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  1. 3 hours ago, Cucharon said:

    Any reocmendation?

    For another game?  I was being facetious. AFAIK, there is no game that lets you tame and breed critters like Ark does, and admit it or not, it's what drew most of us to the game in the first place. 

    My real recommendation would be to find an unofficial cluster server with a decent population and accept Ark for what it is. 

  2. I'm not a fan of the mutation cap.  I'd like to see it done away with completely.  I'd balance it out with a dino lifespan. Yup, your favorite Rex just dropped dead of old age in the middle of a raid.

  3. 11 minutes ago, caleb68 said:

    well maybe its related to what one of them said on twitter,  "Math is hard yo"

    We were able to put a man on the moon 50 years ago, I think they could handle the mesh issue.  That is, if it were worth the effort.

  4. Just to offer a counterpoint to those suggesting Official play:

    New guys, don't play official. If you don't know why, spend the rest of the day reading forum rants and count how many of them are from official players.

  5. Argy, hands down.  No other dino is as useful in as many different circumstances.  They're easy to find, easy to tame, easy to breed.   Meat runs, combat, scouting, even mid-game resource hauling.

    I'd like it a lot more if the stupid thing didn't immediately take to the air when mounted, though.

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  6. Probably not a good idea to spawn blind into a map with a load of gear.  Guess you realize that now, though.

    Don't expect Ark players (or PvP players in general) to have any kind of honor or sense of fair play.  You'll be sorely disappointed.

    Heck, at least he put in the work himself.  You could have spawned right next to an auto-turret bunker.

  7. Things you rarely hear in response to this question:

    Don't leave home with stuff you don't need.  Don't take your new longneck on a metal run.

    Don't get distracted.  If you just flew across the map for org poly, get it and get it back home.  Don't stop to try to grab a drop or look at a pretty dino.

    When things are going well, make an "Oh Crap" box with backup supplies, tools, armor, etc.

    When you do something stupid,  make a new rule for yourself to not do that stupid thing again.  Don't break it.

    Expect to die, expect to lose dinos, expect to get raided, expect to crash at the worst possible time, expect to deal with some new problem every day.

    Don't take the game too seriously unless you're getting paid to play.


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  8. 42 minutes ago, IrishAlexis said:

    I'm sorry but you either like/love a game and deal with the inconveniences for a week or two here and there or quit. No need to announce it on the forums. You come across as whiny. I have 5k hours in this game. Having to stay out of the wyvern trench for a week or two doesn't break the game. Avoiding chalk hills if possible doesn't break the game permanently.

    The patch last night took an hour and a half. That was annoying but I will still keep playing, because the game is worth it to me. 

    Honestly, quit or don't. But the forum theatrics get old. 

    Oh and BTW, good luck refunding the season pass. If you have played more than a few hours on ARK since it was purchased pretty sure it is non refundable. 


    Well said.  The root of the problem is that video games are essentially cheap toys, but some folks place an undue amount of importance on them and expect an unrealistic amount of support. 


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  9. So far I've just stared at a download progress screen and watched the Flintstones.  Might name my next few hatchlings Pebbles and Bam Bam.

    Once I can actually play the game again, I'm going to hit the argy and direwolf breeding facilities and then work on my terra cotta soldiers (mannequins) project at one of my decoy bases.

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  10. 2 hours ago, ArkRage said:

    Honestly, I just want to be able to adjust my character's features and give her long hair. Oh, and have a skirt lol.

    I will second the skirt.  The mannequin in my base's kitchen would look awesome in a skirt.

  11. 3 hours ago, TheDonn said:

    @Benjow, a few thoughts:

    To echo several things already said by @wildbill@SMP, and @LEDminer:

    Try to tame higher level ones and breed them.  They raise quickly, even on 1x, and if you can get some imprinting on them, they will serve you better in every way.  They'll hit harder, carry more, and take less damage.

    Hunt drops on Ragnarok, in the flyable section of the Ice Cave, because Ptera saddles and BPs can drop there.  Put better-than-primitive saddles on them:  This will go miles for damage reduction if you get dismounted!

    Remember to be careful, as the sands can shift against you in an instant with environmental hazards, creatures, and game bugs.  Really, it's a guideline none of us can violate unless we want to lose tames.  It doesn't matter how high level a Ptera (or Argy or Rex or any dino really) is, it can and will die in certain situations.  That's just ARK, ya know.

    **********As a general Public Service Announcement**********

    Long have I suspected the spyglass-whistle trick doesn't at all increase the range from which you can whistle tames to follow you.  After reading this, I did a very simple test to check the distance the Spyglass actually adds to the survivor's range to whistle-command tames.  I sat two Pteranodons on the ground, right next to each other.  I ran back, to where I was ALMOST out of render distance.  Now, so it can be followed, my theorized test (in explicit terms) was to walk toward them with the Spyglass out, whistling 't' (or whatever "whistle follow one" is keybound to).  When the one I was Spyglassing actually follows, I would stop, put away the Spyglass, and whistle the other Ptera while walking toward it.  Depending on when the other Ptera jumped up, I would know the distance the Spyglass actually adds to the survivor's range.

    The thing is, the distance is zero.  In the instant the Spyglassed Ptera showed "following" and jumped off the ground, I froze in place.  I put away the Spyglass and was still 100% able to whistle the other Ptera to follow me.  Also, my graphics are a mix of High/Epic with view distance on Epic in case anyone is going to claim that the Spyglass does add range because my view distance isn't high enough.  It does not work.  Spyglass adds absolutely zero range to your whistle commands.

    Interesting.  I might test this myself, as I feel that vertical distance may be different than horizontal.  I'm 95% sure that I've needed to use the spyglass to whistle birds who were too high to respond to a regular whistle.

  12. While good advice has already been posted, I'd also suggest trying harder.

    Don't take that the wrong way, it just takes a while to develop that constant anxiety that stuff really, really wants to kill your dinos.  Never fly near the treetops.  Never drop into thick tree cover when you can't see your landing zone clearly.  Don't land anywhere near aggressive dinos, and if they are where you want to be, kite them off a ledge somewhere before landing.   Park your ptera on tall rocks instead of the ground, or just let it hover and jump off (carry crossbow/grappling hook to remount).  Train yourself to whistle follow & passive anytime you get force dismounted, as soon as you hit the ground sprint away from danger, then turn around and jump on your bird as it catches up.

    It's easy to consider easily-acquired birds as disposable and not put much effort into keeping them alive.  Once you've put a few hours into breeding a good one and they're equipped with the only good saddle you have, you'll find yourself being much more cautious.

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  13. 6 minutes ago, Orlanth said:

    If I cant post to steam and cant post to here, where do I post?

    Also can the community help, at least with recovery of game files.

    I just logged out after restarting, I went through the log in process of the gmae then Valguero to be greeted by that character generation screen.  However there are backup files, and I took a copy of all my save files first.  Maybe there is something I can do.

    To file a ticket (and to get help with 10k other questions) go to google.  Search for "Ark trouble ticket".  The first link that comes up leads you to info about the official ticketing system.

    Hopefully another player can help.  I can't, sorry.

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