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  1. The poster above you sent the files needed to SparcMX that will allow updating, Verify you have the latest db when you restart Commander though it may be a few days before he is able to get it patched in.
  2. Hey Sparcmx I just wanted to drop you a thanks for your continued development and support of Ark Commander. It has made my Admin experience so much more enjoyable and less stressful. Thanks very much.
  3. This very much sounds like a corruption error where files have been overwritten and/or misplaced. When you did your verification of files etc did you clear out the game.ini and gameusersettings.ini files? Have you pulled everything from the mod files in the steam directory for the game?
  4. the cheat giveitemnum commands for most of the standard Ark items seem to be lacking the Item numbers. I'll try 1.0.5 and edit if it fixes it for me.
  5. @sparcmx First thanks very much for this tool and for the support you've given it, it's a large project and must be rather time consuming. I was wondering if you have had the time to look at the mods of Orionsun who did the Platforms Plus mod. The mods he does add some great functionality.
  6. The Annunaki Team isn't actively developing that version anymore I believe, just bug fixes and updates to add new creatures. See http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Annunaki_Ark#announcements
  7. @Gumballz NP, thanks for taking the time to work thru this and post it. It'll save a bunch of folks like me a lot of frustrating trial and error.
  8. I was just compiling a question about this and quantity for you but puzzling thru wording it got me to the solution. For now at least I'll keep it simple and use multiple sets.
  9. Now that we have this working, does anyone have some basic recommendations on what should be added or is currently missing from the crates? I've used several replacement mods and several of the mods like Annunaki Gen which make their own changes, but they seem to go a bit far. Some negate most of the need for crafting in the early stages.
  10. Also any heads up on when the 3d in game markers are coming and how close to the markers outside edge we need to be concerned with?
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