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  1. True of Wendigo it good addition to ark of the new map tho
  2. I didn't see that vote there of I was checking other votes but this one yes of wildcard needs to add it but it is a real creature and spirit tho, that be awesome the Wendigo will be added in ark but idk it will win the vote tho. I just saying tho.
  3. It a T-Rex species of we need more T-Rex species in the game of Tarbosaurus will have a alarming and track attackers from the base tho.
  4. True of how a monkey hold and use a gun of it unrealistic and too heavy for monkey arms thought. No Rambo monke tho of it good idea well no it not a good idea.
  5. Ik unannounced dino or creature will be a meat eater like a dinosaur. It just my guess wildcard. I love ark and y'all studio too of i want to work at your studio and be a game dev tho. I want a meat eater like a dinosaur will rival the giga tho wildcard. That all i saying.
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