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  1. Ark's rough. Sounds like not getting killed by cnidaria in the first place would have saved a lot of trouble. Get a basil, they're immune. Also, why are you taking tons of tranqs and guns and stuff on an oil run? Don't leave the house with junk you don't need for the day's mission.
  2. Ark less, study more. This has nothing to do with racism.
  3. I came in to vote for microraptor but when i saw the Ich on the list, I changed my mind. Stupid dolphins.
  4. Too late. This game was already "killed" by a hundred other things people whined about. None of us actually play anymore, we just hang out on the forum because it's such a fun community.
  5. I made no judgements about bobs. Problem: Manas are unfair to bobs Factors: Manas and bobs Scenario 1: Remove/nerf manas. Bobs continue to get pummeled, by weaker manas or some other dino. Scenario 2: Remove bobs (aka people stop making themselves easy targets). Problem solved.
  6. Manas aren't the problem. Bobs are the problem. Remove manas from the game, and the bob will just get eaten by the next most powerful dino. Eventually, they're complaining about being knocked unconscious by a pachy. Remove bobs from the game, and consider it problem solved.
  7. I take everything that isn't nailed down, decay or no decay. If they wanted to keep it bad enough, they should have tried harder.
  8. Counterpoint: we need to get rid of the stupid holiday events once and for all. I've always hated them and would be happy to see them abolished.
  9. This. For most of my dinos, if I'm not sitting on them, they're in the cryo freezer.
  10. I prefer plesio harvesting with a basilo. I can move around a lot faster/easier than on dry land with a giga.
  11. On the flip side: -Can ride other creatures -Can wear multiple pieces of Asc. armor -Can use weapons -Can command other creatures Imagine a Giga with an Asc shotty wearing full Asc flak riding a wyvern and whistling a Rex army to Attack This Target...
  12. I was on board until you brought the compy into it. I consider 75% of the dinos in the game to be a waste of effort but the compy ain't on that list.
  13. Flyer nerf was my second least favorite change to the game behind the leeds. I was almost upset enough to start a forum thread about it, but not quite.
  14. How'd they park next to your base without being shredded by all the turrets? Oh, you don't have turrets? Sounds like a small new base, easy to just move to a new spot.
  15. Don't give up yet! We have a good exchange of ideas going here. I'm not saying build in a different location. I'm saying build a different base. Know what meshers find when they pop up into my ground-floor rooms? Walls lined with turrets and a small horde of dimos or compys. You can't stop meshing as a tactic, but you can stop it from being an effective one.
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