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  1. Since you're calling out WC publicly, I'm assuming you've recreated the error on multiple machines to rule out the possibility that this has something to do with your setup?
  2. While the time to react remains unchanged, the distance is an important and often overlooked feature of the turret. I have an offshore rig where the turrets are set to low, which allows bobs to pass by on the beach without being mowed down. I also have a few spots on another base where the turret ranges are set lower to ensure that the intruder is eating velon spines and Plant X fire while tanking the turrets.
  3. My math is based on a number pretty close to the average national minimum. Even that is a bad idea, as giving kick/ban rights to someone barely qualified to flip a burger will lead to a whole slew of new problems. I'll agree that WC doesn't know if it would result in a profit, and therein lies the problem. Corporations don't typically spend large sums of money without a significant amount of confidence in the potential ROI.
  4. Don't you read the forums? We PvP because we're toxic sociopaths who suck at the game and take it out on the world by wrecking innocent jerboa farms.
  5. My estimate was based solely on a single platform. Moderating all of the official servers across multiple platforms would easily increase that estimate to over a million dollars annually. Even if everyone who threatened to quit due to meshing bought another $35 season pass, it wouldn't begin to cover the costs. Also, those additional sales would drop to near-zero the following year, then what? Lay off all those new GMs and start listening to the outrage from entitled customers?
  6. Who's paying these extra GMs? Quick math shows that adding just 20 full-time staff members at a conservative pay rate would cost Wildcard over a half-million dollars per year. Fixing meshing will not increase revenue anywhere near enough to justify that kind of expense.
  7. I vote no. Resources should be spent on stopping meshing altogether, not on clever ways to kill people who do it.
  8. Hogwash. I've played solo for years and get by just fine. Other than some of the bosses, there is nothing I need other people for.
  9. If they fix pillar spam, the tribes will just start building small structures to claim land. You can't beat them with a rule change, they will simply adapt.
  10. I vote for more pillars. Great way of squashing the hopes of the weak and sending them packing for another game.
  11. It may seem ridiculous from a consumer's standpoint, but it's standard operating procedure for business. You simply can't run around taking action based on customer's anecdotal evidence, and those same customers don't want to pay the increased costs to fund the kind of support they're so fond of demanding.
  12. Two neighborhoods: one is protected by a large team of cops. It seems safe because of all the laws, but you still get robbed and it takes the cops forever to show up and you rarely get your stuff back anyway, you just fill out a lot of paperwork. If you catch the robber in the act, you're supposed to only take pictures for the cops. Second neighborhood: No real rules, no cops, just one cranky sheriff who may or may not be awake at any given time. Doesn't matter much though, because most folks don't call him for anything anyway. They just shoot the robber in the face, loot the body for whatever they can use and call it a day. I know where I want to live.
  13. Never going to happen. Perfect software is expensive and time consuming. Ark (and most video games in general) doesn't generate nearly enough revenue to justify that kind of effort.
  14. One point is nothing. I sat there and dumped 80 points in speed instead of melee on one of my rexes. He rarely gets the kill, but he's the first one into the fight everytime.
  15. SMP


    Dave's not here, man.
  16. Some days it's the dinos or other players who ruin your day, sometimes it's the devs. Sometimes it's your hardware, software or connection. Ark is rough. Welcome aboard.
  17. Earthquakes mod. Entire bases randomly crumble to dust. Prison Mod. Ball gags (to prevent chat), fire hoses and toilet wine. Dino Stealer Mod. Tamed dinos can be cryo'd by other tribes if tranqed first. Player trackers. Tag enemy players like you do your dinos, use GPS to locate. Lockpicks mod. No C4 needed, just unlock their door and walk in.
  18. My ol' pappy used to say, "If you're bored, you ain't using your imagination."
  19. I object to all of these suggestions. I'm sick of them making this game easier for the weak and lazy.
  20. Another fantastic semantics debate, Ark fans. Well done.
  21. SMP

    The truth

    Sigh. I ain't getting paid for this, so I'll keep it brief. The "other game" would have bugs which aren't cost effective to fix. The "other game" would struggle with balance issues and exploits. The "other game" would try to please multiple types of players. The "other game" would try to allocate as much budget to communication and support while still trying to keep the lights on. The "other game" would face all of these challenges, and their forums would be full of the same types of complaints as this one.
  22. SMP

    The truth

    I feel bad. You missed the point by a mile and put all that hard work in. Sorry, man.
  23. SMP

    The truth

    Any competing game would be developed and managed by a company facing the exact challenges as Wildcard. We would have all of the same issues with that game, but the population would be split in half between the two games, leaving fewer players in each to interact with. Sounds like a good idea... but it ain't.
  24. Why wait for auto-decay? If you don't like their base, just destroy it.
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