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  1. I considered that when making this concept, and so I would say that it's topor draining effectiveness would be more so on par with a n apprentice longneck rifle with tranq darts. A higher grade tranq gun or biotoxin darts are still going to be really useful. In fact if I were to add it to the game, I would give it a mechanic where you could hop off the dracovenator and it would still be able to apply topor, so you could tag team a dino with the dracovenator in order to knock on out doubly fast.
  2. It's not anti-giga. Nowhere in my post do I say "anti-giga." It's a rival for the giga, not outright better nor is it easily capable of beating a giga. It's just good at competing with it.
  3. Bro that's not a real dinosaur. We're voting for real dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, not fantasy monsters.
  4. I agree entirely. The concept to make it a living catapult is so unique and would encourage more people to go for tames that require knockouts from catapults. Would be an amazing PVP beast but also great in PVE. Giving it extra carry weight would also just give it more functionality all around. I genuinely think this is the best concept submitted so far, and I personally have submitted like 6 concepts XD I hope this one wins in the end. The current top 2 are just boring. "Big trike" and "big cow", like yawn sorry but no thanks. Bison could be good if they give it tons of functionality, but otherwise it's just a bison and I'd rather focus on more unique prehistoric creatures.
  5. MY IDEA Mapusaurus is a massive carcharodontosaurid carnosaurian dinosaur from the early Late Cretaceous that was on par in size with other carnivores such as Giganotosaurus. Because Mapusaurus were only slightly smaller than Giganotosaurus in real life, I wanted my concept to turn Mapusaurus into the perfect rival for ARKs massive apex predator that is the Giga. It's only slightly smaller than the giga, and from a distance they would look to be essentially the same size when standing next to each other. Despite being nearly the same size, Mapursaurus doesn't do as much damage as the giga, dealing slightly less damage per second. It has a massive stomp attack that does bonus damage to anything smaller than itself and it also has a roar attack it can use every 30 seconds that stuns creatures for 10 seconds, and this stun also works on the giga. This stun would allow Mapusaurus to catch up in damage if it were to be fighting the Giga. It isn't superior to the giga, nor is it a counter to the giga, but it is highly capable in its own way. It would also be immune to regular narcotics, making bio-toxins the only effective way to knock one out in order to begin the taming process. DOSSIER TEXT WILD Mapusaurus is a formidable and terrifying beast, an apex predator unlike anything I have ever come across in my time on the ARK thus far. What makes it even more nightmarish is that it also appears to be slightly bigger than Giganotosaurus. If you see a Mapusaurus in the wild, run as fast as you can immediately. Mapusaurus has an arsenal of tools at its disposal that allows it to dispatch nearly anything that it crosses paths with. For creatures smaller than it, it has a viscous attack where it ferociously stomps the ground around it using all of its body weight. For creatures larger than itself or of similar size and stature, it has a roar so powerful that upon hearing it, everything around it will become disoriented and dazed as they try to regain their ability to hear properly. D0MESTICATED Taming Mapusaurus is a dangerous prospect. They seemingly have a natural resistance to narcotics due to their hyper-energetic nature, and can break through most structure types with their stomp attack. Yet the sheer size and immense power that the Mapusaurus possesses makes it worth the risk! (dossier concept art used here was created by me by mixing together various media and pre-existing dossiers that I found and reused)
  6. Some History and fun facts about Yangchuanosaurus: Yangchuanosaurus was of the metriacanthosaurid genus and was a theropod dinosaur that lived in China from the Middle to Late Jurassic periods. It was similar in size and appearance to its North American/European relative, the Allosaurus. Yangchuanosaurus hails from the Upper Shaximiao Formation and was the largest predator in a landscape that included the sauropods Mamenchisaurus and Omeisaurus and the stegosaurs Chialingosaurus, Tuojiangosaurus and Chungkingosaurus. Since its initial discovery in 1977, 4 different specimens have been found by paleontologists, it heavily resembled an Allosaurus, although seeming to be larger and with a skull that was more rounded and with ridges on the snout area. Due to the Body size to Brain Size proportion, it is theorized that Yangchuanosaurus could have been a highly intelligent predator. Some scientists belive that it could have been a predator that was capable of making plans of attack on its prey, rather than being solely opportunistic. MY IDEA: This would a more offensive version of the Yutyrannus. While being only a tad bit smaller than the yuty, Yangchuanosaurus is both faster and has better stamina than a yutyrannus, and due to it being a relative