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  1. Timurlengia is a small tyrannosaurid about the size of deinonychus, 10 ft long. it was feathery like the yutyrannus, in ark fjordur it would be slower but tankier than the raptor with higher torpor it would probably not spawn in packs it would be rideable (preferably right off the bat) and a rider would be able to use weaponry. some cool ideas are if it could disarm enemy players in pvp or break their weapons, if it could pull a chariot or carriage or something like that(maybe that someone could build on), if its feathers warmed the person that tamed it when they were right next to it or riding it in the cold(fjordur is really cold), and if there was danger nearby, the Timurlengia could warn the survivor that tamed it(referencing the creatures great sense of sight hearing and smell). maybe the survivor could tame the Timurlengia normally or with its egg but i think it would be more interesting if it had a unique taming process like having to heat it up or helping it kill things or something. PS i added Timurlengia in the previous vote and it got like two votes so i hope it gets more this time. Here is a Timurlengia picture I got of the internet if it isn't satisfactory google "Timurlengia".
  2. this would be really cool (no pun intended) I think this made top ten last time and its what i voted for its more winter themed than the Carcharodontosaurus witch is almost guaranteed to win since it almost tied with dinopithecus. if you didn't put this in first i probably would have. i don't doubt it making top ten again especially with it being more snow themed.
  3. The Raptor is a Utahraptor but I like the idea and would like to see this version in the game.
  4. I played Ark Gen 2 12 hours straight the day it came out and about 8 hours each the two next days.
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