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  1. From the cold Nordic Alps, and the frozen steppes of Siberia. The bush ox comes, with its long and changing fur, its powerful legs, its imposing horns, and his charismatic face. Made by LUISCHANGUI and ERMERUS. Wild: Animal adaptations to climate are the rarest, but although all are certainly argued, that is not the case with euceratherium A species of ox certainly similar and familiar with the modern musk ox, These 600 kg of pure muscle are rarely very well adapted to sudden changes in weather, and this has given them a place in the tribes being an almost sacred creature for the survivors.
  2. very good creature the truth, I liked the sketches a lot but, I feel that it would be even better as a TLC to the same kairuku which already needs one
  3. the miopetaurista is not like a grenade, because with the grenades you have to calculate the area where it falls and explodes besides that grenades are not so used anymore,the point of this is that you have more control when using the miopetaurista.There is also another detail, and that is that just as I mentioned in the reasons why it should be included,being in the game, people would replace explosives with miopetaurista, since this would be quite useful for raiding bases in caves or rathole type.
  4. Look! A creature that makes you ride dinos and make your character look invisible.
  5. Here we see a suggestion of a creature that has something that many do not, love
  6. I honestly don't think a primate would work in the map, but I must say I loved it. Something that I see that is missing a lot within the suggestions is that you notice some love and affection towards the game and the creature suggestion, in this case the blackypithecus. I only see VERY bad suggestions that are not made with love or appreciation, there are many with certain tools and educational 'preparation', wich causes a huge gap of difference. That basically for those who cannot understand what I am trying to say, this suggestion has absolutely no chance of winning, but still here it is, w
  7. Valenictus Absorbatus (imperialencis) Time: Pilocene Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Lazy Wild: Valenictus Absorbatus is a large semi-automatic mammal, it has huge fangs that protrude from its mouth. This pinnipid is most often found near coasts where it spends most of its time basking in the sun. It goes in packs of up to 20 valenictus, which are quite lazy and friendly to the survivors, but despite being meek to the survivors, these powerful animals for some really strange reason, hate kairukus and even rarer ... they also hate to the puppies of other valenictus.
  8. Miopetaurista Explotus (crusafonti) Time: Miocene Diet: Granivore Temperament: Explosive Curious Wild: Seeing rodents in Ark is difficult since it is a brutal environment and ecosystem where it is not enough to be cute and fluffy to survive, but this is not the case of the myopic, who despite being a squirrel is big enough to be what it is. I have observed this curious animal for a while, and I have noticed several things, one that it is attracted to shiny objects, and two, that it has not only survived because of its large size, but also seems to find conversion into one o
  9. Hi, I really don't know how this works.I saw it say "how to get out of early birds" and I wanted to see if I could get help on better understanding how this works.
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