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  1. Our server does egg wipes 3x a week and we haven't seen Crystal Wyvern eggs since at least before the Summer Bash event. I've only started looking recently, but no luck. Trying to find out if anyone has found any since this thread has been up. Looks like yet another game breaking issue that WC will just ignore. No reason to hold out hope they'll fix something that has been an issue for well over a year.
  2. Sometimes things (stryders, skiffs, hoversails, etc.) will drop to the bottom of the space biome, when they do this they tend to keep sliding along the bottom if they are rendered, making it very difficult to find them.
  3. I believe only bronto's and voidwyrms give 100% effectiveness. Taming effectiveness drops after the 5th feeding I believe? Everything but bronto and voidwyrm require more than 5 feedings IIRC.
  4. Netting has been disabled for awhile, I just have gigas chomp the ferox, shadowmane, and velons. It's the maewing poach, bulbdog fetch, and paracer missions that are especially hard after losing the ability to net predators (such a dumb change). I play on a modded server so we have a cheese option available, but you don't have that in vanilla. Can't even imagine trying to beat those legit in vanilla now.
  5. Dang y'all get 20+ fps in there? Lucky. I wasn't tracking mine, but it seemed closer to 1 fps when I did the alpha fight. 1070 ti.
  6. HLNA notes, 5, 10, 11, astrodelphis, stryder, tek phase pistol, tek crop plot, hoversail, and shadowmane are still not triggering for me. I'm sure there are others that won't trigger but I gave up after these didn't work.
  7. Have you all done a dino wipe? We have no issues with Queens and Gigas spawning. I've tamed five or more high level gigas and some low level gigas for awesome colors. I've been impregnated by probably five queens as well.
  8. The notes are broken so not even worth it to try at this point until they patch it. Complete waste of time. As far as whether it's all notes or Genesis 2 notes only, I'm not sure and I've seen much debate about that. But the people that claim it's all notes in the game seem to be more certain than the people that say it's Genesis 2 notes only from what I've seen.
  9. I'm on unofficial and have the same exact problem. Notes 1, 3, and 10 all broken for me. I do have quite a few of the HLNA notes, but I did stop looking for the rest after I was unable to trigger those three I mentioned and noticed others have the same issue and there's no fix for it.
  10. Same issue here. #1, #3, and #10 won't trigger and I gave up trying to collect the rest of them until it is fixed. I do have probably 15-20 of them unlocked but it doesn't matter if I can't unlock them all and I'm not going to waste my time looking for them if they won't trigger. My tribemate was missing notes 1 and 10 but he had 3. I had him go with me to the location for note 10 and it immediately triggered for him.
  11. Same issue but even HLNA explorer note 1 is broken for me and you get that just for spawning into the map. 10 and 3 are also broken for me, I had my tribemate go with me to the location where 10 triggers and it immediately triggered for him but didn't work for me even though I've spent an hour or two running around the location. I gave up before seeing if 5 and 22 worked. I do have some of the notes like 29, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9 and probably some others (not in the game right now). This is absolutely game breaking and seems to be a somewhat common problem as my tribemate also didn't receive explorer
  12. I never received the HLNA explorer note 1 that you get just for spawning into Genesis 2. I've searched the internet and I'm not the only one with this problem, my tribemate also did not receive it. I reset cinematics and spawned back into the map and it still didn't fix it. HLNA goes through the cutscene but it doesn't actually give me the explorer note. I have all the NIDA and Gabriel notes, and a good chunk of the HLNA explorer notes, but notes 3 and 10 also don't work for me. I gave up trying to get the rest of them because it seems pointless at this time. I had my tribemate go with me to t
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