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  1. So why can not I build my own structure?

    I'm not sure if they ever fixed this but did you have a alliance with another tribe who built near you who left the alliance? I had that problem awhile back.
  2. Yurt prison on PvE

    Oh lol, sorry I just started playing primitive yesterday so I'm not used to the names yet.
  3. New Weapon Idea

    That just sounds like it would break the game balance..... well if this game even had balance lol.
  4. Yurt prison on PvE

  5. Server Wipe

    I'm on a official pve server with pillers covering most of the map so I'm king of hoping for a server wipe on Xbox servers at least to help new players when the full game is released.
  6. Hello survivors.

    Hey just doing the same lol
  7. Rex Breeders, What are some of your best Melee %

    I'm getting 359% on most of mine official pve
  8. Regular Stairs ?

    Great now I want more stairs lol
  9. Server Wipe

    I love my base but for new players who are just starting it makes it hard to find a place to build with all the pillars large tribes place on the map.
  10. What color are metal nodes on scorched earth?

    They look the same as metal rocks on the island and the center but I've noticed some metal nodes are smaller then others and harder to notice them.
  11. I have been noticing less wild Dino's in the underworld on the center map for awhile now and after looking for the the past few days I finally found them in the walls of the underworld of all places, but even though I found them I can't even touch them. Any tips or help would be appreciated.
  12. PSA: no-build zones

    I know what you mean, I still think they should add a allow build option on the water wells for the owner to at least be able to build irrigation pipes from it to their base for water and crops even if you build it around a beacon