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  1. Everyone on here being salty like kid if this thing didn't get the abilities it was *suggested to have* what makes you think the carchar would not saying its a bad vote just that it would have been modified Aswell and tek disabling would make the game start growing cause of how many people quit due to the game losing its primitive feel and not to mention gen 2 insta tek but the ability to raid with grenades and wall climbing AND alpha boost (most likely) this thing can majorly help on pvp and be a great pve mount and like dude we get it you don't like it go complain to elseware i personally voted for carchar but im very happy with how this one ended up
  2. we all knew we dont pick abilites but tek disabling is god level and grenades and wall climb this thing can eat down tek bases or normal bases not to mention alpha boosts
  3. lol better than a carno but bigger or a leedsith but more aggressive and tek disabling helps against people who camp gen 2 also climbing grenades and pack alpha bonus make this thing a literal god for raiding bases
  4. It disables tek along with the ability to use grenades its the perfect gen 2 revolutionist (epic monke moment)
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