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  1. I have a great idea but I need a desert biome: I will tame a titanosaur, take it to the desert, build a giant castel on is back and name it Cronos!
  2. The devs said that if they add the desert biome, they will not change an existing part of the map but expand it
  3. And before this dossier, nobody has thought that we could get a walking mountain, don't kill the dream
  4. Please guys, I mean swing AND walk I already have a mosa and a giga but I want something in the middle
  5. This is just speculation but I really want a giant predator that can swim
  6. Look at his pose. bipedal theraupod can't raise their back like this, but quadrupedal can for a short time, and his arms look long enought to toucht his own knees. I hope for a giant quadrupedal theraupod as an apex pred. on counterpart of the giga, and it would make sense: Giga>rex>carno>raptor This thing>spino>baryonix> (and maybe) irritator
  7. And his arms, look like a giant baryonix with a short nose.
  8. I don't know but this thing is bigger than a Gigano...
  9. I hope he will replace the t-rex in the north, I personally think that the t-rex are too common everywere on the island...
  10. that take like an hour just to make a simple house, you want a 12h tutorial? this is a hard survival game where you start naked on a beach, now SURVIVE. there is no need of any tutorial! As far as dark souls don't need a tutorial, this game is perfect like that! this is not a game for casual gamer.
  11. This is 2 different program on xbox, the preview program to test new dashboard or app(need invit form members) ( Forget this one**) and the xbox GAME preview program for... FOR GAMES OUF COURSE!(no need of invit) They can just go to the market and buy it
  12. You just have to invite them after they have buy the game in the xbox market, do you have 2 xbox one? if not only 3 of your friend can join your server
  13. Well I hope it's just some king of bad issues...
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