of the allosaurus and looking similar in appearance, wild allosaurus in its environment will mistake a wild Yangchuanosaurus for a larger version of itself and will follow it as if it were their pack leader (similar to how Carnos follow a yutyrannus, but retaining the Allosaurus pack buff). Instead of a fear roar and a courage buff roar, Yangchuanosaurus only has a single roaring ability. However, its roar functions as a much more offensive version of the Yutyrannus Courage roar, granting: -Iincreased movement speed by 20% -Increased Damage by 25% -Reduced Stamina drain by 50% These buffs allow your pack/allies to move a lot faster across longer distances and is perfect for large scale ambush attacks. Also works well to help get your Dinos out of a dangerous fight by allowing them to retreat faster. These buffs last for 45 seconds, and like the yutyrannus roar you can simply keep roaring in order to maintain the buff. Can also be used while running (doesn't stop like the yutyrannus does) and can be used in conjunction with a yutyrannus as their respective buffs would be able to stack on top of each other. Plus, since any nearby allied allosaurus within range of the roar buff will view Yangchuanosaurus as its pack leader, it retains that nice pack bonus, allowing you to either try all sorts of new strategies with large scale allosaurus packs or use it as a solo Dino since it's still a creature on par with the yutyrannus in terms of damage output. Main draw back to Yangchuanosaurus would be that despite having better movement speed and stamina, as well as high damage output, it's got a bit less health than the Yutyrannus as well as less carry weight. DOSSIER INFO WILD Yangchuanosaurus, a close relative to the Allosaurus, is a voracious and deadly apex predator. In the fossil records, Yangchuanosaurus was similar in size and appearance to its North American cousin, but Ark life seems to have altered its evolution and habits. Being able to live in close proximity to packs of Allosaurus on the Ark has forced Yangchuanosaurus to adapt, which has resulted in it growing larger and more deadly. Strangely, Allosaurus do not seem to view Yangchuanosaurus as a competing Predator and instead seem to view them as a sort of Alpha Allosaurus. Survivors have reported spotting packs of Allosaurus following and hunting with a Yangchuanosaurus as if it were their pack leader. DOMESTICATED A domesticated Yangchuanosaurus can be a powerfully offensive and highly mobile addition to any war party. With its mighty roar, it can inspire allies to move at a higher pace and expend less energy, while also bolstering the offensive powers of allies, and may even draw wild Allosaurus to its aid. These unique traits make the Yangchuanosaurus a versatile and optimal creature to have on your side during hunts and large-scale ambush attacks! (dossier concept art used here was created by me by mixing together various media and pre-existing dossiers that I found and reused) High res version of my dossier can be found HERE
  7. Gorgosaurus - The "dreadful lizard". MY IDEA (EDIT)- I like some of the ideas others have been mentioning below, and it would be really cool to see this dinosaur thrive in both extremely cold and extremely hot environments. Providing insulation in the freezing cold, and providing heat resistance in the deserts. Riding this creature will allow any survivor to stand against the elements for prolonged periods of time, enabling survivors to hunt longer, raid bases with little worry of freezing to death, etc. Plus it's a badass mount with great power and utility behind it, especially in PVP being able to be used as a battering ram. The Gorgosaurus was a truly massive Theropod, being only slightly smaller than tyrannosaurus rex. But since Ark likes to mess with dino sizes (Giganotosaurus was roughly the same size as a rex IRL), I would make it larger than the Rex we have in game currently. A fun fact is that Gorgosaurus is the best-represented tyrannosaurid in the fossil record, known from dozens of specimens. I would give it a few unique abilities, beginning with an ability that operate as a "super bite" that would be akin to the deinosuchus ark additions creature. It would be similar to the rex in its stats too, only with slightly more damage and slightly less health. To make up for its smaller health pool, not only would it have a super bite ability on a cooldown, but it would also have a secondary ability like the trike where it can charge up a dash that ends in it using its head to bash an enemy dino and stun it for a brief period. I would also design it with feathers and with tail feathers similar to the deinonychus (only less pronounced) in order to make it stand out a bit more. Wild Being both hyper Aggressive and highly resilient to most weather conditions, Gorgosaurus libratus is the bonafide definition of an Apex Predator. Gorgosaurus, whose name translates to "Dreadful Lizard" is exactly that, a dreadful encounter for any survivor unlucky enough to come across their path. Ark life seems to have altered the evolutionary path of the Gorgosaurus due to their ability to live in nearly any climate and any environment, allowing them to grow larger than the fossil records of old seem to indicate, putting them on