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  1. Nothing about the massive errors of Lost island. Nothing about the winner of the Fjördur creature votes, the desmodus draculae. Nothing about the carcharodontosaurus. Nothing about Ark 2 or the series... wow, literally nothing. Seriously sometimes I feel like a fool to continue playing their game, not only because it is unplayable but also because you treat us, your livelihood, like garbage. Not even an apology for the mistakes on Lost Island, I would have been very happy with that. Honestly i only keep playing Ark because I grew up with it and I spent a lot of money. For the lackluster community crunch we've been given this week, better you would not have bothered to publish it, since this says absolutely nothing.
  2. From the cold Nordic Alps, and the frozen steppes of Siberia. The bush ox comes, with its long and changing fur, its powerful legs, its imposing horns, and his charismatic face. Made by LUISCHANGUI and ERMERUS. Wild: Animal adaptations to climate are the rarest, but although all are certainly argued, that is not the case with euceratherium A species of ox certainly similar and familiar with the modern musk ox, These 600 kg of pure muscle are rarely very well adapted to sudden changes in weather, and this has given them a place in the tribes being an almost sacred creature for the survivors. Domesticated: A strange adaptation to constantly changing fur, has given the euceratherium the ability to generate a thick coat of fur in extremely cold climates and lose absolutely everything in hot weather discovering a completely different creature from the horned woolly one that is usually seen in the snowy steppes.Leaving aside the amazing fact that this creature could be the best adapted to the change of temperature,many survivors of the typical group of brutes who only care about making war They have used this creature to knock down doors like a battering ram, although yes, having the poor extremely drugged creature with rare flowers. Skills -The aforementioned ability of the euceratherium to change fur depending on the weather It works in the following way When in a cold climate which abounds in Fjördur,euceratherium generates more fur that covers the player from all kinds of hypothermic or cold effects and gives them some resistance to damage along with the characteristic of being only carried by a quetzal. And when it loses its fur in hot temperatures,euceratherium dramatically increases its movement speed and agility, losing resistance to damage and the same damage it does. -Another ability of the euceratherium is to be able to knock down doors like a ram tending to consume rare flowers to increasing the number of you are depending on the type of door you want to pull -The next ability is to stomp on the ground that thanks to the strong legs of the euceratherium can considerably lift the surface where you are also generating u some peaks that seriously affect the turrets -Although it seems strange, it can also make great leaps that although they are not like those of other creatures that simply surpass the sub realistic,They are quite impressive considering the physiology of these animals. -Leaving aside the pvp and passive abilities, another ability of the euceratherium focused mainly on the pve is, completely eliminate the effect of hypothermia and hyperthermia depending on the area and material used when building a base. Taming: The tame of the euceratherium it is through opportunism, this would be looking for a euceratherium to our liking, and shoot ammonite bile darts causing some euceratherium to attack him, having a different effect than it has with other creatures because instead of killing the creature in question affected by the bile it will be knocked out by the other euceratherium and only having to feed the animal with superior kibble. Design:The pattern of the euceratherium or bush ox is changeable, this by the constant shedding of fur depending on the weather, looking like a modern musk ox when in cold climates, but, changing completely in hot weather losing all its thick fur, highlighting a beautiful and muscular ox, sporting majestic glowing color patterns that make the bush ox a rather showy creature. Reasons why it should be entered and how the meta would change: Currently many think that the bison is the best option for Fjördur, many are voting for him, under the lazy argument of looks good, represents american culture,I like it because it is a free maewing, etc. Well guess, the bison falls short compared to euceratherium or bush ox, what better way to really represent something that is good, than to introduce into the game one of the most important animals for an entire culture and society. Vote for the bush ox!! The meta would change in the sense that it would help a lot in the pve and pvp aspect, taking up concepts such as a living thermometer, and new concepts such as the constant change of appearance depending on the climate Pd: Sorry if there are things misspelled or simply not understandable, but english is not my languaje, thanks Pd 2: the first two ilustrations are from me, LUISCHAGUI. And the other one is made by ERMERUS
  3. very good creature the truth, I liked the sketches a lot but, I feel that it would be even better as a TLC to the same kairuku which already needs one
  4. the miopetaurista is not like a grenade, because with the grenades you have to calculate the area where it falls and explodes besides that grenades are not so used anymore,the point of this is that you have more control when using the miopetaurista.There is also another detail, and that is that just as I mentioned in the reasons why it should be included,being in the game, people would replace explosives with miopetaurista, since this would be quite useful for raiding bases in caves or rathole type.
