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  1. There’s no website I know of, but there are plenty of dossier templates around that work great in photoshop and gimp. Just provide your own artwork and it’s plug and play.
  2. IRL Aerosteon was about 9 meters long, so my thought is that since ARK is already pretty liberal with upscaling various creatures, it could be bumped up to 11-12 meters as another apex predator contender with Rex/Spino. Somewhere similar to in-game Yuty size.
  3. The 3 new prehistoric creatures will be for Lost Island. ___ I plan on submitting Aerosteon. I know it’s not generally a household name dino, but it’s definitely more unique than the average theropod. Here’s my WIP dossier if anyone wants an early look at my idea!
  4. I’m excited for the new vote, nice to see everyone who had good ideas for cool creatures will get another shot. I just ask three things from fellow players, please don’t horde vote Carchar just because it almost won the last time, don’t assume the abilities you see in the submissions are going to be reality, and please don’t spam vote something just because your favorite youtuber said so. Have a look at all the interesting ideas that get put out there! Personally I’m hoping for a new large theropod, an interesting semi-aquatic mount, or maybe something unique like the Shantung.
  5. Normally, you’d be correct. But the whole idea behind Lost Island and 3 new creatures is community service, a send off as they move away to development of ARK 2. Ever since they announced the vote I’ve had the suspicion that they’d add both the #1 and #2 submissions. I mean what if the creature we voted in was actually somehow their choice for the third? Unlikely, but possible. And that way both parties are pleased with what we got as the game transitions to its completed service state. I guess we will find out soon enough.
  6. It would be great fan service to add Carcharo as the third and final lost island creature, especially coming in as a photo finish 2nd place. Seeing how creative they were with the Amarga and monkey abilities, I think there’d be little worry about it potentially being a generic Rex alt. I really hope Carchar ends up as our 3rd creature. Also not going to be sore about it, congrats team monkey on your narrow victory
  7. I think most people are forgetting that the abilities listed on the submissions are all just player ideas. Wildcard will be the say so on what abilities and utility the winning creature will have. What they design could be completely different than what was suggested. I feel pretty confident that even if the monkey wins it’s not even on the table that it’s going to be able to use guns. Personally I’m pulling for one of the dinos or the whale. Hopefully whatever wins will be fun and useful!
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