par with the mighty Tyrannosaurus Dominum. This advantage seems to come from their unique plumage that is thick enough to allow them to thrive in cold weather, while simultaneously sleek enough to allow them to be unbothered by more temperate and dry climates. Survivors have spotted them in the rainforests, the deserts, the snowy mountains, and even in swamps. Although it seems their preferred habitat is grassland and forested areas that border nearby snowy environments. Domesticated Taming a Gorgosaurus is no easy feat. They have multiple tools at their disposal to allow themselves to both relentlessly pursue and sipatch those who come within their line of sight. Due to their large skull having a unique and nearly flat crest, Gorgosaurus is able to use its head as a bettering ram similarly to the herbivorous Triceratops, ramming and stunning would be attackers. Thanks to their large powerful skull, they also possess a unique ability seen mostly in crocodilian species. They are able to stretch out their jaw in order to deliver a massively devastating bite. Survivors have started to refer to this unique attack as a "Super Bite," as they need a short breather before using the attack again due to the amount of stamina it takes to pull off such a powerful bite. Once tamed, enemy tribe members unlucky enough to get caught in the bite take life threatening damage, and it's this bite that has allowed them to shoot to the top of the food chain, and to the top of every survivors "must have" list of tames. (dossier concept art used here was created by me by mixing together various media and pre-existing dossiers that I found and reused) High res version of my dossier can be found HERE
  8. MY IDEA This is my concept for the cousin of the Dilophosaurus, the Dracovenator! I love the Dilo in game, but we all know that Ark and the Jurassic Park/World series took some extreme creative liberties with the dilophosaurus. There's no evidence it spat poison or that it had a frill, and the real species would have stood taller than most humans. It's fictional counterpart in Ark is puny in comparison to what it would have looked like before it went extinct. Therefore, I present an opportunity to get the larger version we deserve, while still maintaining that fun poison spitting fictional element that has become so iconic to the idea of the Dilophosaurus. I think many people would love to have a dinosaur that can effectively be used to knock out other dinosaurs. Sure, we have creatures like Trodon and the Pachy and scorpion, but these dinos aren't typically as effective as simply using a trap and some tranq darts/arrows. Therefore, I propose that Dracovenator work in a similar way as the Velonasaur, being able to go into a turret mode while riding it that allows it to shoot out venomous projectiles that apply topor and knock out wild dinosaurs and enemy players. To make it more balanced, I think for every tranquiliing shot it shoots, it needs to consume 5 narco berries. Feeding it narcotics would allow it to shoot 1 shot per narcotic. Due to their use of narcotics, it would also make sense that they are a bit harder to knock out as they would be immune to darts and arrows made from Narco berries and narcotics, and would require shocking tranq darts to knock out. You could also use a net gun and knock them out with a club or slingshot, but this method would be a bit more dangerous for obvious reasons. Since their primary use would be tranquilizing enemies, high damage output would not be their focus. They should be fast and agile enough to be able to zip around and knock out an enemy, but rather frail if caught. I would make them slightly faster than a raptor, but not as physically strong as one, and have them take reduced fall damage. They also should be balanced so that your normal tranq darts are not rendered worthless. I'd say their natural tranq spit should deal roughly the same topor as an apprentice longeck rifle with tranq darts. DOSSIER TEXT WILD Dracovenator Regenti is a cunning and versatile beast, stalking its prey from a distance before ambushing it with a vicious burst of speed and noxious venom. Dracovenator has evolved in creative ways due to ARK life, and has developed a unique venom from chewing on narco Berries. While Dracovenator is not an omnivore, it can be found burying its head inside of local fauna and flora in search of narco berries, chewing them up, and mixing it with its unique saliva to create a highly potent narcotic that it can then spit at enemies in order to render both prey and foe unconscious. In fact, its venom can knock out most creatures at a similar pace as regular tranquilizer darts. DOMESTICATED Due to their natural affinity for chewing on narco berries and narcotics, typical methods of rendering one of these beasts unconscious is no easy feat as they are immune to regular tranquilizers. There are only two methods of knocking out Dracoventor that I have seen work effectively. One is to use a higher grade tranquilizer made from the Bio Toxin that can be harvested from the ocean dwelling Cnidaria. I have also seen the most committed of survivors have some success at knocking them out with slingshots and clubs, though this method obviously has a great risk regarding its practicality. (dossier concept art used here was created by me by mixing together various media and pre-existing dossiers that I found and reused) Higher res version of my dossier can be found HERE
