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  1. IMO the best quick tips would tell us how to toggle the stuff we accidentally turn off somehow. I've looked 'em up a dozen times because after 3-4 months I forget it's a thing.
  2. 4k+ here and never done a boss fight. I have no interest in any of the tek stuff other than pods and I can steal those.
  3. Only giga I've ever tamed myself was probably my most memorable. Tamed it on an island, tried to lead it across the water back to mainland, it was killed by mantas. Total tamed time was probably about 8 minutes. It was over a year before my next giga and I just bought that one.
  4. To some extent, I've had that issue since I started playing Ark. Some days it takes me 15-20 minutes just to get logged in. It's why I have 4,500 hours in-game. Easier to just stay logged in all day than to keep dealing with login crap. If it's a constant issue (as in you can never get logged in), start Googling or submit an official ticket. If it's intermittent, Welcome to Ark.
  5. Ask questions in chat if others are online. Not only will you get some help, but sometimes you'll develop allies, too, or get more help than expected. "What's a good way to tame an argy" can quickly turn into "I'll give you one one of our bred argies...meet @ grn obi"
  6. 90% of the folks doing this aren't creative. It's the meta.
  7. Most of the advice given is a lot of work for your first little batches of required oil. Grab some spears and go kill trilobites on the nice peaceful sandy beaches down south.
  8. Aberration was the last dime Wildcard will ever get from me. They can do whatever they want to any additional paid content, I don't care.
  9. Release dates are estimates and not obligations. Releasing a polished piece of software of this scale is a massive undertaking, and a thousand things can occur preventing a timely release. It'll drop when it drops, and no amount of complaining will ever change that. If that's not your issue, I apologize. I had to make some assumptions based on your post.
  10. I prefer to bread my dinos with a little egg white and some panko crumbs.
  11. The pre-Leeds days. Big stupid fish pretty much killed a whole aspect of the game which was very entertaining. Yeah, yeah... "abuse" and "clutter". Big deal. I miss the pre-platform nerf days. Auto turrets on quetz platforms was awesome, and that's coming from someone who died to them more often than I used them myself. Wails of the victims spoiled that party, too.
  12. I'd like to see random wipes. Every server has a timer set to a random expiration date and once the timer is up... POOF.
  13. As someone who starts with the small, hidden base, I'm not worried about parasaur detection at all. I realize I'm at my most vulnerable in those first few days and grind to suitable defenses ASAP. That's a small window of time to be caught by one of the few players who actually use the detection.
  14. Meh, I was hoping for some concrete numbers. I don't doubt it, honestly, since PvE as a concept appeals more to the demographic. Was just interested in seeing some actual data.
  15. They should just ditch ORP and PvE altogether. Life is so much more peaceful on PvP servers.
  16. If you're a perpetual noob, raptor pounce sucks. Once you've spent a few points on health and put on some decent armor, it's a minor inconvenience at worst.
  17. lol That's not what a stirrup does.
  18. Wipes would have no significant long-term affects. The internet would burn for a week or two, and a month later things would more or less be exactly the same as they are now. Most of these people saying they would quit would be started up on a new server within 24 hours, despite their claims to the contrary.
  19. Money. I could elaborate, but I'm gettin' ready to do a cave run.
  20. Easy solution. Check out that red X in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  21. I think you're misunderstanding my point a bit. I don't think it would be funny to see EVERYONE put back to having nothing. Most folks would just start over fresh and get to work, and there's no entertainment in that. What would be funny is seeing people, some grown adults, act like petulant children over something that is relatively unimportant. I don't find amusement in people's suffering, as has been suggested multiple times. I'm amused by people having ridiculous reactions to small things. Sort of like seeing a customer at a gas station freaking out and throwing things because the slushy machine is broken.
  22. Probably best not to judge someone's character by the way they act in a role-playing game. I don't automatically assume that people who are vehemently against the wipe are supernerds who have nothing going in life other than some imaginary pets.
  23. I, too have put in years of "dedicated work and effort" into the game. As a result of server wipes, I've lost huge bases , hundreds of dinos, genetics, BPs, etc. No tears were shed. It's all just pretend video game stuff, and I got my fun out of it all. Even if there is no impending server wipe for officals, you'd best be prepared for the day someone makes the decision that maintaining them isn't worth the money, and all your hard work ceases to exist.
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