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  1. So far, the Fenrir is based and made to be a trophy based dino and shown as a symbol of accomplishment for you defeating fenrisúlfr. Although it is a very unique and cool creature. The lack of breeding really limits how you wish to use it, With the majority of players either storing them in cryropods or keeping them displayed on pedestals never to be used. As I have seen a lot of people taking about it. Here are my though about Fenrir breeding/cloning. If im going to make A valid argument on this topic, some points must be made. If you decide to allow the Fenrir to be breedable, not only would it please the community. It would allow players to use these creatures to the fullest extent of there liking. Allowing players to use them in pvp and pve environment without fear of loosing all the work needed to obtain this creature in the first place. A point can be made that if the players are allow to breed them, they could become to overpowered for pvp. I believe that this is cant and won't happen with creatures like the shadowmane that exists. Think about it. The shadowmane is a much easier creature to tame, has ruffly the same stats if not better, much stronger abilities, and even has more natural armor. What could possibly hurt the pvp meta by allowing the Fenrir to breed. Based off of everything I have said already. There is one thing I would like to propose. If you still wish the Fenrir to be a trophy dino, include this. Players cannot ride or whistle any Fenrir without have already beaten Fenrisúlfr. This allows players to be able to breed/mutate all there favorite stats and colors into the Fenrir. Without allowing beach bobs to ride. This keeps the Fenrir as A high placed endgame creature. While still allowing those who can, be able to show off there well deserved breed Fenrir Wildcard if you see this reply back. I would love to here your thoughts.
  2. Im having the same problems on Xbox as well, its crashing for me
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