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  1. Money. I could elaborate, but I'm gettin' ready to do a cave run.
  2. Easy solution. Check out that red X in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  3. I think you're misunderstanding my point a bit. I don't think it would be funny to see EVERYONE put back to having nothing. Most folks would just start over fresh and get to work, and there's no entertainment in that. What would be funny is seeing people, some grown adults, act like petulant children over something that is relatively unimportant. I don't find amusement in people's suffering, as has been suggested multiple times. I'm amused by people having ridiculous reactions to small things. Sort of like seeing a customer at a gas station freaking out and throwing things because the slushy machine is broken.
  4. Probably best not to judge someone's character by the way they act in a role-playing game. I don't automatically assume that people who are vehemently against the wipe are supernerds who have nothing going in life other than some imaginary pets.
  5. I, too have put in years of "dedicated work and effort" into the game. As a result of server wipes, I've lost huge bases , hundreds of dinos, genetics, BPs, etc. No tears were shed. It's all just pretend video game stuff, and I got my fun out of it all. Even if there is no impending server wipe for officals, you'd best be prepared for the day someone makes the decision that maintaining them isn't worth the money, and all your hard work ceases to exist.
  6. What's really important? The end results of our labors, or the experience of gaining them? For some, it's the things they have built or bred or tamed which have value. Unfortunately, those things are fragile and temporary. For some, the value lies in the lessons they've learned, the stories they can tell, the friends they have made. Those things cannot be wiped.
  7. Question for those of you who would quit over a wipe: which game would you switch over to?
  8. Spare me the sanctimony. I'm not over here kicking starving dogs and mocking cripples. I'm simply amused by people who blow silly video game stuff out of proportion instead of just recognizing it as recreational entertainment.
  9. I'd like to see the wipes because watching people melt down over losing what amounts to imaginary friends is hilarious.
  10. No wipes is like building a lego model and then just putting it on the shelf. More fun to build it, take it apart, and start building new things.
  11. People who would quit because of a wipe remind me of people who would get mad when the ocean washes away their sand castle. At some point, it is inevitable that everything anyone ever did in Ark will be gone. If you're looking for a long-lasting testament to your existence, I suggest taking up marble sculpture.
  12. I doubt they would lose any significant amount of players on a long-term basis. After a week or two of indignation, the aggrieved would start missing their purple jerboas and be jumping right back on to a fresh server.
  13. HECK YEAH! I would absolutely love to see all the official servers wiped. The flood of tears would be glorious.
  14. The last 87 threads didn't get anything done, but I have high hopes for this one.
  15. While I remember plenty of raft mechanic abuse pre-leeds, I also remember lots of fun boat fights and strategies. Both the baby and the bathwater are gone now.
  16. I get a lot more info from the forums than I do YouTube. I'd rather spend 2 minutes reading a forum thread or pedia listing than spend 20 minutes listening to some british kid talking over some horrible dubstep.
  17. I started solo with one other player in a private server. We played for two weeks and still didn't know 99% of what was going on. Our entire stomping grounds were about as large as a modern day tek base. Then I started jumping into PvP servers. Took me about two months playing solo but watching and talking to other players to learn about all the other game mechanics, dinos, etc.. One month in an Alpha tribe and I learned a ton about late-game content and real PvP/raid mechanics. 2 more years of playing and I'm still figuring stuff out. At this point, most of my advancements are related towards doing everything faster and more efficiently.
  18. Because it is just a game. Compared to real-life struggles like famine, disease, war, etc. the loss of our digital legos matters little. Is a writer who kills off your favorite character on your favorite TV show "evil"? If so, how is what he did different than someone killing an Ark dino? I'm willing to bet you've harvested your fair share of meat in the game, that's hundreds of virtual dinos you've forced your pet to slaughter and rip apart with their bare teeth. Are you feeling the weight of those transgressions on your soul?
  19. lol "Evil-minded" is a bit over-dramatic. For people who place a reasonable amount of importance on video games, it's just entertainment. They're just simulating conflict, not trying to usher the dark one back into the human realm.
  20. There are very few Ark struggles that can't be overcome with a few google searches and some determination.
  21. lol Well handled, sir. Your tact and diplomacy are to be commended. I'm sure they'll be addressing your plight post-haste.
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