and I said "No, that one." and he removed it.

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