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  1. Dude, what will we get more of, the new map that’s gonna come out in… 2 months, or the sequel that they’ve probably got a quarter of the team working on in the background. They’re gonna hype the thing that’s coming first. Give it 2 or 3 months and we’ll get news on ark 2
  2. The Desmodus looks gorgeous! A shriek like that sounds awesome and the mood of this creature belongs in a cave. Love it but a few last minute ideas my gut be echo location (candied ring it has the ears for it) or something similar to the tapa, where it can cling to walls. Also is it confirmed if we can ride it?
  3. I think the monkey is the strongest of the 3. the sino is definatly the one that wins most useful, but the dinopithicus wins strongest. my main complaint about the monkey is on console (well atleast ps4) it refueses to load its texture fully (you know when u get the blocky texture) so far the dinopithicus looks like a monkey body with the face of somthing from starwars( not quite like jarjar binks but close enough to the point im using him as an axample of what im getting). like seriosly ive named it lip monkey. wildcard needs to fix this. actually just tamed my first amarag, i expected more from the fire tho. maybe i should be trying it on rexes but getting damage markers that say 0 on a turtle is kinda disapointing considering how easy it is to get a point blank shot on the amarag while its trying to kill a dimorph. also who decided this thing eats dimorphs? dimorphs are nuetral, the amarag is suposed to hunt agressive carnivores. (can confirm, innocent megatherium is carnivore, amarag tested and approved lol) overall, changes I would like are: optimise monkey. better fire spikes. faster working ice spikes the turtle dummy had to walk through like 3 ice spikes before it STARTED freezing. I was hoping on building in the jungle temple, I knew there was no way inthe pyramid so I decided on building in the main gate, who decided you cant build in the temple, was planning on building in there but I guess im going to the red woods castle
  4. Tbh it’s for the better. Actually what’s PVE about monkey disabling tek? Either way, I think we’ve had enough of managqrmrs and void wyrms and other stuff that’s the newest bestest ever pvp dino and somthing that everyone can use.
  5. Don’t worry if the people with too much time were coming for ark they already would have done so when they realized about 1000 pixel lives are ended each hour because mutations exist. If ur gonna get mad over this you might as well get mad over mutations “being offensive to people born missing limbs or were born with skin conditions” half the time, people who “are HoRrIbLy offended” don’t really care and make fun of this kind of stuff. Get over it.
  6. Something else I didn’t mention is there will be a fin on top of kileskus’s crest that will normally be pulled down but when the Kileskus is holding a roar, this fin will rise up. Similar to the rock drake feathers when they’re near an enemy reaper. This visual indicator will make it less of a guessing game.
  7. im on ps4, singleplayer im new to abberation and was going to the surface for the first time, I read a little about the subject and finally was ready, after going to one surface area and almost being incinerated (it was 50d/50n). I went to a bigger surface patch (top left) and waited for night, at midnight it was still on fire (90n/10d). Im pretty sure this is not supposed to happen. does anyone else have similar problems, is it safe?
  8. youre first point is a good one intil you go to that last sentence. "the fist major long term tame people aim for istypically a trike and the titanoceratops feels like a nostalgic throwback" that means the 2 long term tames are ceratopsians and alot of the points against this is "another ceratopsian, we need diversity' which i agree with to an extent, no I dout it will look the exact same like they say it is, but we need diversity in long term herbivores, so far raiding herbivores are theri, trike (do ppl soak turrets with trikes?) turtles (its clear i dont play PvP but do you use turtles?) youre second arguement is, gigas need a counter. Yes I fully agree with this or else they're syco-maniacs thaat are the ultimate definition of power, do we want this NNOOO! but in the current game, are gigas the ultimate definition of power? not necissarly (are they? i dont pvp) they currently have a counter, they may not be labeled "kentrosaurus- the way to make a giga instantly rage" but they are in thew game. have you seen the memes about how rhinos are used to make gigas rage? I used a tek bow to dispose of extra breeding gigas when i combined colors on gen2. the tek bow disposes of them quickly, what wasthat 10 shots at most? I think half an elements worth of shards is a fair deal to destroy a giga, aspecially with the gen2 shards biome. and lastly we do have creatures that destroy gigas, not to the extreme but can definatly destroy a single giga, noglin, sneak one around a giga and the rider is dead, you saw syntacs video where this happened, right? rhino, full charged run will insta rage the giga. lastly kentros, use one to deal recoil and make it rage and the rest will be bitten. one shotted, but so is the giga, the giga takes so much recoil, it will not survive. gigas used to greif, use a deino or galli or a flyer to lure it. bleeding the giga is one of the ways to deal with high level wild gigas with ~100k hp. or u can use the trick with the raft that lets you drown the giga, take it to deep water and then deload it while its head is under and come back, you find alot of hide and meat, as well as a giga heart. used toxicly to destroy bobs. fair p[oint yea the bobs just need to tame a titanoceratops. I fully dont beleive in bobs ability to tame a beastthat likely has a dangerous taming method. they have better chances if they go to the north to tame a rhino or progress to the point they can tame a couple of kentros.
