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  1. Same issue here...died, relogged, transfered, nothing. RIP
  2. Came strait here to put this in. You beat me to it! This. Do this.
  3. Lol listen linda... listen... why don't YOU PEOPLE lol, stop complaining 24/7 about people complaining 24/7. I've been playing since day 16 and still play... on weekends, first I haven't nor any of my friends complained ever about mana being OP, and now that they are getting nerfed every other patch you're darn skippy we're complaining about them not being able to kill anything further than 10 feet away without 900+ melee lol. So to help you out, and understand more clearly what you're talking about here, I'm picking the side that doesn't want the mana nerfed. K thanks!
  4. Agreed, and the mana nerf again is really aggravating... it's like the only reason I've been playing was to breed them.. but what's the point lol.. might as well make the mana not even have a breath attack.
  5. I wasn't aware you work from home. May I ask what you do? I always had a assumption about you being a streamer, but it's better to ask than to just assume lol.
  6. I agree with anyone who has already said it, and want to throw my vote out there. Please. Please make the scorpions breedable!
  7. +1 for Arkémon. Gotta catch em all.
  8. Lol well, I apologize if I have offended you two! In the case of Ark only maps, best map would be a randomly generated map! New adventures at every turn!
  9. Indeed they are! Does that invalidate my post?
  10. I'm a Xbox player as well! The question was what is your favorite map and why, there was no specification on only Ark maps [emoji4]
  11. Morrowind. Yea I know Skyrim is technical supposed to be "bigger" but Morrowind felt so much bigger and more things to do then Oblivion and Skyrim.
  12. Have you tried the Metal Gear Survive beta yet? (I'm on Xbox but I assume it's in beta on everything)
  13. Just saying.. my pve tribe, takes pride in our accomplishments within our group. So we regularly do things alone. With that said, when we first started we built massive taming boats from stone and each tamed: trikes stegos thezs raptors carnos mammoths wolves Rex's argies and I personally even did a spino and tapj. That's how we got started was with boats. We are in the cove of the main island right across from herb so we used boats to go and do everything in the beginning. We did lose about 4 boats total, but it wasn't and isn't really a unbearable situation. That's actually not bad 4 boats lost VS everything we did with them. We are on pve so I have nothing to share about PvP issues and boats, but on pve there's nothing wrong with the leedys. Imo ofcourse.
  14. Looks really cute, I hope that it looks really cute like that and then you see the whole thing and it's got like spider body and legs lol..
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