  5. Look! A creature that makes you ride dinos and make your character look invisible.
  6. Here we see a suggestion of a creature that has something that many do not, love
  7. I honestly don't think a primate would work in the map, but I must say I loved it. Something that I see that is missing a lot within the suggestions is that you notice some love and affection towards the game and the creature suggestion, in this case the blackypithecus. I only see VERY bad suggestions that are not made with love or appreciation, there are many with certain tools and educational 'preparation', wich causes a huge gap of difference. That basically for those who cannot understand what I am trying to say, this suggestion has absolutely no chance of winning, but still here it is, with HAND-made drawings, a creature that people probably don't like, and creativity that apparently I see that many suggestions, not to say that almost all, do not have , and all that I mentioned shows that there is a true fan of the game here, with a love for the game and its creature. So I am just going to tell this to the creator, congratulations.
  8. Valenictus Absorbatus (imperialencis) Time: Pilocene Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Lazy Wild: Valenictus Absorbatus is a large semi-automatic mammal, it has huge fangs that protrude from its mouth. This pinnipid is most often found near coasts where it spends most of its time basking in the sun. It goes in packs of up to 20 valenictus, which are quite lazy and friendly to the survivors, but despite being meek to the survivors, these powerful animals for some really strange reason, hate kairukus and even rarer ... they also hate to the puppies of other valenictus. Domesticated: When Valenictus is not basking in the sun, he is at the bottom of the sea looking for food, they eat mainly ammonites, which is quite rare, because no creature messes with these rare mollusks due to the bile that they expel. This has made Valenictus the survivors' favorite creature to explore the sea. Skills: Valentus is a very special and unique creature, since in addition to being the first possible semi-automatic mammal of Ark, he is the ideal creature to explore the sea and give more life to the dry ocean of the game. - The first and most notable ability of Valenictus is the "search mode", when it is active it opens a new menu where the survivor can program the time that Valenictus will search for rare resources (normal pearls, black pearls, ammonite bile, cnidaria biotoxin , etc.), the longer he searches, the more resources he finds and when the time is up, Valenictus goes to the last known place where the "search mode" was activated. -Another skill of Valenictus is the ability to repel mega piranhas, saber tooth salmon, blankets, electrophorus and ammonites. This also makes the valenictus immune to attacks from electrophorus, cnidarias, and ammonite bile. -The third skill that is exclusive to the male valenictus, is the title of "king of the beach", it allows the valenictus to reproduce, it also considerably increases the damage it does, the speed it has, the health it has in addition to receiving a life recovery improvement for each type of fish or mollusk it kills. - And last but not least, valenictus has the ability and characteristic of having a literally impenetrable skin, this by having an extremely thick layer of fat that in addition to protecting him and the survivor, makes it have a resistance of 80% to all kinds of damage, from punches, bow hits, harpoon, shotgun, rifle, missile, attacks from other creatures, fall damage, fire, etc. -Absorbing mode, absorbing mode is a skill that allows the valenictus to absorb and retain all kinds of damage and then discharge it in a destructive explosion that damages structures, creatures or players, adding a bleeding or hemorrhage effect to the latter , while at the same time increasing its movement speed quite considerably, being a time bomb with fins, whiskers and fangs. Breeding: The breeding of valenictus is unique, because initially the valenictus cannot reproduce, since before the male needs to obtain the title of "king of the beach", this title is obtained by eliminating puppies of other valenictus. After obtaining the title of "king of the beach", the male valenictus in addition to being able to reproduce will also receive a stat improvement. Taming: The method of domestication of valenictus is complex and unique, because it is a bit similar to the method of domestication of trodon or noglin, only a little more complicated, because instead of sacrificing creatures of a random species, you have to use animals of one species Specifically, there are two forms that vary according to the genus of valenictus. Male: The method of domestication of a male valenictus is much more complicated than that of a female, there are two ways to domesticate the valenictus, the first option that is less effective but simpler, is to offer valenictus some kairukus so that it can kill them. The second option, much more effective but difficult, is to offer young of other valenictus. Female: The method to domesticate a female valenictus is much easier than that of the male, to domesticate a