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  1. This is my second suggestion of ark lost island is a mini boss the siggimasasarus is a formidabe predator launches a noise like the yutryrannus but more powerful it can cause bleeding and has 35009 damage at level 1 or range variant and can be tamed like the titans except that it is a tame forever if I do not win I hope that together other creatures that occur to me to create more the creatures of the previous proposal are a mod so that these creatures can enjoy the sigimasasaurus command is siggi_character_bp_boss_c and the minion is minion_character_bp_pterosaurus_c
  2. This is my suggestion for the lost island map. There are 2 creatures and a skin from the argentavis (the skin is the cock of the rocks from Peru) the first one, the epanterias is a cousin of allosaurus, its tameo is passive, it is aggressive all the time, it is like an astrodelphis + allosaurus + hoversail. When he faces a more powerful enemy and we help him, he becomes passive for 20 minutes and there you can later feed him until he is tame. Its mount has 3 tek cannons and it can fly like the astodelphis and tropeognatus it has 2 motors next to the seat, if you don't want the tek mount you ca
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