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  1. Quitting over disease griefing

    I'm not gonna lie.. I hate PvP. But never would have it been because of swamp fever. Idk if this is a joke thread, one of those "make something else up to fuss about just for the lulz" but if it's not, then why not just come play pve with us buddy? We can't speak swamp fever like that and it takes some pretty intense planning to wipe a base lol.
  2. Crashrage

    Best comment ever. I love you for this.
  3. Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    Have you tried the Metal Gear Survive beta yet? (I'm on Xbox but I assume it's in beta on everything)
  4. Why don't more people play Aberration?

    I just didn't like having to start over again lol. Took one of my secondary characters over, 70-80 level I forget. The struggle was just more than I cared for. Perhaps I'll give it another go in the future but as of right now still trying to accomplish other things on other maps. We had actually just started on a Ragnarok server for the first time right when in launched.
  5. Whats the point in taming a Giga?

    Given that he's on single player, and can adjust the settings to his liking, he could tame a dodo that could solo kill a titan.. just saying
  6. Raft spamming in PvE

    Alright thanks!
  7. Raft spamming in PvE

    Hi ArkRage. Pretty sure that /\ was already answered by that \/ . . It is already capped. At 500. Invincibleqc, do you happen to know what the server cap on offical Xbox is at this time?
  8. Lies. Australia has 9 days a week also, I forgot to mention that. Sent from my Coolpad 3622A using SurviveTheArk Community mobile app
  9. Did you just refer to me as likeness of your ex? Was she cute? Does that mean I'm cute? Are you in a workabout way calling me cute? I think we're both guys, and if that's the case I should tell you, I don't exactly follow that path, but I greatly appreciate the compliment [emoji16]
  10. Yep... And about 10000000 other people. Pretty sure WC gets the idea by now. Perhaps they are more focused on getting things fixed that the other 10000000 people complain about, on Monday morning after the events.
  11. More than likely won't, until the issue with the console servers get resolved! Hopefully by tomorrow night!
  12. >_> I think it clearly between the two tweets, says the exact same thing the gentleman I originally quoted said.
  13. Hope no one saw my struggle getting those tweets to show correctly... [emoji43][emoji43][emoji43][emoji43] I blame my phone..
  14. [/url] Kinda something, like that?