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  1. respectfully i have a thread on this already <33
  2. knowing the ark fanbase, someone is going to mention garuga's acro which is something they really seem to be sick of. plus, we already have another carcharodontosaurid (giganotosaurus). personally i dont vibe with this
  3. EDIT: 11/7 I understand that Helicoprion as well as a lot of other creatures are being worked on by Garuga for Ark Additions. While that mod may exist, there are people that play on console and official that do not have access to these creatures. I think gatekeeping an animal is stupid. A creature should only be frowned upon once it is advertised as being the exact creature in a mod, like last vote's fiasco with Garuga's Acro. Helicoprion was a medium-large to large shark relative from the Permian period that went extinct during the Great Dying mass extinction. It has a circular tooth whorl on its bottom jaw and used it to cut and tear its prey. They were most likely loners, but came together in breeding grounds during their mating season. Helicoprion's closest living relative is the Ratfish, or Chimera, which is a small, cute shark relative. Helicoprion would be much faster than the Megalodon, and would give a bleed status affect. It would be a great harvester of organic polymer, hide, and keratin. I think it should have a pack boost capping at +4 other Helicoprion, and be slightly faster than the Megalodon. It would have a leap movement, and a "suffocation" meter so it can flop around on land for a short time, to drag Kairuku down to the depths (hence organic polymer harvester). To tame it you would either need Tusoteuthis Tentacles, as suggested in the old thread in the first vote, or organic polymer. Tentacles would act as "kibble" while polymer is their "prime fish". They can also be tamed with regular fish and prime fish, however it would take stacks and a very long time, on top of losing taming effectiveness Art: ARK's Helicoprion would look more similar to a Chimera rather than a shark like Megalodon or a modern slim shark like the tiger or blacktip shark. Its patterning is also reminiscent of a Chimera.
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