female what you have to do is simply take care of her puppy, since that way you will earn the loyalty of the mother. Saddle: The valenictus saddle 2.0 design is a kind of mix between a Viking ship and a modern submarine, at the top it has a kind of mast and a glass dome that protects the survivor from drowning, so there is no need to use an oxygen tank when entering the ocean, then on the sides it has some Viking shields, on the head the valenictus would have a kind of harness with swimming goggles. Design: The design of the valenictus is not a big deal for being a walrus, although that doesn't make the valenictus just that, a mere walrus. This one has 4 fangs, drawing inspiration mainly from the horkers of Skyrim, for which I also think it should definitely be added,In height, it could be approximately the size of a carnotaurus, with a length similar to that of a woolly rhino.It would have shades of brown and a little orange. Discarded skills: Hello, these skills were some that from the beginning I discarded for valenictus but, as the point of this dynamic is to show what the creatures could do, I decided to add this section, I hope you like it. -Jötuhnheim Winter:Valenictus exhales a large amount of air and releases it in a powerful blast of frost, which can be used in two ways. One would be to cover himself with this frost and increase in drastic health recovery, which is enhanced by consuming first-class fish. Another way is to throw that frost at a player or creature, so that in addition to receiving an increased hypothermia effect, suffer severe damage to their mount or armor, having a greater impact on these, since the frost when impacting with an armor, this receives an exaggerated decrease in statistics, and can even be broken -Improve items: This ability basically consists of feeding items to the valenictus so that it is time later, it vomits them improved. Example: you feed the valenictus a primitive shotgun,Then, you wait a while for it to generate a kind of aura that will mean that the valenictus is ready to vomit, you activate the vomit in a new option in the creature menu that will only appear when valenictus needs to vomit, after activating the vomit, Valenictus will simply drop the item from his mouth, already upgraded to ascendant -Slime walrus: This ability, although not my favorite, is the most useful. It would consist in that the valenictus can violate the logic of the game with the hit box, and easily cross small spaces.Example: in a cave with a fairly small entrance, by activating this ability, the valenictus could enter the tiny space despite its large size basically like using the "ghost" command. -Walrus fat: This ability would be something similar to what happens with the leedsichthys, since the player could remove "walrus fat", of a domesticated or wild valenictus This fat would be a kind of multipurpose resource, which serves to make a kind of walrus skin armor that retains a lot of physical and thermal damage,This resource can be consumed in the form of meat with an increase in energy, hunger, oxygen, health and resistance to extreme temperatures. How absorbing mode works For those who find valenictus absorbing ability ridiculous, here is a brief explanation of how it works. The walrus actually has a thick layer of fat that is almost 5CM thick, which in addition to serving as a thermal insulator, helps them resist attacks from killer whales, polar bears and other walruses. In Ark, this characteristic would be preserved with the detail that the fat layer would be so thick that the projectiles or blows get stuck in the skin of the valenictus, for example; A missile when hitting a valenictus, would remain stuck in the skin of this until it discharges it into a creature or structure. Weakness: Although valenictus is a fairly strong creature, it has certain weaknesses that can be somewhat annoying to anyone who has one. - Valenictus despite being immune to the effects of ammonite bile, is quite susceptible to becoming aggressive when another creature or player is sprayed by this substance,come to aggressively dismount its rider if the valenictus detects a creature covered in bile. - Valenictus also has a weakness for attacking the pups of other Valenictus and kairukus,targeting one of these two if it detects one. Inspiration These are the main sources from which I was inspired for the valenictus; Lord Fredrik from the video game Donkey Kong country tropical freeze, roadhog skin from the video game overwatch ice fisherman and horkers from The elder scrolls saga. Reason why it should be entered and how the meta would change: As for the reason why it should be added, it is definitely very simple, it is a walrus. Walruses are currently in danger of extinction due to climate change, excessive hunting and pollution of their habitat,So to raise awareness it would be great to show people how great walruses are and how lucky we are to be able to see these animals still alive and the valenictus is perfect with the map since this is quite similar to Skyrim where they also live the horkers, other pretty cool walruses.The change of goal would be in the aspect of tanking, Well, there is no Dino in the game that tank, which causes a real risk in addition to losing bullets,as it is mentioned in the absorbing ability of the valenictus, it receives it, retains it and then discharges it in a powerful explosion, Black panther style from Marvel. Another reason why it is good for the meta, would be that the valenictus is a semi-automatic animal, so it can be used both on land and by water, being better in this environment. Pd: Sorry if there are things misspelled or simply not understandable, but english is not my languaje, thanks Pd 2: The first two images are the first concepts I made of the valenictus when the first creature votes started
