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  1. Absolutely, flat out wrong. Players can choose their own destiny in either mode. The only difference is that PvP players do so while people are trying to kill us, instead of just picking Easy mode.
  2. If you want a playerbase, you're gonna want to put in more effort than this. You're competing against a lot of servers. I suggest providing details such as what map you play, what kind of settings and mods you're running, time zone, number of players, etc.
  3. Dear Ark, We need to break up. It's not me, it's you. You suck. You aren't the way that I want you to be, I don't want to be with you anymore, let's talk about all the reasons...
  4. Arg Anky Frog Basil Wolf I could survive with only these 5, and I probably don't even need the wolf.
  5. Except there are still trolls in PvE, as evidenced by weekly forum posts. As for wiping, I haven't been wiped in 2 years of playing PvP, and have plenty of time to do everything including bosses, even as a solo tribe. What else ya got?
  6. I can only speak for myself, but my bitterness towards PVE stems from the fact that they get all of the rewards with less of the risks. PVP players are above PVE players, because we face both the easy, programmed opponents and the more difficult human ones. One man's exploit is another man's common sense. That "one up" thing you're talking about has been driving the advancement of human civilization for quite a while now. Without it, we're playing with rocks, not virtual dinosaurs. No idea what #5 means.
  7. Already put in thousands of hours. Quit because I got tired of the devs coddling people who do dumb stuff and lose their stuff.
  8. Opinion noted. Unfortunately for the OP, definitions of PvE not covered by the CoC are subjective at best. Some folks see the "Free Candy" sign and just have to get in the van...
  9. The island is home to the two most dense concentrations of tree cover I've found on any map. Both are extremely annoying to raid if the defender has spent adequate time on defenses. Hard to make a plan of attack when you can't see where anything is.
  10. A good raid is fun but a good infiltration is better. Kudos to the thief for understanding game mechanics and using them to their advantage.
  11. A fine sentiment. Unfortunately, benevolence is not a luxury that players serious about their defense can afford. When survival has been prioritized, it's either conquer or be conquered. Once you've seen a few wolves make it to the gates in sheep's clothing, the sheep start dying too.
  12. Friends don't let friends play Official.
  13. Yup. They've decided to shut down Ark, but a simple schedule and press-release are boring. While sipping sherry and twirling their mustaches, they've devised a devious plan of slightly buggy updates to eventually drive the playerbase mad before they finally pull the plug.
  14. Happens to everyone at some point. Good that you learned the lesson now, so later when you finally hatch that purple/black bird with all your max stats that you've been trying to get for 2 weeks you'll know to stay up until 3am hand-feeding it. Somewhere in dino heaven, all the ghost babies from trough starvation are hanging out with all the babies we accidentally ate before hatching. It's a sad party.
  15. Didn't mean bitter about this issue specifically, just about the collective group of stuff that annoys you. Don't take it the wrong way, I enjoy watching you get fired up about stuff, even if I don't always agree with you. I was like that too, before I ran out of energy and just lowered my expectations lol
  16. I'll be surprised if there are still official servers in a few years. Once the revenue stream dries up to the point that it's no longer profitable to maintain them, we'll have the greatest forum day ever.
  17. The no flier or slow flier experience is OK for new players. By the time you're 3k hours in and have started over from scratch about 8 times, you're ready for a different experience than trying to navigate an anky across the river and up a hill full of trees to make a metal run.
  18. Fun watching Caleb become a bitter Ark vet before our eyes.
  19. For another game? I was being facetious. AFAIK, there is no game that lets you tame and breed critters like Ark does, and admit it or not, it's what drew most of us to the game in the first place. My real recommendation would be to find an unofficial cluster server with a decent population and accept Ark for what it is.
  20. I'm not a fan of the mutation cap. I'd like to see it done away with completely. I'd balance it out with a dino lifespan. Yup, your favorite Rex just dropped dead of old age in the middle of a raid.
  21. Flyer nerf was one of the dumbest changes ever made to the game. I quit when it was rolled out and the classic mod was the only reason I came back.
  22. Max level, mate-boosted, imprinted Fatal Exception Errorsaurus.
  23. SMP

    The truth

    We were able to put a man on the moon 50 years ago, I think they could handle the mesh issue. That is, if it were worth the effort.
  24. Just to offer a counterpoint to those suggesting Official play: New guys, don't play official. If you don't know why, spend the rest of the day reading forum rants and count how many of them are from official players.
  25. Argy, hands down. No other dino is as useful in as many different circumstances. They're easy to find, easy to tame, easy to breed. Meat runs, combat, scouting, even mid-game resource hauling. I'd like it a lot more if the stupid thing didn't immediately take to the air when mounted, though.
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