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  1. This is by far my favourite suggestion, I even like it more than my own submission. A giant ride-able bat that sucks blood?! Yes please!
  2. Personally, I don't understand the appeal of a bison in game, nothing about it is interesting to me. But uh more power to you guys!
  3. Yes! I suggested this in the last creature submission and you have some great ideas here. I suggested it had a jet-powered saddle similar to the tropeognathus, I mean it’s a cone so why not it be some kind of water rocket, right? And that it could one tap eurypterids and take reduced damage on the shell. Would love more mollusks added to the game and frankly there isn’t enough palaeozoic critters in the game.
  4. Yes it's rideable, I should of stated that my bad, I'll fix it
  5. Yeah I had a feeling you were referring to the “sky-giga” and I never looked into the armadillosuchus but I did vote for the bat, just because I would like a ride-able bat, even if it's a bit exaggerated. I see where you're coming from and I think I did the opposite of what those guys did, instead of passing fantasy creatures off as “real” I made a real world snake sound like a fantasy creature. Haha
  6. Palaeophis - the giant sea snake lurking just below the surface of the waters of Fjordur resides tales of sea serpents, thought to be legends of old, but these are not mere tales of mad men with sea sickness, they are actually giant prehistoric sea snakes that have survived eons, always looking and waiting for their next meal. Wild: in the wild you can find palaeophis usually swimming in the open seas. They are usually temper mental when someone is in their territory, so it's wise to give them a wide birth. Otherwise you may become their next meal by wrapping their long serpentine body around you and secrete a highly toxic venom that they have evolved to help take down their favourite meal, eels. Tame: once tamed these sea serpents will help aid you through the treacherous waters of Fjordur. Able to grab enemies by wrapping itself around them, it's sure to dispatch foes quickly with their powerful venom that they have evolved to take down their favourite food, which are eels that have also evolved to withstand the snakes venom, they are at an evolutionary arms race with each other. So my idea is that they are passive tames where you have to kill and feed them eels but since they are aggressive you can only do it from behind. That or maybe just knock out tame and biotoxin as their kibble or something similar to the acro from ark additions where you have to shoot it and feed it biotoxin. I was also thinking they can deal extra damage to those pesky eels and immune to being grabbed by squids. Thanks to anyone reading and voting for my suggestion. I know I'm late so don't expect this to win but wanted to throw this out there. tameable: yes rideable: yes breedable: yes edit: I also think this creature should be able to go on land but make slow like the opposite of a basilisk.
  7. Genesis and the missions suck. It's literally unplayable for me, with all the bugs and crashes. I tried star dolphin once and never again will I touch the missions on gen 2
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