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  1. I'm fine with whatever wins as long as we don't get that useless shoulder mount which we know will just get nerfed and not be as useful as people think it will be. For those saying Carcha keep in mind we already have Rexes,Gigas,Allos,Carno,Spinos,Megalasaurus and Dein, so what's unique about it besides being another boss dino or a rex replacement?
  2. Oh Boi another rex that nobody will use, not like the carno, allo, megalasaurus exist
  3. Agreed, literally seen over 10 accounts made at the exact same date and time and all of them bashing the other top posts like the babboon one, really sad it's gotten this bad and no actions taken. Also noticed the lead community manager is a fan of the youtuber that promoted it so maybe some biased there too.
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