  9. MY IDEA Hatzegopteryx is known from only a few fossilized remains, but these remains are so large that they indicate it was among the biggest pterosaurs, with an estimated wingspan of 10 to 12 metres (33 to 39 ft). My Idea for the Hatzegopteryx is that it will act as a supersized Mega-Ichthyornis. It would have an ability similar to the Ichthyornis that allows it to target any dinosaur the same size, or smaller, than a parasaur and pick it up in its beak where it will attack it continuously (however this wouldn't work on heavier dinos like doedicurus or ankylosaurus). If the Hatzegopteryx kills its target in this manner, it will imbue itself buff upon swallowing the corpse, which allows it to regenerate health and harvest the corpse for Raw Meat and will have a chance of harvesting Raw Prime Meat. If you decide to tame one of these flying beasts, you'll want to carry bug repellent with you as it is the only way to keep the Hatz from scooping you up in its mouth and swallowing you whole. When tamed, it can be equipped with a saddle that is similar to the tropeognathus, minus the jet speed. And instead of a grenade launcher, it can be equipped with a manned turret on its back. The saddle itself is a normal 2-man saddle, but in the "skin" slot, you can add a mounted turret and the passenger seat transforms into a manned machine-gun turret. EDIT - I like some of the ideas listed below and so I will add them to my initial idea. I like the idea of needing to hunt with it in order to tame one. I also like the idea of turning it into a military cargo plane rather than just slapping a generic mounted turret on its back. I would give it a gathering bonus and weight reduction for thatch, metal, flint, and obsidian, as well as give it a ten person saddle like the diplo has, and implement a mechanic where anyone that leaves the mount will automatically begin parachuting down. The aforementioned saddle can house up to ten people who can all equipped weapons while doing so. And instead of one turret, I would place two on it's back. So a total of 13 people can fly on this creature. 10 on the saddle, 2 on the turrets, and 1 in the drivers seat. Make it a true bonafide aerial war machine. DOSSIER TEXT WILD In all my years researching life on the ARK, I've never seen a creature as bizarre as Hatzegopteryx. When standing on the ground, its neck reaches heights comparable to that of a Paraceratherium and easily towers over its large flying relative, the Quetzalcoatlus. How a creature this size manages to stay in the air while having a head as large as it has, remains a mystery. DOMESTICATED Do not attempt to tame a Hatzegopteryx if you aren't on a large dinosaur or without adequate cover to protect yourself from its reach. There have been numerous reports of foolhardy survivors attempting to down a Hatzegopteryx on foot, only to get swallowed whole in the blink of an eye. However, those that find themselves successful in domesticating a beast like this will find themselves allied with an incredibly powerful aerial predator. Not to mention I once came across a survivor who came up with an insane idea to strap a custom saddle onto it that came fully equipped with a manned machine-gun turret onto its back. (dossier concept art used here was created by me by mixing together various media and pre-existing dossiers that I found and reused) High res version of my dossier can be found HERE
  10. MY IDEA: More Sauropods in Ark is always a good idea. Argentinosaurus is only known from fragmented remains, but is believed to be quite possibly one of the largest (if not THE largest) sauropod to ever walk the earth. My idea for its implementation into ark is to make it function differently than any of the other sauropods currently in the game by making it a mobile lookout tower AND the ultimate pack mule. Think of it as a supercharged version of the parasaur with an even more useful scanning ability. It can scan in an extremely wide radius around it, detecting all hostile creatures by marking them with a red dot (same as the parasaur). However, it can also detect other types of dinosaurs as well. Creatures that will flee when attacked (parasaurs, dipolocaulus, galimimus, etc.) are marked with a green dot, and creatures that while retaliate when attacked or that attack when you get too close (triceratops, therizinosaurus, brontosaurus, etc.) are marked with a yellow dot. It would also have a carry weight that is on par with the gasbags, allowing it to carry an insane amount of goods with you. Thus, making it essentially the ultimate caravan dinosaur. If you need to move your base, well then fear not because if you tear it all down and pack it all into the Argentinosaurus, it will be able to move the entire thing and be able to protect itself from any friend or foe that you may encounter along your journey. If you get ambushed, or something tries to take a stab at attacking you and your massive Argentinosaurus, then it can utilize 2 different stomping attacks that affects the area directly beneath it. One attack would use its front legs, and the