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  1. I could have Sworn it was supposed to come out next year I remember hearing so multiple times but I can check again if this is true that actually makes me feel a little bit better (Knot that I'm that mad about it). PS it would be kind of funny (funny doesn't mean good or bad) if wildcard stopped saying anything about ark 2 no new news at all until one day in the future it just shows up on steam and starts being sold on amazon and in stores.
  2. First off I'm more or less just saying something to get people talking about stuff related to this, second this "discussion" or whatever you want to call it isn't going anywhere so let's just agree to disagree. PS I dont know why my comments seem frustrated on this topic I'm actually rather calm.
  3. They do have a really cool game and I never said they didn't but they delay everything sometimes multiple times.
  4. but still it's in the background until next year and if they weren't working on anything else Id say maybe that they won't delay it and they have some big things this year. but at the same time I'm no expert and I'm pretty sure they just want to release stuff as soon as possible.
  5. One of the reasons Wildcard always delays arks updates and will end up delaying ark 2 is because they don't give themselves enough time most games take multiple years to make many take much longer ark 2 is supposed to be out next year and wildcard have 1 new map (Maybe more) with 3 new dinos and there is still play as dino coming witch means that wildcard is going to rush all of it end up delaying all of it because they didn't meet the deadlines and ark 2 will end up coming out several years from now anyway. they should just guess how long something will take to make double it and tell everyon
  6. Will there be events in ark 2 I assume there will be but will they be like the events form ark one, will there be dodorex and dodowyvern and will ark 1 still get new events (ARK: Fear Evolved 5+) or will it get reused old events (ARK: Fear Evolved 4-) or will there be no events but event Creatures and items are permanently Spawnable or will there be none of those things. PS i know that ark 2 is still relatively new and wouldn't be surprised if there isn't any information about events just yet.
  7. I played Ark Gen 2 12 hours straight the day it came out and about 8 hours each the two next days.
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