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  1. I fondly remember my rants from the first 2-3 times I quit lol Ark is rough, I get it. Between the dinos, the other players, the devs, and the people designing all the other hardware/software we use, the odds are stacked against us. But when you go play something else and can't do all the stuff you could do in Ark, you start to miss it like that old girlfriend who drove you crazy. Don't bother uninstalling, it'll just slow you down when you decide to come back.
  2. Tried to tame a titanosaur with a stolen Mek, but I think I need the cannon attachment thing. Sword didn't seem to be doing much. Culled some more newborn wolf cubs. Down to the last attempted combo of stats and color, and RNG has not been on my side. Once I get the final line going, I can upgrade the guard dogs at all of my bases. Just made a bunch of mannequins and am currently going through my stockpile of flak armor from my gachas. I'm going to pay homage to the terra cotta soldiers.
  3. I fondly remember the first 2-3 times I quit this game.
  4. I should start up my sabers again. Most of my line was killed in a forest titan attack and the last remaining member of my line has been wandering around in one of the caves for the last two months (no death notice in log so I assume it's still alive somewhere lol)
  5. Direwolf line is doing OK, but slow because of the... infant mortality rate (I have a short attention span). Argy line is doing awesome. Best stats on the server, the green/black and purple/black lines are a few months old but just added a red/black hen this week. I keep breeding boss rexes despite having 2 full crews and rarely running bosses. I stole some rexes from someone who had put a ridiculous amount of time into their stats so I feel obligated to keep the breeders working. I quit breeding gigas, I have some good genetics but there's just no need for more when I already have 6-7 in stasis.
  6. Or making everyone else wait 30 minutes while someone cryopods all their stupid jerboa babies.
  7. All of my stuff goes from near-impossible to see to near-impossible to miss.
  8. Sorry, I vote against the extension. The sooner I get my green trees back, the better.
  9. Next dino I hatch is getting named Balls of Lightning. lol or is that Balls of Lighting?
  10. Enable/Disable Breeding Issue Certain dinos are reverting back to breeding enabled when I'm logged out. Not a big deal with the egg-layers since I have hatcheries, but it's seriously slowing down the direwolf line (and I'm tired of walking into the building to a bunch of dead pups in the colors I wanted). Testing last night ruled out both latency when disabling (thought maybe I was rubberbanding) and user error (I checked a breeding-disabled argy pair every hour last night, log in today to find they're enabled again). Primarily affecting dinos which have their breeding status changed frequently. Suggestions?
  11. Ah, I get it now. I forgot PvE was a thing for a minute.
  12. Tame them, then bury your tames. Then you can also breed them and improve their health and melee. No one who spawns stuff in needs a safe base anyway. If you're going to cheat, just spawn in whatever got stolen from you.
  13. Logged on, bred new black/orange argy with my line, culled the baby. Watched Netflix all night, hopping over to Ark every 15 minutes to run in a circle and open a door to keep from being booted for inactivity. Ran a few loads of advanced bullets before bed. Not sure why, my server is pretty much deserted.
  14. It'll get old fast. I loved my shinehorn after the first few tames but now it just sits in a cryopod. I've wasted a bunch of time using it, flying around in the trees trying to figure out what it's yappin' at.
  15. I frequently solo alpha Brood with only a half-squad of rexes and no losses, but I stole very good rexes so results may vary.
  16. Sounds incredibly frustrating. I'm so glad I've never had to deal with any kind of pillar BS. Actually, I take that back: Once I said "Admin, come remove this pillar" and he said "This one?" and I said "No, that one." and he removed it.
  17. About all you can do is outlast him. Keep blocking accounts. Plus, starve him for attention. Zero communication or mention of his shenanigans.
  18. Unfortunately, business don't consider "common sense" when they determine their policies and procedures. They use concepts like financial responsibility, budget analysis, ROI forecasts, etc. You can argue that they're doing it wrong all day long, but the simple fact is that they will never be able to provide the kind of support players expect.
  19. Y'all need some perspective. It's a $20 video game. I've seen business software with license fees of thousands of dollars per year that didn't have the kind of support Ark players expect.
  20. YOU don't have to render them. Someone else in the area would cause them to produce.
  21. Absolutely! There's already a crowd who considers the arty OP, letting it smash Meks too would really flip 'em out.
  22. What are you doing that requires so much org poly?? By the time I get my metal harvesting up and running, I have more obsidian than I need and am swimming in poly. I make a run for org poly maybe once a month and that's mostly just so I can repair ghillie masks.
  23. Finished a trap shack I started last night. Evil church/temple with bait and some nasty surprises in it. Should be good for a few loot bags this week. Worked on my direwolf breeders. Unfortunately, I suck at breeding mammals and always forget about them during gestation, so it's taking forever. Built a new bunker with dual industrial grills at the bottom of the ledge that borders my territory. Now I won't have to navigate Big Red through the trees all the way up to base at the end of meat runs. Freshened up the ferts in the greenhouse/bee house I built to speed up sweetcake production. Not sure why, since I don't use cakes. They may come in handy for trade, though.
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