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  1. anubis3691

    Food value on giga

    Hmm that's a pretty interesting idea.. about how much you put in one ideally? For say like a week?
  2. anubis3691

    Food value on giga

    Lol I wish. If only it could actually gain any food from levels.. Edit: any amount that would actually help***
  3. anubis3691

    Food value on giga

    Just curious about it.. as I know gigas used to be able to out live the 7 day log timer... Why did they get such a hit to food. I realize this prolly happened long ago... But.. it wasn't a issue when I was playing every night after work.. but seriously not being fed for two days and they are dying.. they have around 400 food stat. Just irritated me.
  4. anubis3691

    Sea of thieves??

    To the best of my knowledge.. lol... That's not always correct, there is going to be ship customization! Don't know to what extent tho. There's also special things to work towards like there's a special ship you can get for turning in for X amount of treasure and stuff. There's gonna be 3 guild like people you can do missions for, but as far as weapons and such it's all gonna be cosmetic from what I understand. Like a more expensive gun won't do more damage than the starting version. Just look cooler. Which is good and bad imo. There's a kracken constantly swimming the ocean that you can hunt or stumble upon that gives something special for defeating! The biggest plus to it for me is alot of my friends have quit playing ark and don't get to have as much fun anymore.. I still love the game tho! I've been playing it religiously since it released on Xbox in insiders club lol. That's actually the reason I even opted into the insiders club just to play Ark!
  5. anubis3691

    Sea of thieves??

    Who's excited? Who got to play the closed beta on Xbox?? Who's worried thier Dino's might start starving to death when it's released?!?!? Who had tons of fun and what was your thoughts!!!!!!!
  6. anubis3691

    Ark 2

    What's this about hybrids?
  7. anubis3691

    Ark Isn't Just Dying, It's Being Murdered

    I don't even see a video?
  8. anubis3691

    pve PVE Beaver Rustling

    I'm glad you mentioned that. Because that's exactly how I used to tame mantis on legacy.. it took me losing to *poofs* 135, 2-145s, 150 mantis and a 150 trike, 145 doed, and a level 1 jerboa (was testing if size mattered..) to get the hint your not allowed to pin Dino's anymore.. I was wondering if anyone else experienced this..
  9. anubis3691

    Google and app.

    Idk if it's just my phone, or maybe outdated software (Android ver) but when I Google something with chrome on my phone, and if it's a survivetheark page it will try to load it up on the app but then goes to pretty much the main forum section. Is it supposed to do that or should it be loading the forum page I clicked on up?
  10. anubis3691

    Anyone play Tera on PC?

    They are releasing a beta soon for consoles, wondering if any PC gamers can tell me if it's a good or bad game? (I ask here instead of just tubing reviews because if your here, reading this you play Ark. If you play ark you like it. I like it. We like the same game. So if you like Tera, or think it's poopy, I'll prolly think the same.)
  11. I think since the ocean has these evil spawns of Satan.. we need something on land that does the same effect. For balancing land and water danger.. What about electric jerboas on all the maps!! (Tamable to.. just saying.. tamable..)
  12. anubis3691

    Breeding events

    I also see your point and I think it is indeed valid. Perhaps just a matter of perception! If something takes me longer I do see it as more difficult. Just like I would say rasing a giga is harder than rasing a raptor. But, I do see where you're coming from because it is the same actions either way. [emoji4] With that said, I've tried stocking fridges but I guess I am doing something wrong, or over stocking my troughs. I usually work 8-9 hours so I'll normally fill up 8-9 troughs for a single giga. I worry about them running out. I normally have to do 2 full meat runs (where my giga has nothing but meat in its inventory and gets the black weight box and can't harvest anything) a day. Perhaps you could offer some advice on minimizing the amount of meat I'm losing to spoiling? Perhaps like a lower number of feeding troughs a fresh juvi giga would need to survive minimally for X amount of time?
  13. anubis3691

    impossible to keep playing

    I read your post before I replied, so if I missed something I'm sorry! I was under the impression you didn't try offical pve! Which is what I was suggesting! Sorry for the confusion and if I didn't read correctly! [emoji4]
  14. anubis3691

    Breeding events

    Where as I don't agree with him simply saying you live in a fantasy world was appropriate argument, I do believe yours to be a opinion on your part. My opinion, is back in the old times, a baby giga would need a little over 9,000 meat (if I remember correctly) just to get through the first day. (According to crumplecorn prior to the changes in food.) Now, it's a little over 3,000. (if I remember correctly) So, I am able to say, it is easier for me to raise a baby giga now, than it was before. During normal time, a baby giga takes 28 hours to get through baby phase. On a event, it's 14 hours. Also fair to note because a baby matures twice as fast, it's also eating less meat in the same amount of time. Hour vs hour so to speak. So I'm able to say, it's easier for me to get a giga though baby phase, on a event. Which has everything to do with the amount of time I have to invest in that baby. Which leads to the conclusion of my opinion post, if I can say something is easier one way, then then the only way to describe the opposite is more difficult. Special note, I think it's proper if I see you doing something, and I know a faster way to do it for me to say "here, let me show you a easier way to do it" and if one way is easier, then the other way could correctly be described as harder. Again just my opinion!
  15. anubis3691

    impossible to keep playing

    It's called PvE! We may have our griefers and trolls, but under normal circumstances you won't lose ALL your work. (Excluding but not limited to: being kited by a giga, alpha wyvern, Titansaur, or rock golem.)Edit: offical pve I mean to say***