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  1. Hey idk if this tribe is still going or looking but if it isint would u be down to play some ark i also have no one to really play with in ark
  2. Hi are u guys still looking for new people if so my discord is Michael Lopez#0800
  3. Hi I have been playing ark for 7 months now I first started on ps4 but then switched over to pc and I would like to say I am pretty good at the game I know a lot but not everything and I also like to grind on games and play a lot so i think i would be a lot of help to a tribe. I'm down to play PvP or PvE on any map in ark or even play on a non dedicated server. I would appreciate if anyone would reach out to me to join a tribe! Btw I don't know if it matters but I play on epic games when I play ark.
  4. I've been playing ark for a little bit now about 7 months now I first played on ps4 but I switched to pc and play on that now. I've played a lot on single player and played with my friends on a non dedicated session but none of them really play ark anymore so I decided to come on here to see if there are any tribes or people that would want to play. I would be down to play on PvP or PvE on any map in ark or even a non dedicated session or anything on ark in general. Btw I don't know if it matters but I play on Epic Games when playing ark and I also have discord.
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