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  1. So I was able to get my turrets shooting at me no problem. Definitely helped dial in the settings. Problem though, I can't fully edit my base... "giveallstructure" works fine and dandy, except some items wont allow me to place them, saying they are "too close to enemy base or foundation". Ive checked around and it seems that all the components have transferred ownership to me, even tried giving the command several times from different places around the base. Anybody got any ideas on how to fix that? Or should I be posting this in the bug report thread?
  2. This is the "shootergame" folder for windows version, there is no "Saved" folder
  3. Thanks! My second question has been answered, and I appreciate the effort but steam files are different than windows store files.
  4. So I have a saved game that I want to back up. Basically Ive created a scenario, and I want to be able to restore it to its original form after its been played. I play on PC and the game is purchased from the windows store. Is there a way to do this in game? I have been scouring forums to find an answer. So far I've accomplished giving myself ownership of the app files (something windows doesn't think we need to own anymore?!?). But so far as I can tell, the saved game doesn't load from my PC. I contacted Microsoft support and they couldn't give me a straight answer as to where the
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