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  1. 1 hour ago, JRabbit said:

    I for one am happy to see a company speak up about women's health care, we need all the support we can get. Because of this, Ark will be my biggest game I play and spend money on.

    Except that it's not just women's healthcare being discussed here and there's a significant portion of the population that also believes there's the healthcare of the human life yet to be born that should be taken into consideration as well. Wildcard effectively alienated that portion with their needless drivel about a subject that unequivocally does not fall within the purview of the products or services they provide as a company. Thus, they stand to lose a not entirely insignificant amount of sales revenue on ARK 2 plus any additional DLCs as well as any other titles they intend on releasing in the future. Moreover, they likely have alienated a number of their own employees who for their own personal reasons, religious or otherwise, may not share the same view. All because Doug and the rest of the C-level execs at Wildcard couldn't resist running their collective mouths in a public space about a highly polarizing political subject. From a corporate perspective, the only objective should be to provide a good product/service while following all established laws and regulations for whatever space that corporation does business in. All else is, or rather should be, supremely irrelevant.

    Instead of letting yourself get pandered to by a company that's obviously virtue signalling (and failing miserably at it, I might add), I recommend you evaluate whether or not a company's products or services are any good from a usability, quality, and practicality perspective exclusively. Exercise your political beliefs in the voting booth, where it'll actually make a real difference.


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  2. 8 minutes ago, Joebl0w13 said:

    I'm pretty sure the Federal government exists to take my money and give it to people that didn't earn it.

    All the more reason we should be cheering any and all reductions in the scope of what the Federal government is involved with. They even suck at implementing a fair and reasonable tax system, yet people demand that this same organization of epic suckage also be involved in issues of marriage, the bedroom, reproduction, etc..? It's like putting toddlers in charge of building a bridge and expecting the results to be satisfactory.

    This is coming from someone who routinely gets shafted by the IRS annually. You wouldn't want my tax bills, trust me.

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  3. The Federal government exists to protect the sovereignty of the nation, establish and maintain trade and diplomatic relations with foreign nations, maintain the common infrastructure between states, and enforce the rights codified in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as well as laws passed by Federal lawmakers. Anything outside the purview of this should fall within the realm of the individual states to handle. Abortion is not a right found in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights or in any law passed by federal lawmakers to date.

    The SCOTUS decision doesn't deny reproductive rights to anyone, it simply remanded the issue back to the individual states where it belongs. The Federal government is already demonstrably terrible at the things it should be responsible for and any decisions made by SCOTUS that limit or reduce Federal involvement in areas it has no business being involved with in the first place should only be seen as a good thing. There are still states where abortion is legal within their borders and nobody is being held prisoner in states that intend on regulating or outlawing it. People who find themselves in a position of not liking their particular state's stance on abortion can relocate to a state that aligns with their views, or they can band together with likeminded people and actually participate in in the legislative process to effect that kind of change in their state. 

    It would be in the best interests for Studio Wildcard to stick to making video games and not preach politics to potential customers of ARK 2. Seriously, the propensity for CEOs to run their mouths about political issues while representing the company, and with zero regard for the risk of customer alienation and the damage to profitability that entails, never ceases to amaze me.

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  4. You really can't run dedicated server for 2 maps plus play the game itself on the same machine with only 16GB of RAM. You need at least 6GB but preferably 8GB of RAM per map you want to run just. Add in the minimum requirements for the game client on top of that and you'll see that 16GB of total RAM to run two instances plus the game client is nowhere near enough. I have an ARK dedicated server running 8 maps in a cluster using 8 cores and 64GB RAM. With all instances online, RAM usage is about 62GB.

    I know it's not the answer you're looking for, but you're really going to need a dedicated server. Or, at minimum, you need to increase the RAM in your machine. I'd recommend 32GB minimum.



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