other attack would use its hind legs. If you begin to become overwhelmed, then Argentinosaurus can let out a roar attack that will stun anything currently within a small range of itself. This is different from the Rex/Yutyrannus/Brachiosaurus roar due to its short range, and it isn't a fear roar as it is a traditional stun. The only way to knock one out is to shoot tranqs at its head. All other parts of its body ignore Topor damage, and it is also immune to bleed attacks. It's slow and not as tanky as the titanosaur, therefore making it an easy target, but it can defend itself just fine. DOSSIER TEXT WILD Being one of the largest creatures alive on the ark, Argentinosaurus is a formidable beast and a powerful opponent for any and all that dare to challenge its might. It has a tail that is the shortest amongst sauropods on the ARK, but its neck reaches so far into the sky that it can even see above the backs of the massive Titanosaurs. since it can't utilize its tail as a weapon, it instead stomps the ground violently when attacked and can let out a deep bellowing roar that temporarily stuns any that find themselves directly below its body. Due to its size, it is very slow moving, but very powerful, and has a thick hide that makes it impervious to bites from predators that would normally leave their prey bleeding and incapacitated. D0MESTICATED Argentinosaurus cannot be tamed through typical means, as it's hide protects itself from narcotic based tranquilizers. There is only one sure-fire way to get tranq's to work, and that's to hit its head and its head only its head. Survivors wishing to tame this behemoth will want to utilize high ground, a flying mount, or simply use explosives on its legs to knock it over for a brief window of time. Where a domesticated Brontosaurus can be used as a mobile base, a tamed Argentinosaurus can be utilized as a lookout tower and as an ultra-pack mule thanks to its ability to carry massive quantities of goods. As a natural lookout tower, it has incredible sensory abilities that allow it to scan the area in an extremely wide radius around it, detecting all creatures within range. This allows tribes to migrate massive quantities of goods and material without needing to fear an ambush attack from deadly predators or rival tribes. (dossier concept art used here was created by me by mixing together various media and pre-existing dossiers that I found and reused) High res version of my dossier can be found HERE
  11. Epicyon Haydeni - Miocene Epoch Some fun facts: Epicyon had a massive head and powerful jaws, giving its skull a lion -like shape rather than having a skull similar in shape to that of a wolf. It is one of, if not the largest, known genus of canid. It was well adapted for bone-crushing, with enlarged fourth premolars like some hyenas. This adaptation would have allowed Epicyon to scavenge as well as hunt, giving it access to the nutritious marrow other contemporary carnivores couldn't access. Epicyon was also larger than Dire Wolves were, and so far are the largest known true canid to ever exist. Here is a visual representation of their size difference when compared to the real life size of the dire wolves we have in ark. My IDEA: Due to being larger than dire wolves in real life, my version of the Epicyon would be a bit larger than the Dire wolves in ARK as well, being just a tad slower moving. Not by much, but enough to notice. Due to being classified as a "Bone Crushing Dog" of the Borophaginae family, their basic attacks apply a bleed status effect similar to the carno/kentrosaurus. However, similar to an allosaurus, when you have a pack of Epicyon together the pack leader gains a secondary biting attack that will cripple enemies and apply a slow effect to them by crushing their bones. This effect lasts for 10 seconds. Epicyon was known to pounce on its prey in its hunt, so individual Epicyon will have an ability that allows them to pounce on prey and pin them similar to a raptor or Thylacoleo, but wild ones you come across will only allow the pack leaders to pin prey. Would also be able to heal from eating carcasses similar to how an argentavis can. You would also tame it similar to an otter, by dragging smaller carcasses to it for it to feed, the larger the dino the better the tame quality. So Dragging a raptor will give better tame efficiency than say a dodo or lystrasaurus. EDIT- another mechanic I came up with is giving it buffs that vary depending on the climate. I am willing to hear suggestions to other ideas based on this base idea that I came up with: In the cold, epicyon gets a percentage based insulation buff that can protectnearby allies from the cold. A single epicyon would provide a 20% insulation buff, so a the larger your pack is, the more protected from the cold you would be. In the heat, epicyon gets a percentage based damage buff. Epicyon is a ferocious beast that prefers to hunt in large packs and can crush solid bone with their jaws. The more of them there are, the harder they hit. Epicyon when ridden will get a 10% attack damage buff. For each additional epicyon in its pack, the buff stacks an additional 10%, and this caps out at 50%. They already hit hard, so they don't need to go as hard. DOSSIER TEXT: WILD Supposedly the largest