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  1. Nothing about the massive errors of Lost island. Nothing about the winner of the Fjördur creature votes, the desmodus draculae. Nothing about the carcharodontosaurus. Nothing about Ark 2 or the series... wow, literally nothing. Seriously sometimes I feel like a fool to continue playing their game, not only because it is unplayable but also because you treat us, your livelihood, like garbage. Not even an apology for the mistakes on Lost Island, I would have been very happy with that. Honestly i only keep playing Ark because I grew up with it and I spent a lot of money. For the lackluster community crunch we've been given this week, better you would not have bothered to publish it, since this says absolutely nothing.
  2. Hi, I really don't know how this works.I saw it say "how to get out of early birds" and I wanted to see if I could get help on better understanding how this works.
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