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  1. I like to think this is an attempt at a large-scale inside job. Insiding the alpha tribe is nothing compared to insiding an entire server. It'd be pretty fun to ban everyone and then just go around looting all the bases.
  2. Never. The game was developed as a PC game, they just shoehorned consoles in to squeeze out some extra cash. Y'all will always be step-children.
  3. Nonsense. I only play solo and always pick the most heavily populated PvP servers I can possibly find, preferably with several hostile "alphas". I get by just fine, haven't been successfully raided in probably 18 months.
  4. Life is so unfair. None of the people who know exactly what needs to be done to deliver a perfect game ever actually work for the game companies.
  5. You as the leader and no one else in the tribe. I got 99 problems and tribemates ain't one.
  6. No need for name-calling, I'm not the one who took all your stuff. By all means, go inside an established tribe and then come back and tell us how easy it was.
  7. Insiding is awesome. It's a very effective tactic which requires a much different skillset than simple combat or raiding. I'm a big fan and very happy that it's a part of the game. Kudos to the enterprising folks who pull it off successfully.
  8. And for every player who ponied up the fee, another would stop playing because they don't like Ark enough to pay for it. Now there are fewer players on your servers paying the bills. Now people are leaving because there's less population. Servers still need to be maintained to satisfy the players who are left, time to raise fees to cover those costs. Now those folks don't want to pay twice as much to play, so down go the servers. But hey, the game was glitch-proof for 90 days.
  9. Fair enough. What kind of solution would you suggest? A team of people to sink thousands of hours into making everything work perfectly? Gonna cost money. You prepared to start paying a monthly sub fee? May as well run your own server if you have to pay, right? The only other option would be to offline the servers. The thunder from the players would echo through these corridors like the gusts of a thousand winds. Seems like the option that doesn't cost the players any money and doesn't cost the company a bunch of customers is the option we have now. Almost like a compromis
  10. I remember years ago when I was still using the in-game system to find servers. Arkservers.net or ark-servers.net
  11. If you walk into the woods and yell "Hi bear!", does the bear stand up and roar back? If you hide your base well and don't talk in global, most of the server won't even know you exist until the day you take their stuff.
  12. Of my 4 main strategies for defense, only one is based around game mechanics. It's like thinking that your car's safety features mean it's OK to get wasted and drive 100 mph on the wrong side of the road. Don't do those 3 things, and chances are you'll be fine.
  13. People aren't getting crushed by game mechanics. They're getting crushed by people. In pretty much every endeavor throughout the history of man, the person who's willing to work harder, sleep less, spend more, sacrifice more, learn more and bring more manpower will usually come out on top. You can change the rules of the game all you want, those folks will adjust their strategy and continue kicking the crap out of everyone.
  14. IMO, the currently available defenses are perfectly suitable to stop 80% of players if applied correctly. Nothing is going to stop the other 20%. They will blast through additional defenses without breaking a sweat.
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