true canid species to ever exist, Epicyon is a cunning and brutal pack-hunting predator, capable of taking down prey of nearly any size with its devastatingly powerful jaws. Coming from a genus of "Bone Crushing Dogs," Epicyon has one of the most powerful bites of all mammalian species I have come across thus far. Its bite is capable of incapacitating nearly anything, leaving it bleeding out and crippled, incapable of escape. When hunting in a pack, Epicyon are opportunistic and will even feast on carcasses of deceased creatures in order to recover lost health. The pack “Alpha” will often take the lead in hunts by pouncing on smaller prey, pinning them to the ground & immobilizing them. DOMESTICATED Taming an Epicyon is no easy feat. Epicyon cannot be tamed through the traditional methods of rendering one unconscious and feeding it raw meat, as its wary nature causes the canine to not accept food it hasn't found on its own. Therefore, the most reliable method of taming one is dragging the carcass of a deceased creature to it and waiting in hiding nearby. 0nce domesticated, Epicyon is a loyal companion and can be utilized for its wide arsenal of tools that makes it powerful ally. (dossier concept art used here was created by me by mixing together various media and pre-existing dossiers that I found and reused) High res version of my dossier can be found HERE
  12. MY IDEA: Qianzhousaurus would be the fastest medium sized theropod in ark. Faster than baryonyx, allosaurus, and carnotaurus, and would be capable of chasing down a gallimimus. It's a bit more frail than the likes of a carnotaurus due to its lighter build, but makes up for it with incredible stamina to aid in its speed. But it's no pushover and it isn't as fragile as smaller dinos like raptors, making it more on par with say an iguanodon or parasaur. Speed isn't its only specialty though. Qianzhousaurus has a unique trait that allows it to move undetected by other dinosaurs even while in full sprint, allowing it to function as a speed ambush attacker. Like the iguanodon, it has 2 running modes when sprinting. Its normal sprint is quite fast, as previously mentioned, but it also has a secondary stance it can switch into that allows it to sprint in a pseudo stealth mode that essentially turns it invisible in exchange for sprinting at a slightly reduced pace . Attacking something or running out of stamina, will take it out of this mode, but up until then there will not be any wild dinosaurs that can detect it unless they are in a very small radius around Qianzhousaurus. This also allows it to avoid detection from enemy tribes parasaurs that are in turret mode. Its first melee attack it does that brings it out of stealth will cause the enemy target to take some bleed damage. WILD Qianzhousaurus is a truly unique and opportunistic predator. Nicknamed "Pinocchio Rex," Qianzhousaurus belongs to a unique line of long snouted Tyrannosaurs from ancient Asia. Due to its long snout, its jaw muscles are not as strong as other tyrannosaurs like Yutyrannus or the Might Rex. However, it is still a very capable predator. Qianzhousaurus has a very light and streamlined physique, making it one of the fastest predators living on the ARK, and by far the fastest theropod I have come across . D0MESTICATED Qianzhousaurus is terrifyingly fast, and is even capable of nearly chasing down a gallimimus. Despite its size, however, Qianzhousaurus seems to be able to move undetected by other dinosaurs even while in full sprint, allowing it to fill a relatively unfulfilled niche as a speed ambush predator. When tamed, Qianzhousaurus becomes a vital part of any war party looking to scout enemy tribes and hunt prey from the shadows. (dossier concept art used here was created by me by mixing together various media and pre-existing dossiers that I found and reused) High res version of my dossier can be found HERE
  13. I created a dossier for the Deinocheirus with my own ideas as well! Love this big goofy looking dino
  14. Dude we are belittling your thread because all you are saying is "im not buying it." You aren't offering them any reasons as to why you aren't buying it, and you haven't even seen any of the gameplay. We don't know exactly what Ark 2 will be like, we haven't seen any gameplay released, and for all we know the game is still a year or two away from being released at all. Writing it off on the forums without offering any sort of constructive criticism is just going to get ignored by the devs as well as criticized by the rest of us because you are writing off a game you know nothing about purely because you don't like the original game. All of us are aware of how buggy ark is, and yet we still play it. there's a good chance Ark 2 will still be buggy, and yet there are those of us that don't care because the heart behind the game and the content that is there is still so appealing to many of us. We enjoy the game despite the bugs, and we don't bitch and moan about every little thing. You just sound whiny. In what world do you live in that would allow you to think that telling the devs you won't buy their game, that you haven't seen anything of yet, is somehow helping them in any way? judge the game when you see gameplay trailers. Until then, cool your jets kid.
