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  1. About all you can do is outlast him. Keep blocking accounts. Plus, starve him for attention. Zero communication or mention of his shenanigans.
  2. Unfortunately, business don't consider "common sense" when they determine their policies and procedures. They use concepts like financial responsibility, budget analysis, ROI forecasts, etc. You can argue that they're doing it wrong all day long, but the simple fact is that they will never be able to provide the kind of support players expect.
  3. Y'all need some perspective. It's a $20 video game. I've seen business software with license fees of thousands of dollars per year that didn't have the kind of support Ark players expect.
  4. YOU don't have to render them. Someone else in the area would cause them to produce.
  5. Absolutely! There's already a crowd who considers the arty OP, letting it smash Meks too would really flip 'em out.
  6. What are you doing that requires so much org poly?? By the time I get my metal harvesting up and running, I have more obsidian than I need and am swimming in poly. I make a run for org poly maybe once a month and that's mostly just so I can repair ghillie masks.
  7. Finished a trap shack I started last night. Evil church/temple with bait and some nasty surprises in it. Should be good for a few loot bags this week. Worked on my direwolf breeders. Unfortunately, I suck at breeding mammals and always forget about them during gestation, so it's taking forever. Built a new bunker with dual industrial grills at the bottom of the ledge that borders my territory. Now I won't have to navigate Big Red through the trees all the way up to base at the end of meat runs. Freshened up the ferts in the greenhouse/bee house I built to speed up sweetcake production. Not sure why, since I don't use cakes. They may come in handy for trade, though.
  8. I'm torn. Last thing I want to do is mix with dirty console players, but an official server wipe would be spectacular forum fodder...
  9. Scenario 1: Found the bugs, couldn't recreate them consistently enough to form a solution Scenario 2: Found the bugs, tried a fix, something else broke. Tried another fix, something else broke. Boss and players are clamoring for release. Send it. Scenario 3: Found the bugs, figured out a fix, gave the boss the estimate for implementing the fix, boss laughs. Scenario 4: Didn't find the bug because of a limited amount of hardware/software combos available for testing. Bug reported, figured out a fix, gave the boss the estimate for implementing the fix, boss laughs. Scenario 5: "Bug" actually a feature devs took a month to develop. Once a week the team has a meeting to review forum threads about the bug, everyone sits around twirling their mustaches and laughing.
  10. If those issues are easy to fix, what exactly do you suspect is their motivation behind not fixing them? Or do you think they were competent enough to handle everything else Ark has going on but aren't capable of fixing a few "easy" problems?
  11. Launch with bugs, they complain. Delay the launch, they complain. Launch on time with no bugs, give 'em a day or two and they'll come up with something.
  12. I give newbies a task to complete before giving them dinos. 3 spino sails or a box full of flint, something like that. 9/10 don't complete the task. I used to give stuff away quite a bit, but got tired of raiding the abandoned bases a few days later to take back my stuff after they quit.
  13. SMP

    Fear Evolved 3

    Holiday events: silly content, glitches, trivial rewards. Hard to be disappointed when you had extremely low expectations in the first place.
  14. No issues on our unofficial Island. Spawned twice and killed twice tonight.
  15. Food is important for the Daeds since it lets them passive heal longer before running out of food. Unless you've turned off resource gathering, weight can be a critical stat for offensive dinos. Once they're overweight, they stop moving.
  16. I think the low level breeders are to minimize the worthless stats and leave more room before hitting a level cap.
  17. Here's an idea: make the ground floor of your base a holy nightmare of turrets and dimos and raptors and purlovias and leg traps. Build the floor of the kill zone out of stone instead of metal, they'll focus on that spot. At that point, the meshing gives them absolutely no advantage. You can't stop them from meshing but you can make it a lot less fun for them.
  18. Since life on our planet began, every species has been in a constant fight for survival. Even plants will kill each other by robbing the weak of the nutrients and light they need to survive. Not fighting is contrary to our nature. I think it's the PvE crowd who needs the counseling.
  19. I'm sure they're get right on it now that someone asked for a fix.
  20. Unofficial PvP cluster server. I'll never play anything else.
  21. At least they're big enough to be hard to miss. I've lost more gear to troodons than theris.
  22. Meh to sequels in general. Less about making a better product and more about making another buck.
  23. Considering the effort vs the benefits, it's a no-brainer. Dimos have several beneficial uses and are super easy to tame and breed.
  24. Since the issue in question has been addressed... Why dedicated storage for CP? I use vaults for mass quantity (don't like the way dedicated works) and still just keep CP in a smithy sub-folder. I can't imaging needing enough CP to require dedicated storage, my last CP run was over a month ago and I'm in no danger of running out anytime soon.
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