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  1. You're supposed to come up with abilites, not make Wildcard do all the work. It is only this high because its a big carnivore, my Tyrannotitan is a big carnivore with a cannon on its back, why is that not higher?
  2. Solid suggestion, I wouldn't be mad if this was added.
  3. Very different to my idea of a Deinochireus, mine is a harvest helper, increasing gather rates and xp rates to players and creatures near it
  4. Tyrannotitan: The Living Tank Information: Common Name: Tyrannotitan Species: Tyrannotitan grenadis Diet: Carnivore Time: Late Cretaceous Temperament: Territorial Description: Tyrannotitans are large carnivorous theropods about the size of a Rex. They have very rough scales and small spikes going from the back of their head to the tail-tip. Often blue-ish gray to red they are always in groups of 3 adults and one baby, this happens to be related to their taming method. Abilities: Most of the Tyrannotitan’s abilities are granted by its saddle, which like the Tropeognathus', shoots grenades, only this one can destroy upto Metal structures, if the Tropeo is a fighter jet, then Tyrannotitan is a tank. The grenades, only when fired out of Tyrannotitan’s cannon, deals torpor to the following creatures: Astrocetus, Karkinos, Rock Elemental, and Titanosaur; it will induce torpor on whatever body part hit except for the Titanosaur. Tapping Right-Click will activate the saddle and begin consuming gasoline. The cannon will be aimed in whatever direction the player is looking. Taming: Taming Tyrannotitan is more difficult than it seems, due to how tightly knit the packs are, they can’t be fooled by the traditional tranq and feed, instead you have to passive feed the baby hanging around the pack. But if you or your tribe kill the parents, the baby will be too scared of you to be fed. Spawn Regions: Jungles(The Island, The Center, Ragnarok, Valguero, Crystal Isles, Lost island), Dunes(Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Crystal Isles), [Aberrant Variant]Bioluminescent Region(Aberration), Sunken Forest(Extinction), Bog Biome(Genesis Pt. 1), Corrupted Gardens(Genesis Pt. 2) Ridable: Yes Saddle Level: 72(Subject to change) Crafted In: Fabricator Materials: 110x Metal Ingots/Scrap Metal Ingots, 280x Hide, 1600x Fiber, 170x Wood/Fungal Wood/Corrupted Wood, 400 Polymer/Organic Polymer/Corrupted Nodule, 190 Crystal/Primal Crystal (all are subject to change) Rider Weaponry: No Breedable: Yes Color Regions: Region 0: Back Plates Region 1: Back Spikes Region 2: Underbelly Region 3: Region 3 is not used for this creature Region 4: Region 4 is not used for this creature Region 5: Main Body Natural Colors: Grays Blacks Reds Oranges Tans Blues Dossier Description(subject to change): Wild: Always hunting in tightly knit family groups, Tyrannotitan grenadis are very aggressive and will often charge at any survivor that comes too close, knocking them off their mount or surrounding and ripping them to shreds. Domesticated: The only way to tame a T. grenadis is to imprint on a baby that always seems to be part of the pack, however if you kill the rest of the pack then it will run away at the first sight of your tribe. Warring tribes, of course, turned them into tanks with armored saddles bearing grenade launchers, with predictable results.
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