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  1. allow allies to use private tps even an enable ally usage on tps would be awesome.
  2. i love this idea i hate it when you are doing up a big grind and remove all rss including the gas when pressing the transfer all button. i normally have more to grind straight after i dont need to be working out when the gas is every time.
  3. i agree i think all servers need a wipe, get rid of huge buildings no one uses, dinos that are over bred and give players something too grind for again. i always love starting on a new map is released as we have the 3 months of no extra crap as soon as they open people spam all their stuff in at once and break the servers. lag, crashes it ruins the game. i think it may also stop alot of the real money trading too if the servers keep getting wiped, will make it hard to hold land that is pillared off for sale.
  4. would love to have a saddle for all rideable dinos, i need extra armor
  5. omg i would so use this to decorate. make up a fish tank lol
  6. it would help out with most dino spawns being built up on, i just dont see wc doing it though
  7. would love to use leech blood to tame and feed the babies would make it alot easier
  8. love this, that way i dont have to rebuild my base on my paid server
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