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  1. Thank you for your rapid response and I am sorry that this isn't the issue related in the thread. I did try moving the save files (and backing them up) like you suggested then I tried rebooting the save. Unfortunately, I am still getting the same fatal error crash. So, I ended up starting a new save and building basically the same structures as I have had previously (I am using mods). So far no crashes in sight! But thank you for your help! Honestly I have no idea what mod or structure could have been causing that.
  2. I know I'm late to this. I've been having a similar fatal error crash for over a week now. I've tried launching my save with the commands (not used at the same time) -ForceRespawnDinos and -dedihibernation launch options. Unfortunately, that did not seem to fix my issue. Is there any other known solution for this or should I just wait for a new update?
  3. I feel your pain. Ever since the summer bash update I have been experiencing a fatal error issue when trying to launch my saved games. So, for now I cannot even launch my saved games. Maybe, just maybe, they might fix not only the fatal error crashing but the other game breaking issues that introduced to the game that many others are having issues with right now. But, honestly, knowing wildcard I am probably reaching for the stars with that. Still one can dream right?
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