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  1. lol "growing consensus", huh? You got a poll goin' somewhere? If my intent was to irritate people, Joe here would have me banned in an hour. If folks can stifle their indignity long enough to make it past a little sarcasm, they'll see I'm usually trying to help by sharing some insight into how business works with those who don't yet have that experience, or to point out that the problem in question is a relatively easily avoided one.
  2. Let's be accurate here. When I'm reporting "no problems here", it's generally regarding complaints about the lack of support on official servers. In which case, it's an accurate statement. I never said I didn't have the problem with hatchlings starving. I've had it happen many times. The first time, I researched the issue and learned why it happens. The second, third and fourth time, I groaned and blamed myself because I know better. What I didn't do is hop on the forums and cry about how WC isn't giving me my money's worth for a toy that's cost me about $0.006 per hour so far.
  3. If my comments irritate you, perhaps it's because they hit a little too close to home? I'm assuming you have a similar mindset to the entitled and inexperienced players I'm unabashedly vocal in my criticisms towards. Never been a fan of trolling, burns too much gas. I'm more of a bait soaker, myself.
  4. Completely unacceptable. People have funneled $30 and thousands of hours of their life into building jerboa plantations, Wildcard should stop caring whether or not they can pay their bills and start providing the perfect experience we're all entitled to.
  5. Already put in thousands of hours. Quit because I got tired of the devs coddling people who do dumb stuff and lose their stuff.
  6. Opinion noted. Unfortunately for the OP, definitions of PvE not covered by the CoC are subjective at best. Some folks see the "Free Candy" sign and just have to get in the van...
  7. A good raid is fun but a good infiltration is better. Kudos to the thief for understanding game mechanics and using them to their advantage.
  8. So far I've just stared at a download progress screen and watched the Flintstones. Might name my next few hatchlings Pebbles and Bam Bam. Once I can actually play the game again, I'm going to hit the argy and direwolf breeding facilities and then work on my terra cotta soldiers (mannequins) project at one of my decoy bases.
  9. I've never seen a holiday event in any game that was worth the hassle. Just a bunch of silliness and carnival prizes. I'd be happy if they'd quit having them altogether, although the forum rants are pretty amusing.
  10. They can take out a specific type of dino every time you get wiped, and someday you'll get wiped by a lystro army. We want your stuff, and we're going to figure out how to get it one way or the other.
  11. Tried to tame a titanosaur with a stolen Mek, but I think I need the cannon attachment thing. Sword didn't seem to be doing much. Culled some more newborn wolf cubs. Down to the last attempted combo of stats and color, and RNG has not been on my side. Once I get the final line going, I can upgrade the guard dogs at all of my bases. Just made a bunch of mannequins and am currently going through my stockpile of flak armor from my gachas. I'm going to pay homage to the terra cotta soldiers.
  12. Logged on, bred new black/orange argy with my line, culled the baby. Watched Netflix all night, hopping over to Ark every 15 minutes to run in a circle and open a door to keep from being booted for inactivity. Ran a few loads of advanced bullets before bed. Not sure why, my server is pretty much deserted.
  13. Absolutely! There's already a crowd who considers the arty OP, letting it smash Meks too would really flip 'em out.
  14. Finished a trap shack I started last night. Evil church/temple with bait and some nasty surprises in it. Should be good for a few loot bags this week. Worked on my direwolf breeders. Unfortunately, I suck at breeding mammals and always forget about them during gestation, so it's taking forever. Built a new bunker with dual industrial grills at the bottom of the ledge that borders my territory. Now I won't have to navigate Big Red through the trees all the way up to base at the end of meat runs. Freshened up the ferts in the greenhouse/bee house I built to speed up sweetcak
  15. Scenario 1: Found the bugs, couldn't recreate them consistently enough to form a solution Scenario 2: Found the bugs, tried a fix, something else broke. Tried another fix, something else broke. Boss and players are clamoring for release. Send it. Scenario 3: Found the bugs, figured out a fix, gave the boss the estimate for implementing the fix, boss laughs. Scenario 4: Didn't find the bug because of a limited amount of hardware/software combos available for testing. Bug reported, figured out a fix, gave the boss the estimate for implementing the fix, boss laughs. Scen
  16. If those issues are easy to fix, what exactly do you suspect is their motivation behind not fixing them? Or do you think they were competent enough to handle everything else Ark has going on but aren't capable of fixing a few "easy" problems?
  17. Launch with bugs, they complain. Delay the launch, they complain. Launch on time with no bugs, give 'em a day or two and they'll come up with something.
  18. I give newbies a task to complete before giving them dinos. 3 spino sails or a box full of flint, something like that. 9/10 don't complete the task. I used to give stuff away quite a bit, but got tired of raiding the abandoned bases a few days later to take back my stuff after they quit.
  19. If they fix pillar spam, the tribes will just start building small structures to claim land. You can't beat them with a rule change, they will simply adapt.
  20. I vote for more pillars. Great way of squashing the hopes of the weak and sending them packing for another game.
  21. Bug fixes = 2% reduction in customer complaints DLC = Paychecks for your employees
  22. You conversationalists are saints. I'd have just geared up for war and dropped the hammer on them.
  23. Only giga I've ever tamed myself was probably my most memorable. Tamed it on an island, tried to lead it across the water back to mainland, it was killed by mantas. Total tamed time was probably about 8 minutes. It was over a year before my next giga and I just bought that one.
  24. As someone who starts with the small, hidden base, I'm not worried about parasaur detection at all. I realize I'm at my most vulnerable in those first few days and grind to suitable defenses ASAP. That's a small window of time to be caught by one of the few players who actually use the detection.
  25. If you're a perpetual noob, raptor pounce sucks. Once you've spent a few points on health and put on some decent armor, it's a minor inconvenience at worst.
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