  9. Miopetaurista Explotus (crusafonti) Time: Miocene Diet: Granivore Temperament: Explosive Curious Wild: Seeing rodents in Ark is difficult since it is a brutal environment and ecosystem where it is not enough to be cute and fluffy to survive, but this is not the case of the myopic, who despite being a squirrel is big enough to be what it is. I have observed this curious animal for a while, and I have noticed several things, one that it is attracted to shiny objects, and two, that it has not only survived because of its large size, but also seems to find conversion into one of the alpha species for a quirky adaptation, which is literally the opposite of what a common flying squirrel would do, crash while gliding. Domesticated: Not even the largest predator could compare to this shotgun-sized ball of fur, it is surprisingly absurd how a squirrel has brought an entire ecosystem to its little legs and all for its power to blow things up ... that's right, explode . When observing the myopetaurist, I have seen that he is at the moment of planning, he is going with such speed and precision that he begins to generate a charge that at the moment of collision, it explodes like a ballistic missile would. This characteristic has caused many tribes to turn the myopic into a weapon of mass destruction, with which they demolish entire fortresses against anyone with whom they have outstanding accounts. Skills: -Within the skills of the myopic, there is the main and most destructive that is to plan and hit a fixed target and then crash into it and make it explode. Note: some characteristics of this ability are that when used, the tail of the myopetaur generates a wick effect, and also that when the glider of the mine collides and explodes, the effect of this results in an explosion similar to that of the firecrackers. -Also has the ability to collect rare resources when "roam" mode is enabled. -Can gnaw structures of all kinds, from straw walls to metal walls, being the only teks that cannot be destroyed. Design: The myopetaurist's design would therefore be that of a flying squirrel larger than that of the mesopithecus,measuring approximately half of the player's body. It has a reddish-orange fur, with brown tones and some parts in black and white, being these are some spots that it has on its back, arms and head, which appear to be a skeleton.Also, so that it is noted that it is a flying squirrel, it would have its patagio (membrane with which it glides), hanging from its extremities. Reason why it should be entered and how the meta would change: Here are the reasons why the shortsighted person is a necessary creature,it's a squirrel ... Ark definitely needs a squirrel in the game, and what better thing than to just appear on a Viking map?The meta would have a lot of influence since all the explosives would be replaced by the short-sighted, because with his ability to explode when gliding, he has the power to make ashes up to the fortresses more difficult, being also perfect to send it to caves where there are rat hole bases, and the miopetaurista destroys them. Another reason why it should be added is that there are absolutely no shoulder Dinos that are fully suitable for pvp (not counting the noglin, which you have to buy it). Firecracker glider: The gliding and exploding skill is somewhat complex but easy to use, the first thing to do is to carry it to the nearsighted person on the shoulder, adjust it to aggressive mode, activate a new option called "glide to the objective ", and launch it, so that the player is automatically introduced to a short-sighted perspective, where the player can control the squirrel with maewing-style controls where to generate the spark that would send the explosion, the player would have to pull both attack triggers to produce an energy charge (which would be reflected in his tail),and then already done this, simply crashing with a structure, creature or player, to ash the entire area in a gigantic explosion that could smash absolutely everything, even tek shields Taming: The taming of the myopetaur consists of attracting the myopetaur with shiny objects (compasses, spyglasses, radios, handcuffs, trackers, ammunition, etc.), and when it is nearby, passively feeding it with seeds. Pd: Sorry if there are things misspelled or just not understandable, but English is not my language, thanks
  10. Hi, I really don't know how this works.I saw it say "how to get out of early birds" and I wanted to see if I could get help on better understanding how this works.
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