  9. love ur pessimism buddy, you can turn a creature that literally revolutionises mutations by making CRISPR and say "it just raptor" DO YOU KNOW HOW TO READ! oh no you just look at the dossier and the familiy its in and just say "it just ___" just looked at your profile and lool. all you've done is give suggestions crap. the ONLY upvote/anything is you liking a pessimistic comment in the titanoceratops suggestion that said "it look like pachyrhino" you are the person people make memes about when they say the ark community is toxic. you're the one germ the "kills 99.9%" cleaners leave because even they don't want to touch you.
  10. This sounds like a great idea. It’s one of the few that are not “randomsaurus- something to d with gigas” or” randomsaurus-this random thing we never asked for.” It has a valuable use in PVE and is very unique, how ever there are something’s that don’t add up. I’m his creature requires the resource in its enventory to seek out this resource, that would mean you’ve already found some of this resource. Maybe this is useful in a new location and if ur in a new location you can go to the wiki and pull up a resource map. Would there be somthing new to make you value this over the wiki? second, it allows you to search wild creatures, amazing idea. This will make it used a lot more than just the resources, I want to know, will it show us the levels of the creature it finds? Actually no don’t. That would replace the spyglass. Or actually maybe at a certain distance it would. Are you considering this or would this replace the spyglass? If this gives mutton this means the goat has one-upped the ovis in about every eay possible except for wool. But I dont know of anyone tat uses wool as going into the arctic is alot easierthan gfetting obsidian for scissors. lastly do we have a taming method? For a creature as unique as this I beleive it should have an equally unique taming method. If you dont have anything in mind, I have an idea. TAMING: moschops taming method means you would need to have already found the resource and would loop back to my first question so we would need something different. maybe you feed it cryopods of the creatures it likes (will request "cropoded dodo") This doesnt make another hazmat suit circle (need red gems to make gas collecter but red gems are in rad, so you need hazmat to get them) that feeding them resources would make. The goat will not spit the cryopod out. this way you dont just tame lvl 5s that you never planned to use. there is an actual sacrafice (other than food and arrows) put into thegoat. level of the creature sounds like a tough peice of code to install (im not a coder but taking the level from a creature THATS BEEN TURNED INTO AN ITEM and then factoring this into the taming effectivness of the item sounds hard) the creature itself determines the effectivness. considering the creature type is part of the icon of the cryopod, this might be easier.
  11. Ive been thinking about this: UpFromTheDepths suggested the dinopithicus could have a bandolier to hold grenades in, from there it could throw grenades. instead, it eats grenades, poops them out, then throws them. why is this? Ive realised, the bandolier would be a saddle, they never wanted to put a saddle on the dinopithicus because then, the saddle would determine the damage each grenade does. does this mean that, either 1. the dinopithicus's melee determines the grenades damage. 2. the grenades will always do a set amount of damage which just makes the... no wait then this would be an extra step making this redundant so... My guess is the dinopithicus is a way to get more damage out of your grenades with out having to make the worlds most expensive tropeo saddle.
  12. I see where youre coming from. the archa and micro are clones but I dont think my idea was a raptor clone. My sketches were something like the middle ground between the raptor and the deino but with 2 hook claws on each foot (like what fossil evidence shows). that and alot of drool and saliva. I tried to make itunique but reality is all the tyrannosauroids will look the same (ifwere not counting the earlier ones that had crests), all dromeosaurs (raptors) will look similar. Mydrawings hadalmostlike a "horn" made of feathers and I feel like that will be the defining factor of thiscreature. Raptors are... raptors. deinonychus are raptors with long tails and less verticle posture. these are large raptors with "horns" of feathers. Like I said, I know where you're coming from but I think it will be distinguishable enough that you will beableto tell what this is from a distance.