  15. I think the reason we aren't seeing eye to eye here is because you seem to be playing the game with a completely different mentality than I am. You said: In my view, this mentality has the potential to reduce the appeal of nearly every creature of the game. You're saying it's not worth taming TO YOU. But to me, it's still worth taming. Abilities are going to overlap over time, but the dinos and creatures in ark are all still unique in their own right. I don't sit around going "why would I tame a ice wyvern when their breath attack is objectively less useful than a lightning or fire wyvern?" They may have similarities in their abilities, but the creatures themselves are very different. The ice and poison wyverns look cool, and are fun to use, therefore I want to use them. I don't care if there is a "stronger and better option," I'm going to play the game in the way that is most fun for me. Like you won't catch me going "oh no an iguanodon is faster and can carry a bit more than a parasaur, so I guess im done taming parasaurs." If a dino looks cool, and has fun abilities, then I don't care if it overlaps with another dino. To me, the idea of a budget Ferox that can throw grenades instead of boulders is genuinely really fun. I am more interested in the creature as a whole, rather than how "useful" or "unique" it's abilities are. Sure shadowmanes are strong, and they may be a hodgepodge of several creatures mixed into one, but more importantly, they're insanely cool. I use deinonyschus AND thylas, because they're both fun to use. I don't stop using another dino simply because another one is more useful or more meta. And so im not going to stop using a thyla or a deinonychus once the baboon comes out, because I want all of them. If you don't want to use it because you don't want it to "replace" your other dinos, then that's on you. Me? Imma be swinging through the trees throwin poop at sarcos while being happy as heck! The other thing you aren't considering, is that dedicating one or two unique abilities per dino but then not reusing those abilities again later for other new dinos can potentially leave the game feeling stagnant. Like, if I want a dino that can do a fear roar, I only have 2 options between the rex and yuty. What's wrong with wanting extra options between my mounts? Everything is going to have a niche anyways, since no dino is EXACTLY the same, and that leaves certain dinos completely useless when compared to others no matter what you do. So me personally, I enjoy visual diversity in my game and having only 2 or 3 dinos that climb? To me THAT is what's boring and, in your words, "makes the variety worse or makes creatures people really like not a necessity". I want TONS of climbing dinos, even if they're relatively the same at the end of the day. Just remember, everything in ARK is going to have a niche anyways, since no dino is EXACTLY the same. None of the climbing mounts are arguably the "best" if you were to ask me, becasue each fills very different purposes. -I have a climbing mount that can be fairly tanky and can bleed enemies like crazy, while also staying hidden in the trees where I can pounce on prey : the thyla -I have a small and nimble pack hunting climbing mount that can jump onto the back of larger dinos and takes no fall damage : deinonyschus -I have a cute little fuzzball that I can carry on my shoulder until I feed it element, where it then becomes a powerhouse of a climbing mount that can then throw giant boulders from afar: ferox -And now I will have a mid sized pack hunting climbing mount that can throw grenades and disable tek: dinopithecus You can try and come up excuses such as "well this dino is bad because another dino does it better" all day, but I'm sorry, I just don't think any of these are going to replace any of the others. They all have their own unique uses and if you think the baboon is going to make others useless, or that it by itself will be useless, I just think you lack creativity.
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