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  1. Moschop IA

    Yup won't fight anything ever.. but the gather skills definitely help.
  2. Mistake with 2x Breeding?

    It takes some time for it to actually start. Try in a few mins...
  3. Stuck anky

    My anky is halfway thru the map and unable to move... we need an admin to get it out. Plz help us! Gt eww1c xbox.
  4. We don't have the correct name on our server, NA-PVP-XBOXOFFICAL-RAGNAROK43. Actually I'm not sure if we don't have the right name or if don't have the right engrams.. The name implies that it is vanilla but the engrams seem as if the are primitive(?). Instead of having different engrams every lvl it is every 5 lvls and we do not have guns or metal structures. This is a new server not a legacy. Talking in global chat most are under the impression that it was a vanilla server not a primitive(?). I have ppl in the server constantly if recording or stream is needed.
  5. New imprinting ideas

    I really like this too... but to be balanced put a spoil timer on it. Something like 5 day timer and unstackable. Then you have to harvest before breeding.
  6. I kill alpha raptors with my sword.. get good with a sword and shield and it's easy
  7. New stance: Aggressive, Still

    You should get some chalicos. Any Dino with a ranged attack does have a turret mode now. (Look at your dilos) chalicos have a rock throw that does nice damage and are easy tames. I have a 100% imprint that kills plant x in 2 rock throws ;).
  8. Eh I kinda like the dinosaurs sawing in my base. Neutral recs and I get free meat and organic polymer
  9. So are we going to wait for the 2x also cuz without the floating update many are going to abuse it while they can...
  10. Anyone know how to craft the cake?? Edit: its 3 sweet cake and 8 honey i believe.
  11. Dino used after nerf

    Actually a few thing have changed for me with the nerf. I play in small tribes offical pvp. We live at the base of a mountain so now i have a 200% speed anky that i harvest with and have 2-4 argents following for protection and carry. Soon ill have another anky following for added weight. I use my kangaroo all the time now. Any drops close i grab it instead of my RG its faster and never have to stop for stam. I use it for finding ovis/tames also. I find it easier being on the ground to find them. As for meat we use wolfs atm but will be using rexes soon. I only use my flyers when im leaving the snow now and for carrying weight. The biggest deal for me is purlovia... They are annoying more then anything.
  12. I feel much harder to find ovis

    Idk man i see them regularly enough on SE that i dont look for one till after i ko somthing. On the island i just run around on a kangaroo in the snow and find 2-3 ever 30 mins or so. Just have my rg friend follow and tame and carry home. The trick is to get on the ground on the island. Its faster anyways.
  13. Paradise Lost 24/7 Dedicated Server

    What about hatching and maturation
  14. Paradise Lost 24/7 Dedicated Server

    Are breeding rates changed at all??