  13. Kileskus is the earliest tyrannosauroid known. Since thereare 3 fossils of Kileskus thathave been discovered, a claw, a foot and a ptretty skuffed chunk of skull, I will ignore most scientific drawings and make somthing that is (totally) plausible out of kileskus. I like to think its crest could have been sharp and serated, possibly inflicting large amount of damage. there havebeen to many bleed kings recently and I ahve a feeling the andrew will do a bleed and I dont want to many bleeds in the game. this would be the first carnivore to have a ram attack. Maybe, since it is a russian creature that the yutyrannus evolved from, this creature has learned to imitate the yutyrannus's roar to pacifiy carnos. however, carnos are to prideful to take orders from a little creature like Kileskus and Kileskus will have a better chance of survival if it leaves the carnos alone. They can also uise this imitation against beach side creaturesthat havenever heard the yuty, this will mkae all of them flee. these creatures can be found across the realms but are concentrated in yoderheim. Their primitive feathers hold water, which freezes onto these feathers in the cold making a tail swing a dangerous tool. while, partially frozen, the Kileskus uses this to its advantage, making a great peircing armor (recoil) and will be used as a shattering club. living along side the Yuty and in fear of it, Kileskus has found away to "catch" its roars in its crest to repeat back at the yuty, thiscan scare the yutyrannus's carnos away. along with being a pack animal, with enough of them, they can leap at a creature with their strong feet to push some larger foes down. that is, if there are enough, if not then they have waste alot of stamina leaving the entire pack a ta disadvantage. however, if they suceed, this will push their enemy over, stunning the creature as it tries to get up. they can do this to anything up to the size of a mammoth. the yutyrannus, evolving along side these pests, has learned to not fight while the rats scurry into formation, this allows the yuty to brace itself for impact, and still stand, making the pack often not survive this mistake. if one is on the yuty, the yuty will refuse to attack while the pack of Kileskus are jumping. This group pounce can be activated (while on a Kileskus) by pressing jump while facing the target. Any available( not stunned, riden, out of stam, etc.) will jump. If enough makeit onto the creature targeted in 5 seconds the group pounce will be sucessful and the creature will be pushed down into its unconscious animation wait 5 seconds, then play the getting up animation. i think if the rider was forced off, this would be too op. The player cant doanything other tha ndismount while theit tame while this is happening. This is il-advised considering all of thepack will be on the tame. these creatures being from a country with, uhm, an equal society and form of government, have that same mentality in the pack. any creature can initiate thegroup pounce (as long as its being ridden.) The creature over all seems a bit op for something the size of a Gallimimus, but remember how does the tiny feathered chicken with a crest become the thing everyone hates, and why does a pig come into boss fight? look at the 2 dromeosaurs currently in the game, one is a basic creature with a bite and pack boost. raptor + feathers= a stackable bleed, climbing abilities, and the ability to latch onto larger creatures+ being over all a good mount that is taken into fight 3 bosses at once. clearly feathers are what makes things OP. considering the Kileskus is covered in feathers for its survival, it must be considerably OP. so i think for its attacks, primary attack, head swing- swings its head around, does some knockback but over all is the base attack. secondary attack- head ram/tail swing (is tail swing when tail is frosted over. tail frost is removed once this attack has been used) - charges ram similar to trike, does a good amount of damage, no trike stun, no destroying structures. requires a rider to perform tertiary attack- "yuty" roar- pacifies carnos, scares anything found on the beech and other small creatures. jump- (while looking at a target that has the "rage" debuff symbol on it (works similarly to the deino showing the "gnashed" symbol on a creature it can latch onto) it will make all available Kileskus jump at the target (as long as they are not on passive, stunned, ridden, etc.) If enough Kileskus jump at the target, thetarget will be forced into its unconscious animation for 5 secs dossier is being made
  14. anything to keep the stupid walrus down. but thisis really cool. im either voting for this, carchar, orthe mosquito, tho I doubt the mesquito will keep most of its abilities.
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